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8 Best Brunch Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

Best Brunch Restaurants In Colorado Springs

For those looking to enjoy a delicious brunch in the beautiful Colorado Springs, look no further! With plenty of restaurants offering up a variety of options, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top brunch spots in Colorado Springs.

From cozy cafes with delectable breakfast dishes to high-end eateries with unique offerings, there are plenty of delicious options available for every type of foodie. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like pancakes and eggs or something more adventurous like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, this list has something for everyone.

All the restaurants featured provide amazing service and superb quality food that will make your brunch experience truly unforgettable. So, grab your friends and family and get ready to indulge in some mouthwatering dishes at one of these top-notch establishments!

1. Mountain Shadows Restaurant

Mountain Shadows Restaurant
2223 Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Oozing with charm, Mountain Shadows Restaurant is a cozy converted house that serves up homestyle American cooking. From down-home breakfast and lunch dishes to early dinner on Thursday through Sunday, this restaurant offers an array of options that are sure to please.

The food is cooked perfectly and it's quick, fresh, and tasty. The pricing is right for the amount of food served and there is a huge menu with affordable prices. Not only can you enjoy some yummy breakfast, but they also have a nice selection of spirits and beer.

The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is friendly, fun, efficient, and attentive. Kids will love it here as much as adults! Plus, their customer service is top-notch – they take care of you like family!

Everything from the presentation to the flavor was great; you could tell that quality mattered here. Even though it’s often busy there isn’t too much of a wait time – so don’t be put off by crowds!

All in all, Mountain Shadows Restaurant offers an enjoyable experience for all ages at very reasonable prices – definitely worth checking out if you're in town visiting or if you live locally!

2. Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

Garden Of The Gods Market And Cafe
616 S Tejon St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Housed in a rustic-chic café, Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe offers an eclectic menu and gourmet food market. With a bakery, deli counter, and plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, this restaurant is perfect for brunch.

The prices are a bit high for locals, but the quality is unmatched. Portions are generous enough to share and service is friendly and attentive.

The atmosphere is comfortable yet upscale with just the right amount of décor to make it inviting.

The entire place was scrupulously clean while still having a fun shopping experience with specialty items like cupcakes that never disappoint. It's easy to maneuver through the chairs as well making it great for large groups or families.

What's more, they offer half-portion options making it easy to sample different items from their menu without feeling overwhelmed or overindulging.

All in all, Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe offers fresh food at fair prices with friendly service that will make you come back time after time!

3. New Day Cafe

New Day Cafe
5901 Delmonico Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Google Maps)

Budding brunch-goers should definitely check out New Day Cafe.

It's a casual nook in a strip mall with breakfast and lunch classics, plus creative lattes and outdoor seating. The staff is friendly and happy to be there, making the atmosphere cozy yet loud.

The menu is extensive, offering plenty of healthy options among the standard breakfast fare. Popular dishes include Eggs Benedict, gluten-free options, pancakes, and strawberry cream French toast – all well worth the price!

The food coming out of that kitchen looks fantastic and is always quick to arrive perfectly made to order.

The restaurant only opens until 2:00 pm so plan ahead for your visit.

It's great value for money with fair portions and good quality ingredients but the prices may be slightly inflated compared to other budget-friendly breakfasts on the go you can get for $5 or $6.

Overall, New Day Cafe offers an enjoyable brunch experience with friendly staff, great food selection, and quick service – what else could you ask for?

4. Denver Biscuit Company

Denver Biscuit Company
528 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Walking into Denver Biscuit Company, you are immediately impressed with the atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated nicely and the staff is dressed casually.

The menu has something for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian options. There is also a kids menu so families can enjoy a meal together.

The food at Denver Biscuit Company is excellent and there are plenty of sweet and savory options to choose from.

You get a lot of food for your money and the biscuits are enormous! Drinks have great flavor too, with a nice selection of beer as well as cocktails.

The service at Denver Biscuit Company is fast, even when they're busy, which makes it easy to get in and out quickly without sacrificing quality or taste.

The staff has always been friendly and helpful on each visit we've made here. They also have a serve yourself coffee bar which adds to the convenience factor of this restaurant.

