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11 Best Bike Trails in Colorado

Best Bike Trails In Colorado

Are you looking for the best bike trails in Colorado? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Colorado is one of the most popular states for biking and offers a variety of trails ranging from easy to difficult.

From mountain passes to meandering riverside paths, there are plenty of routes to explore. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cyclist, there is something for everyone.

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best bike trails that Colorado has to offer. We will cover the terrain, difficulty level, and other necessary details so that you can find the perfect trail for your next cycling adventure.

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their biking experience and we want you to have an enjoyable time on your ride. So let’s get started!

1. Staunton State Park

Staunton State Park
12102 S Elk Creek Rd, Pine, CO 80470 (Google Maps)

Mountain bikers looking for a diverse and challenging trail should definitely check out Staunton State Park. With trails ranging from easy to difficult, this 19th-century homestead-turned-state park offers something for riders of all levels.

The terrain is varied and includes lots of different scenery, from granite spires to serene mountain valleys.

The trails are well-worn and well-maintained, with plenty of restrooms and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. There are two large parking lots where group gatherings can be held if desired.

For those with mobility issues, there are also some great options available for them as well. The staff at the park were very friendly and helpful during our visit.

The views from the trails were gorgeous! We saw many historical buildings scattered through the woods as we rode along the various loops available.

It was easy to keep track of where we started since there were plenty of parking lots at each trailhead along with restrooms nearby too.

We highly recommend this bike trail to anyone looking for an adventure!

It's perfect for any level rider or hiker and offers something special that everyone can enjoy – beautiful views, interesting terrain changes, a variety of trail lengths and difficulty levels, plus programs that make hiking accessible to all types of people.

2. Valmont Bike Park

Valmont Bike Park
3160 Airport Rd, Boulder, CO 80301 (Google Maps)

Packed with features and something for everyone, the Valmont Bike Park is a great place to spend the day. The park features a wide variety of trails from beginner level to more advanced, so it's perfect for riders of all levels.

There are also some natural-looking features such as large rocks and wood bridges that present a great challenge for even the most experienced riders.

The park is also very well maintained and offers plenty of amenities including bathrooms with running water, picnic tables, parking, bike repair stands, and even dog parks.

Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to explore off-road as well as single tracks all over the terrain.

The view from the high point is awesome too! Plus there's always something going on at Valmont Bike Park such as local events or races which makes it a great spot to visit.

Overall it's an extremely fun place to ride and it won't disappoint!

3. Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park
1705 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Google Maps)

Ute Valley Park is a great place for hiking and biking, with miles of trails to explore. It's 200 acres of natural beauty, with pine trees, sandstone hills, valleys, grasslands, and even a pond.

The park is well maintained with plenty of signage to help prevent getting lost. It's popular among hikers, bikers, and dog walkers alike.

The trails are varied in difficulty from easy to technical. There are some porta potties at the entrance/parking lot for convenience and there are lots of different paths to wander through the valley and on the ridge.

The scenery is lovely with great views from the hogback ridge which makes it worth exploring all parts of this park. Be mindful that you may encounter snakes, bears, or coyotes when out on the trails!

It can be busy during peak times so be aware when interacting with other trail users – hikers should move aside when bikers come through for example. The trails have been recently upgraded and widened making them more accessible for everyone but it helps to stay on marked paths to prevent erosion from community trails that have been created by locals over time.

All in all Ute Valley Park has something for everyone – beginners can enjoy the easier routes while more experienced riders can get a workout tackling some of the technical terrain available here!

4. 401 Trail

401 Trail
Snowmass, CO 81654 (Google Maps)

Sitting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, "401 Trail" is a must-ride for anyone who loves a challenge and wants to take in beautiful views.

This intermediate trail consists of steep climbs, technical segments (rocks and water crossings), and a flowy downhill with some sketchy spots along the way.

The first third of this trail is the best part, where you can take in handlebar-high wildflowers and mostly smooth terrain. You'll also get amazing views of mountains and valleys below.

After that, you'll have to climb for a little while longer before reaching an epic downhill full of stunning scenery and plenty of fast descents!

Be warned though: parts of this trail are extremely bumpy due to brake bumps all the way down the first descent. There's also an excessive number of hoof prints that make for a very bumpy ride.

If you're riding up from town, be sure to give yourself plenty of time as it takes about two hours to complete this section alone.

Overall, "401 Trail" is an incredible mountain bike experience that should not be missed if you're visiting Crested Butte!

Make sure to come in July when there are tons of wildflowers around – it's truly breathtaking!

5. Lunch Loop Trailhead

Lunch Loop Trailhead
Monument Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81507 (Google Maps)

Bikers of all skill levels will love Lunch Loop Trailhead. This trail has plenty of well-marked and maintained trails, with varying terrain and beautiful views.

There are trails suitable for beginners and more advanced riders, as well as a pump/dirt track and paved bike/walking path. The trailhead also features public restrooms, changing areas, covered picnic benches, and a spectacular unwatered garden.

The Lunch Loop Trailhead is also dog friendly with plenty of challenges for experienced mountain bikers.

There are small hills for kids to practice their skills on and more technical MTB trails for the more adventurous folk. It's easy to get lost in the area so be sure to bring some water!

Overall, Lunch Loop Trailhead is an awesome place to ride your bike or take a leisurely walk or run. It's close to town but still offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Plus it's clean, safe, and full of amenities like restrooms and dog bag stations that make it an ideal spot for cyclists looking for a getaway!

6. Mid Columbine Trail

Mid Columbine Trail
S Cheyenne Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Climbing up the Mid Columbine Trail is an unforgettable experience. This trail is considered easy, with some incline, and it's extremely well maintained.

The surface consists mostly of pea gravel, which can make the descent slippery. There is no trash and it seems to be up-kept and respected by visitors.

