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8 Best Caribbean Restaurants in Colorado

Best Caribbean Restaurants In Colorado

The Caribbean is known for its vibrant culture, music, and cuisine. If you’re in Colorado, you don’t have to go all the way to the Caribbean to enjoy a delicious meal of traditional cuisine.

From Jamaican jerk chicken to spicy Cuban sandwiches, Colorado has some of the best Caribbean restaurants around.

No matter what your tastes are you’ll find something that will tantalize your taste buds at these top-rated spots. With a wide variety of dishes from both islands and mainland countries like Haiti and Colombia, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

There are also several vegetarian options available if that's what you're looking for. You can choose from a range of flavors like spicy jerk or milder coconut curries that will leave your mouth watering.

If you're in the mood for some authentic Caribbean food, look no further than these highly rated eateries in Colorado! Whether it's seafood or plantains, rice and beans or beef patties –– there's something for everyone on this list of fabulous restaurants serving up delicious island-style cooking with a hint of American flair.

So gather up your friends and family members –– it's time to experience the flavor-filled world of Caribbean cuisine!

1. Cuba Bakery & Cafe

Cuba Bakery & Cafe
15028 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Hands down, Cuba Bakery & Cafe is a must-visit when in the area. This Caribbean restaurant offers delicious food at very reasonable prices and its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff make it even more inviting.

The menu items change daily so there's always something new to try. Vegetarians will find plenty of options too, with Leslie always ready to help navigate the menu.

The cafe con leches is a must-try for those looking for something unique and the cola champagne is hard to find elsewhere. For those dining in, there's plenty of room and clean facilities while takeout orders are also available.

The daily lunch selection is full of options served cafeteria style and customers can also enjoy sweet & savory pastries, cakes & espresso sandwiches as well as Arroz con Pollo which comes highly recommended. Prices have gone up in recent years but are still worth it for such delicious food!

Overall Cuba Bakery & Cafe provides an enjoyable experience with great customer service, tasty food, clean facilities and jubilant music setting the mood just right!

Whether you're eating in or taking out, this spot should definitely be on your list when visiting the area.

2. Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar

Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar
1173 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for a unique Cuban experience need to look no further than Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar. This cozy restaurant offers traditional Cuban dishes, along with creative cocktails and an inviting atmosphere.

The menu features a wide range of classic and modern Cuban dishes, such as the popular Cubano sandwich and Ropa Vieja. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous.

The service is attentive and friendly, making it easy to relax and enjoy the meal. The atmosphere is festive and inviting, with colorful decor that creates a true Caribbean vibe.

The restaurant also features outdoor seating on the lawn which makes for a pleasant dining experience during warm summer evenings.

The attention to detail in this establishment is remarkable, from the fresh ingredients in their dishes to the professional staff that make sure each guest has an enjoyable time.

In addition, they offer vegan options which can be hard to find in many restaurants these days.

Overall, Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar is an excellent place for anyone looking for an authentic Cuban experience with quality food at reasonable prices in a comfortable setting.

3. Reggae Pot

Reggae Pot
7562 S University Blvd Unit C, Centennial, CO 80122 (Google Maps)

Raggae Pot is an amazing Caribbean restaurant that offers authentic Jamaican dishes. From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed with warm and friendly faces, as well as the tantalizing aroma of delicious food.

The decor is colorful and reflective of the Jamaican culture, making it feel like a true island getaway.

The service is unmatched, with staff that are always eager to help if you are unfamiliar with any menu items. The portions are generous and the quality of ingredients used in each dish is obvious to anyone who knows anything about professional food service.

Prices may be slightly higher than what one might be used to, but they're well worth it for such a great experience.

Tamara has put her heart and soul into her restaurant, which shows through her food, customer service and overall ambiance. All the entrees, sides and desserts are cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely.

Fresh pressed juices were also very refreshing! Don't forget to try their signature drinks too! Everyone must try all these incredible dishes at Reggae Pot – you won't regret it!

4. One Love Rum Kitchen

One Love Rum Kitchen
928 Grand Ave, Grand Lake, CO 80447 (Google Maps)

A visit to One Love Rum Kitchen is an experience you won't forget. Its Caribbean fare is hearty and flavorful, and their drinks are generous and strong. The atmosphere is casual yet inviting, with bright green picnic tables outside for a perfect setting.

Service was great, with one waiter managing the busy restaurant by himself well. Their menu offers a variety of dishes made with fresh, high quality ingredients that will satisfy any palate. Vegetarians will be happy to find flavorful options on the menu as well.