Overall, Denver Biscuit Company offers great food at quite reasonable prices in an enjoyable atmosphere with fast service – making it an ideal spot for brunch!

5. Streetcar520

520 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

A great brunch spot in town, Streetcar520 has a lot to offer. The atmosphere is light and airy and full of energy.

It's a great place to get together with friends or family and enjoy some delicious food.

The menu is limited but all the food we tried was delicious. There are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available which makes it easy for everyone to find something they can enjoy.

The presentation, taste, and price of the food were all on point.

Service at Streetcar520 was good; however, it did slow down when there were more patrons because there was only one person working.

Our waiter was apologetic when he was a little slow with the second beer and comped us for it which we appreciated!

Their menu constantly updates so anyone can eat regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions.

They have a great variety on their menu that excels at all types – from falafel to fried chicken – so everyone will be satisfied! We left our plates completely clean as everything tasted amazing!

Pricing for our meal was within reason but if you want to spend money then try the poke bowl for $22.00 which is worth every penny!

The atmosphere is inviting with beautiful artwork adorning the walls, perfect for any occasion – girls’ night out included!

Overall, Streetcar520 is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for an excellent brunch spot in town that offers quality service, tasty food at reasonable prices, friendly staff, and an inviting atmosphere.

Highly recommend this restaurant to those who value excellence!

6. Odyssey Gastropub

Odyssey Gastropub
311 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the city, Odyssey Gastropub is a great spot to visit for brunch.

The atmosphere is inviting, and the decor is modern and art accented. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that all guests have an enjoyable experience.

The menu offers a variety of New American fare with plenty of vegan options available. There is also an impressive selection of craft beer and cocktails, as well as some gluten-free options.

The food served here is fresh and tasty, with each item cooked to perfection. Prices are reasonable too, making it easy to enjoy brunch without breaking the bank.

The restaurant also has extended hours on weekdays making it perfect for those who work late nights or need somewhere to relax after work. Plus, they offer weekend brunch with delicious food choices and mimosas!

Overall, Odyssey Gastropub offers a great experience with quality food that meets expectations at reasonable prices in an inviting atmosphere.

7. ViewHouse

7114 Campus Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (Google Maps)

Catering to both adults and families, ViewHouse is a lively bar & grill with a patio. Offering hearty American standards, the bustling restaurant & bar has outdoor tables and a large menu with lots of healthy and fresh options.

The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation, but not too quiet. The staff is friendly and helpful with menu selections, making sure your food and drinks come out quickly and fresh. Prices are fair for the quality of food offered.

The service is prompt even on busy nights. There are lots of beer options as well as gluten-free options which makes it great for those with dietary restrictions.

Families will love the lunch menu where you can choose two items from the menu at once. With its modern look and inviting atmosphere, ViewHouse makes for a perfect family outing or place to get drinks with friends.

The million-dollar view combined with the million-dollar service makes ViewHouse hard to pass up if you're looking for an enjoyable night out in Colorado Springs!

Between the fantastic service, tasty food, multitude of TVs for sports, lively environment, and cleanliness – this place should be on your list when visiting or living in Colorado Springs!

8. Mountain View Restaurant

Mountain View Restaurant
3225 Broadmoor Valley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Diners seeking a unique brunch experience should consider Mountain View Restaurant. Located in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, this upscale spot offers locally sourced dishes with both a la carte and buffet menus.

The food is flavorful and there are great choices for both the adventurous and those who prefer “safer” options. There are also vegan and gluten-free dishes, as well as a carving station, waffles, salmon, various salads, and vegetables.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and inviting with amazing mountain views from the patio seating area.

Service is impeccable; the waitstaff is attentive to all needs throughout your meal. The $19.99 buffet includes coffee or juice, so you can get your money’s worth for sure!

Overall, Mountain View Restaurant is an excellent choice for brunching with friends or family. The food was healthy, and fresh and presented well; there were even decent vegetarian options on offer at the breakfast buffet!

The staff was friendly too – quick to serve and clear plates – so you can really relax during your meal here! Whether you opt for the buffet or choose to order off the menu, this restaurant has something delicious for everyone to enjoy!

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