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16 Best Beer Gardens in Denver, CO

Best Beer Gardens In Denver

Are you a fan of craft beer and looking for the best places to enjoy it in Denver?

Look no further: We’ve compiled a list of the top beer gardens in the Mile High City.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor spot to relax with friends or an indoor bar that offers unique craft brews, Denver has plenty of options. From classic watering holes to trendy taprooms, every beer enthusiast can find something that suits their taste.

And with so many great spots to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best beer gardens in Denver so you can make the most out of your beering experience!

These spots all offer something special – whether it be a wide selection of beers on tap, delicious pub grub, or a friendly atmosphere – and they are sure to satisfy any beer lover who visits them.

So grab your favorite mug and get ready for some serious sudsing; here are the top beer gardens in Denver!

1. Cerebral Brewing

Cerebral Brewing
1477 Monroe St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

A visit to Cerebral Brewing is an experience like no other. Located just outside downtown Denver, this industrial-style brewery features a bright and clean tasting room and outdoor seating for visitors to enjoy.

The beer selection is vast, with both bottles and drafts available, some of which are quite unique. Prices are reasonable for an independent brewer, making it a great spot to relax and spend some time.

The atmosphere at Cerebral Brewing is one of the best around. There’s live music on certain nights, as well as rotating food trucks that provide delicious dining options.

The service is friendly and knowledgeable, with servers ready to answer any questions about the beers on offer. And if you’re bringing your pup along for the ride, they’ll be welcomed onto the patio too!

There’s more than just beer at Cerebral Brewing too – they also have a selection of games such as pinball machines that you can play while enjoying your drinks. Plus, there’s plenty of bike parking if you choose to cycle there instead of driving!

All in all, it's a great place to hang out with friends or family while enjoying some tasty craft beers in an inviting atmosphere.

2. Lowry Beer Garden

Lowry Beer Garden
7577 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230 (Google Maps)

Housed in an old airplane hanger, Lowry Beer Garden is a great spot to relax and enjoy some drinks with friends. The atmosphere here is cozy and inviting, perfect for conversation and laughs.

The beer selection is impressive, featuring local brews from the area as well as a few other craft favorites. There are also several ciders on tap for those who prefer something a bit sweeter.

The food menu offers something for everyone, from brats to pretzels and even salads. Prices are more than reasonable too, making it easy to enjoy a meal here without breaking the bank.

The outdoor seating area has Christmas tree-style lighting and trees that create an inviting atmosphere that can't be beaten in nice weather. Inside there's plenty of seating, including communal tables that are great for big groups or larger parties.

Staff at Lowry Beer Garden are always friendly and helpful too – they know their beers well which makes it easy to find just what you're looking for!

They also have board games available if you want to keep your group entertained while you chat away the night over some brews or munch on snacks.

All-in-all this beer garden provides a great atmosphere with plenty of options both inside and out.

3. Little Machine Beer

Little Machine Beer
2924 W 20th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Little Machine Beer is an industrial-style brewery and taproom located in Jefferson Park, close to downtown.

The bar is the centerpiece of this establishment and has a large, horseshoe-shaped bar. The atmosphere is buzzy and energetic with a hip industrial style.

The beer selection at Little Machine Beer is wonderful, with a wide variety of beers including IPAs, sours, ports, and more.

They also have weekly specials which add to their selection. The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable about all the beers on offer.

The space itself has both indoor seatings as well as outdoor areas that are great for enjoying your brew while watching footballs rolling around in the stadium parking lot!

There's also live music from time to time which adds to the atmosphere. Artwork adorns the walls making it fun to look at while you enjoy your beer.

Overall, Little Machine Beer offers a great experience with something for everyone – from grabbing a drink to playing board games or attending special events like Crawfish boils. If you're looking for quality craft beers in an inviting environment then this should be your go-to place!

4. First Draft Taproom & Kitchen

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen
1309 26th St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Mentioning First Draft Taproom & Kitchen is a must if you are looking for a great place to enjoy craft beer and delicious food.

Located in the prime area of town, this self-pour taproom offers an extensive selection of beers, wines, and ciders from local brewers and wineries. The atmosphere is casual with picnic-style wooden benches for seating both indoors and outdoors.

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the wide range of drinks on offer, making it easy to find something that suits everyone’s tastes.

The prices are also very reasonable, with clear prices listed on screens above each tap. The bar also features games, live music, and other special events such as dog adoption events or arts & crafts workshops which make it even more fun.