The 3p – 5p happy hour specials are also a great deal, offering half price drinks that aren't watered down. And if you're looking for something more than dinner, they have an extensive drink menu and horn blowing at the bar for entertainment!

The hospitality was 10/10 and you can tell they take pride in everything they do from cleaning tables to serving delicious meals made with love and care. If you're ever in town, be sure to check out One Love Rum Kitchen!

5. J’s Tires

J’s Tires
3016 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 (Google Maps)

Walking into J’s Tires, you are immediately greeted with the vibrant yellow and green interiors in a casual setting. This Caribbean restaurant offers a variety of traditional Jamaican dishes and drinks.

The menu is small but full of wonderful surprises and seasoning. Everything is made to order so it is best to call ahead.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, making sure you have a great experience while dining at J’s Tires. The portion size of the dishes are generous and very filling, perfect for those looking for a wholesome meal.

The food was cooked perfectly – tender meats that fall off the bone, flavorful seasonings, delicious curry chicken and plantains! It was truly one of the best meals we have had in a long time.

The prices are also reasonable for the portion size – making it an affordable option for those looking for some great tasting Jamaican food! The service can be slow at times due to only having two workers but it was well worth the wait and definitely worth checking out!

6. Penthouse Caribbean Restaurant

Penthouse Caribbean Restaurant
1600 Champa St Suite 230, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Merely walking into the Penthouse Caribbean Restaurant is a unique experience. The atmosphere is intimate, cozy, and the staff are friendly and accommodating.

The menu selection is impressive without being overwhelming, providing customers with a variety of options to choose from.

The food here is amazing! It's seasoned to perfection and served hot and fresh. The portion sizes are generous and the prices are certainly reasonable for the quality provided.

From curried goat to jerk chicken wings, there's something for everyone here. Not to mention their delicious frozen cocktails like Bob Marley!

The service at Penthouse Caribbean Restaurant is top-notch as well; it's on-point with drinks arriving promptly when ordered.

Additionally, their packaging for takeout orders is great – all dishes come sealed in airtight containers which keep them fresh until they arrive at your destination.

Overall, Penthouse Caribbean Restaurant provides an amazing experience – you won't be disappointed!

With its unique atmosphere, great menu selection, delicious food and drinks all served with excellent customer service; this restaurant should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Colorado!

7. Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria

Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria
8261 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238 (Google Maps)

Oozing with flavor and charm, Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic Caribbean experience.

This restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Cuban dishes, from the classic Cubano sandwich to garlic fries and to-go Mojitos & Pina Coladas. The portions are generous and the prices are very reasonable.

The atmosphere of this place is vibrant and charming, with its cleanliness and beautiful themed decor.

The staff is always friendly and accommodating to custom orders, offering more options on top. Plus, they have some great music that makes your bones want to move along to it!

The food here is definitely worth every penny – it's 100% authentic with excellent flavors that will make your tastebuds happy. From the Cubano sandwich to garlic fries, everything tastes fresh and delicious.

Plus, you can find options other than ham for their sandwiches which was a nice surprise! And don't forget about the amazing mojitos – one of the best I've ever had!

Overall, Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria is an excellent option for anyone looking for a reasonably priced Caribbean meal with delicious flavors in a vibrant atmosphere.

8. Bang Up To The Elephant!

Bang Up To The Elephant!
1310 Pearl St, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Catering to a variety of tastes, Bang Up To The Elephant! is a Caribbean restaurant that offers an enticing menu full of flavor and quality. The ambience whisks you away to a different place, and the restaurant itself is very clean including the restrooms.

Service is friendly, fast, and professional, while prices match the overall food, drinks, and ambience. Options include regular dishes as well as vegan and vegetarian selections.

Though it may be on the pricey side, the extra cash spent is worth it for the unique dishes that are both tasty and flavorful. Great coffee accompanies great food – though some dishes may be over seasoned – while drinks are fantastic with appropriate prices.

Service can sometimes be slow but overall it's an enjoyable experience in a great part of town with a pleasant atmosphere.

The menu has something for everyone from Shark Sandwiches to BBQ bowls; all made with high-quality ingredients in an eco-friendly environment by customer oriented staff.

Plus there's nothing quite like enjoying unique Caribbean cuisine in such a light-filled space surrounded by plants! All in all Bang Up To The Elephant! is definitely worth checking out whether you're looking for brunch or dinner options!

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