The bottom part of the trail is relatively flat but gets steeper as you go further along the canyon.

Along the way, you can see breathtaking views of Colorado Springs and its surroundings. It's a great hiking area for everyone from beginners to experienced hikers.

The stars more discovery center provides a great place for parking before walking over to the trailhead, which makes it even easier for hikers who don't want to venture too far off-road.

The trail isn't marked very well but it isn't hard to get lost as there aren't many intersections with other trails either. It goes along a road so it can be noisy if there is a lot of traffic around but overall this trail offers some great views and experiences that are worth checking out!

7. Rampart Reservoir

Rampart Reservoir
Colorado Springs, CO 80921 (Google Maps)

Outsiders looking for a great bike trail should consider Rampart Reservoir. This 14.5-mile loop offers plenty of variety in the terrain, with some technical parts as well.

The way leads you along the water and up to the forest, walking under trees and around huge stones. With awesome rock formations and wildflowers, it's easy to get lost in its beauty.

The trail is well maintained and signage is appropriately posted, allowing for an easy to moderate hike that takes about two hours. There are also plenty of options for sun or shade depending on what you prefer.

And if you go counterclockwise from the trailhead, the first two miles have the best views so you can make a shorter out-and-back hike instead of doing the whole loop.

The only downside is that there are lots of fishermen laying their stuff out on the trail, which can be annoying at times. Additionally, some logging has been done at the start of this path so watch out for that too!

But overall, this is a great spot to get exercise in nature and enjoy some fresh air with stunning views all around – definitely worth a visit!

8. The Pineries Open Space

The Pineries Open Space
13201 Vollmer Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908 (Google Maps)

Winding through the trees and offering plenty of elevation change, The Pineries Open Space is a great bike trail for those looking for a manageable ride.

Featuring both tight curves and modest climbs, this trail offers an enjoyable challenge to riders of all levels. With a mix of single-track and wider trails, there’s something for everyone.

The Pineries Open Space is well maintained, with bathrooms at the beginning of the trail and wood chips cleared off the main path. There are also plenty of hills to add variety to your experience.

And with beautiful views, lots of flowers, and space for other activities like running or hiking, it’s an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

The only downside is that this trail can be quite busy on weekends due to its popularity among mountain bikers – so keep an eye out when running or biking!

All in all, though, The Pineries Open Space is a great place to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors – whether you’re looking to take it slow or challenge yourself with some elevation changes!

9. Intemann Trail

Intemann Trail
422 New York Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 (Google Maps)

Hikers and bikers alike will enjoy the Intemann Trail in Manitou Springs, Colorado. This moderately difficult trail offers some narrow drop-offs and loose gravel in certain sections.

It also features the well-known iron spring, making it a pleasant, peaceful short trail. The terrain is quite varied with moderate elevation changes that make for great running or biking trails.

The views of the scenery and city below are spectacular; there is plenty of shade, though no water refill points are available along the way except at the iron springs.

There are also lots of little trails that offer great views and a chance to explore further. On weekends and during summer months, expect to encounter heavy foot traffic on this popular trail.

The Paul Intemann Memorial Trail connects section 16 off Gold Camp Road near the Skyway area with Red Rocks Open Space near Old Colorado City and the Cog Railway in Manitou Springs. The first half mile south of Crystal Park road has not been improved so riders may need to dismount due to obstacles along this section of the path.

Inclines can be steep at times but hikers will be rewarded with beautiful views of Pikes Peak and the Garden of Gods when they reach higher elevations on their journey through this picturesque area.

Overall, hiking or biking on Intemann Trail is an enjoyable experience for outdoor enthusiasts looking for peace of mind away from light pollution while enjoying some spectacular scenery along their journey through Manitou Springs, Colorado!

10. Erie Social Club

Erie Social Club
2100 WC Rd 5, Erie, CO 80516 (Google Maps)

Mountain bikers of all experience levels will find something to love at the Erie Social Club. With three tracks of varying difficulty, riders are sure to find a challenge that suits their needs.

The trails are well-maintained and clearly marked, with ample parking and a repair stand with a bike pump.

The views of the mountains surrounding the area are stunning, making it an ideal place to watch a sunset. There is something for everyone here – from dirt jumps and step-ups to rock drops and steep vertical terrain – meaning that even novice riders can progress quickly.

Recent trail work has been done on both blue and black lines, adding even more challenges for experienced riders.

The West section is particularly enjoyable due to its undulating terrain which allows riders to test or refine their skills in a safe environment.

However, be mindful of rain as this area can get muddy quickly! All in all, the Erie Social Club is an excellent spot for mountain bikers looking for some fun in the great outdoors!

11. Keystone Bikepath

Keystone Bikepath
100 Dercum Square, Keystone, CO 80435 (Google Maps)

Packed with exciting features, Keystone Bikepath offers a unique outdoor experience for mountain bikers of all levels.

Located in Colorado, the bike park is open seasonally and provides a great escape for locals and tourists alike. With tight tree sections, rocky steps, and plenty of jumps, this bike park is sure to keep you entertained.

Beginners will appreciate the practice area at the base of the mountain, where they can hone their skills before tackling tougher trails. For more experienced riders there are plenty of challenging blues and blacks to test your abilities.

The double black runs offer some serious crux sections that will get even the most advanced riders pumped! Keystone Bikepath also provides a lift service which makes it easier to navigate around the mountain quickly.

The park also has activities for kids and families such as live music performances, food options, and other fun activities. There’s something here for everyone!

Although some trails could use a bit of work here and there, overall it’s an excellent place to ride with plenty of technical challenges as well as fun green runs that are perfect for beginners. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend your day outdoors then consider Keystone Bikepath!

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