The food menu is not extensive but what they do offer is well done. Shareable plates make it easy for larger groups to enjoy some snacks together while trying different drinks at the same time.

Overall, First Draft Taproom & Kitchen comes highly recommended for its great selection of beers, wines, and ciders as well as its chill atmosphere with plenty of seating options both indoors and outdoors – perfect for a night out with friends or family!

5. Strange Craft Beer Company

Strange Craft Beer Company
1330 Zuni St Unit M, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Catering to beer lovers of all kinds, Strange Craft Beer Company is an excellent place to enjoy craft beer. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, making it the perfect spot for a few drinks or even a full night out.

The selection of beer here is diverse and interesting, with something for everyone. Food trucks are available Wednesday through Sunday, so there's always something tasty to go along with your drink.

The staff at Strange Craft Beer Company goes out of their way to make sure customers have an enjoyable experience. Prices are reasonable too, making this a great spot for budget-friendly fun.

They also offer plenty of seating both inside and outside, plus games like darts and ping pong that can be enjoyed with friends or family.

In addition to the good food and drinks, Strange Craft Beer Company also has live music every Saturday evening which adds to the fun atmosphere.

The small bar adds a unique touch while still feeling cozy enough for those who just want some time alone with their brews – definitely not your average brewery!

Overall, Strange Craft Beer Company offers an enjoyable experience no matter how often you visit – from friendly staff members who know their stuff to ample seating options in case it gets busy – this place has something special that's hard to find in other beer gardens around town.

Whether you're looking for a laid-back evening or a night out with friends, this is definitely worth checking out!

6. Bruz Off Fax

Bruz Off Fax
1495 York St Suite 101, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Dating back to 2017, Bruz Off Fax is a Belgian-style beer garden located off of Colfax in Denver. It's a modern and intimate venue with an inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff.

Patrons can enjoy 20 taps of locally brewed Belgian-style beers, along with their own cuisine. The bar area has comfortable bar chairs and sleek taps lit by warm glow lights, while tables are available for groups on the far side of the bar.

The beer selection at Bruz Off Fax is impressive, ranging from witbiers to IPAs, as well as champagne beers and sours. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the beer served.

Additionally, patrons can pair their drinks with artisanal Denver popcorn or chips sold there. The two-level taproom is spacious and tastefully appointed with a variety of seating options; it also has a nice patio area complete with heaters for colder days.

Bruz Off Fax offers something unique that not many other places do; they offer live music nights and trivia nights that add an extra element of fun to the experience! The bartender was very knowledgeable about their beers and friendly – overall great service!

This place is perfect for those looking to enjoy craft beer in a cozy atmosphere or just hang out with friends in an amazing little spot with great people around them. Highly recommended!

7. Zuni Street Brewing Company

Zuni Street Brewing Company
2355 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Packed with character, Zuni Street Brewing Company is an ideal spot for beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

With a wide selection of craft beers in mostly traditional styles, plus an ultra-casual setting with food-truck service, this brewery taproom has something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Zuni Street Brewing Company is relaxed and inviting. There are plenty of seating options to choose from, including long bar tables, low tables, and high tables as well as front and back patios. The space is always clean and welcoming to both mellow pooches and people.

During the summer months, they often host live music events that provide endless entertainment opportunities. Plus, there are lots of bar games available to keep visitors occupied while sipping on their favorite beer.

The staff at Zuni Street Brewing Company are kind and friendly making the overall experience great! The quality of the beer alone makes it worth the trip – they offer a variety of specialty meat and beer selections as well as staple drafts like IPAs, pale ales, Belgians, sours, etc., along with rotating "Cellar Series".

And don't forget about the food trucks – they work closely with local food trucks to pair meals with their drinks.

Overall, Zuni Street Brewing Company offers a great atmosphere for those looking for good quality craft beer along with some entertainment options in a peaceful setting.

8. Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Bierstadt Lagerhaus
2875 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Oozing with a traditional German vibe, Bierstadt Lagerhaus is the perfect spot for beer lovers. The large open recreation area features many fun oversized bar games such as giant beer pong and giant cornhole with bean bag chairs.

The atmosphere here is second to none; the service is lovely, the beer is even better, and there's plenty of parking in the lot or on the street.

The selection of drinks and snacks at Bierstadt Lagerhaus is great. Their menu offers traditional German lagers, ciders, brews, and other tasty beverages.

The food options are also reasonably priced and super tasty – they offer comfort food like burgers, fries, pretzels, and more! Plus, there are plenty of games to keep you entertained while you sip your brews.

For those looking for a unique experience at Bierstadt Lagerhaus should check out their live music events – they feature local bands that add to the fun atmosphere.

Pull up a seat at the bar for some delicious drinks and don't forget to take advantage of their outdoor seating area – it's perfect for sipping your favorite beverage in style!

Overall, Bierstadt Lagerhaus has something for everyone – from craft beers to traditional German lagers – plus great food options and unique entertainment experiences!m Whether you're just visiting or a local resident looking for an awesome hangout spot with friends or family, this place won't disappoint!

9. Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing
2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Sitting just off the highway, Prost Brewing is a German-style microbrewery and taproom that offers beer enthusiasts a taste of authentic German beer.

The brewery has an outdoor area with skyline views, plenty of umbrellas for shade, and a casual seating area perfect for groups of friends. The atmosphere is much like a brewery tent in Germany, with friendly staff who are willing to help you find the right beer.

The selection of beers offered at Prost Brewing is vast and includes session beers that come in all sizes. They also offer limited styles of beers but they make up for it with their thick, rich brews that feel like you're drinking something that matters.

Food options include pretzels, fries, sausages, and more which are all delicious. Plus there's always the food truck nearby if you're looking for something else to eat!

The customer service at Prost Brewing is top-notch as well; the staff are friendly and helpful and always have a smile on their faces. Plus, there's free parking along the side fences so you don't have to worry about finding somewhere to park your car! Additionally, they offer complimentary valet parking which is an added bonus if you're planning on having a few drinks!

Overall, Prost Brewing offers an amazing experience with a great beer selection and fantastic customer service that makes it worth your while to visit this unique spot!

10. RiNo Beer Garden

Rino Beer Garden
3800 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Walking into the RiNo Beer Garden, you can tell it's a great place to hang out. The atmosphere is chill and inviting, with lots of woodwork and LEDs boxed in nice wood.

Enjoying a beer or two is easy with their expansive selection of 60 taps and huge patio. There are plenty of TVs for the big games, plus decent specials on the menu to make it even better.

The food at RiNo Beer Garden is solid, and the bartenders have been fantastic on both visits. You'll never run out of drinks either – they always make sure your glass is full!

The spot also has a beautiful outdoor seating area complete with cornhole and misters – perfect for hot summer days.

The service at RiNo Beer Garden is usually super accommodating as well. Prices are reasonable too, so you won't feel like you're breaking the bank when you come here. Plus, there's plenty of parking for customers which makes it more convenient than ever before!

Overall, RiNo Beer Garden offers an amazing experience that can't be beaten – great atmosphere, tasty food, awesome beer selection from around the world, friendly service, and prices that won't break your bank account!

Whether you're inside or outside there are numerous spots to have audible conversations or just sit back and enjoy the ambiance or catch whatever sport you're into on one of their many big screens located throughout the establishment.

11. Recess Beer Garden

Recess Beer Garden
2715 17th St #103, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a cozy corner of the city, Recess Beer Garden is a great spot to relax and enjoy the company of friends. With plenty of seating, both indoors and outdoors, this beer garden offers something for everyone.

The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is friendly and attentive. The large patio features picnic tables and games for those looking for an extra bit of fun.

The drink selection is diverse, with craft beer available on tap or in bottles as well as cocktails and wine.

There's also an extensive food menu featuring classic American grub such as burgers, wings, tacos, salads, sandwiches, fries, and more. Prices are very reasonable considering the quality of food being served up here.

Recess Beer Garden also has a great family vibe with children allowed until 8 pm (although they must be supervised). Despite being a large establishment there is still a decent amount of seating available even when it gets busy so don't worry about having to share tables with other patrons – you'll likely make some new friends!

Overall, Recess Beer Garden provides an enjoyable atmosphere at an affordable price point that won't break the bank. Whether you're looking for drinks after work or just want to catch up with friends over some tasty food then this place should definitely be on your list!

12. Skyline 1801

Skyline 1801
1601 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Featuring a rotating selection of beers and wines, Skyline 1801 is an outdoor beer garden located in the heart of downtown Denver.

With free bus service up and down the shopping center, it's a great spot to grab drinks with family or friends. There's plenty to do too – from games like corn hole and foosball to scheduled live music, there's something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Skyline 1801 is laid-back and enjoyable. You can relax on the grassy refuge amid Downtown high-rises or take part in seasonal events like ice skating, concerts & films.

The staff that works here are friendly too making it a pleasant experience all around.

Skyline 1801 also offers food options such as tacos, pretzels, and light snacks that you can enjoy while drinking beer or wine – perfect for those who want a complete experience!

Prices are reasonable making it an affordable place to hang out for a happy hour without having to break the bank.

The only downside is that during cold weather days, there are no restrooms available other than porta johns which tend to run out of hand sanitizer quickly – but overall this beer garden is worth it!

13. Tap Fourteen

Tap Fourteen
1920 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Bustling beer garden Tap Fourteen offers an array of craft beers and whiskeys, along with tasty food and live music. Located conveniently close to Union Station and Coors Field, the atmosphere here is chill and inviting.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and keeps the place clean. There are plenty of seating options for visitors to choose from – picnic tables, high-top tables, or even lawn games!

The selection of drinks here is impressive – from obscure breweries in Telluride and Aspen to local stuff made right in Stapleton, Denver, or Aurora there's something for everyone.

Prices are comparable for a downtown bar. Food choices may be limited but they're certainly delicious!

Tap Fourteen also boasts a great rooftop patio with string lights that make it perfect for gathering with friends over drinks.

In addition to the beer selection, there's also a DJ playing top 40 hits during happy hours that can be heard throughout the entire venue thanks to its surround sound system.

Overall, Tap Fourteen provides an excellent experience with its chill vibes, good pricing, great views, and fun games – making it one of Denver’s top beer gardens!

14. Sports Column

Sports Column
1930 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

A great spot for sports lovers, Sports Column is a bar and game-day palace that offers plenty of flat screens (including on the rooftop) for pre-post Rockies games. It has an awesome atmosphere for watching a game with good food and drinks, a fun atmosphere, and friendly staff.

The prices are reasonable, the drinks never go half empty and the food always comes out fresh off of the grill. There are plenty of TVs to catch local Colorado games as well as UFC matches.

The location is perfect – within walking distance of Coors Field and other establishments! Plus, there is plenty of seating even when it gets busy on Saturday afternoons. What sets Sports Column apart from other bars is its great rooftop space which provides a nice view in warmer weather.

The drink selection here is also impressive with cold beer available at a reasonable price. The waiter was very helpful and all orders were correct with tasty drinks served up fast.

Overall, Sports Column offers an awesome experience that sports lovers should check out! It has all popular games going on while keeping crowd spaced limited to ensure everyone enjoys their time spent here.

The staff is attentive and accommodating even when it gets busy, plus they have great prices on drinks and food worth trying out like cheese curds. For anyone looking for the best bar food in town or just some fun catching up with friends or meeting new people – Sports Column should be your go-to spot!

15. Monkey Barrel

Monkey Barrel
4401 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Housed in a cozy neighborhood spot across from a park, Monkey Barrel is the perfect place for beer lovers. With a wide selection of local craft beers and spirits, this bar has something for everyone.

The atmosphere is unique and retro with walls filled with rock memorabilia. The bartenders are well-versed in their selection and provide friendly and efficient service.

The food menu at Monkey Barrel features typical bar fare but with an excellent variety of choices. Burgers are the star of the show here – they're handmade and delicious. The sandwiches are also great, although service was a bit slow when we visited. Kids will love playing Nintendo 64 at the table!

Monkey Barrel also offers live music which adds to its cool vibe. There are plenty of seating options inside or outside on their open-air patio – both overlook the park across the street making it even more enjoyable to hang out here with friends or family.

On top of that, they have an attached food truck/shop so you can get everything you need in one place!

Overall, Monkey Barrel is a great spot to enjoy good drinks, tasty food, live music, games, and more all in one place without breaking your bank account!

16. Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden

Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden
4995 Argonne St, Denver, CO 80249 (Google Maps)

Garden Valley Ranch Beer Garden is a great spot to hang out with friends and enjoy a cold beer. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The selection of craft beers from around the country, especially Colorado, is impressive.

The bartenders are friendly and attentive, and the wait staff does an excellent job of clearing tables quickly. There’s also a variety of social games available to keep you entertained while you sip your beer.

The food here is also top-notch; everything is fresh and cooked perfectly. They have a walk-up bar as well as ordering at the tables so you can enjoy your meal without waiting in line too long.

Prices can be a bit steep but the quality makes up for it; it’s definitely worth the cost for an enjoyable evening out with friends or family.

Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden provides an excellent experience for those looking for great food, drinks, atmosphere, and games all in one place!

Live music during the summer months adds to its charm; there’s even a dog-friendly section where your four-legged friends can join in on the fun! The prices may not be ideal but they don’t ruin the overall experience either.

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