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2 Best Dog Parks in Aurora, CO

Best Dog Parks In Aurora

When looking for a place to take your pup for some extra special off-leash fun, why not check out one of the many amazing dog parks in Aurora?

We’ve rounded up the top spots where you and your pup can run, play and explore in this vibrant city.

Aurora is full of great places to get outside with your pup. Whether you’re looking for a spot to let them go off-leash or just have a leisurely stroll, there are plenty of options available.

Not only will your pup get some much needed exercise and stimulation, but you’ll also get to enjoy some quality time outdoors with them.

Dog parks provide an excellent opportunity for socialization; they allow dogs to interact with each other in a safe environment while being closely supervised by their owners.

Plus, they give pet parents the chance to relax while their furry friends make new friends and burn off energy!

No matter what type of park experience you’re looking for – whether it be big or small; fenced or unfenced; grassy areas or wooded trails – we’ve got it all listed here!

From scenic spots overlooking lakes and rivers to large fields featuring agility equipment, there is something here that is sure to please every pooch and their human companion(s).

1. Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
S Entrance Rd, Aurora, CO 80015 (Google Maps)

Brimming with amenities and plenty of space to explore, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center Dog Park is a great place for pups to play. The park is spotless and fenced but not 100% secure.

It has a max of three dogs per person and it gets busy on the weekends, so car lines can form as people wait for parking spaces to open up.

The park has water access, an agility course, large areas to run and two loops within the off-leash dog area. Annual passes are around $75 for the park and $20 for the dog park, making it a great value if you’re in the area frequently.

The owners are friendly and conscientious about picking up after their pups, but there can be lots of dogs and people at times so it's best to avoid peak hours if your pup is shy or aggressive around new animals.

The park also offers plenty of room to run around in as well as trash cans and a creek where dogs can splash around. There are also obstacles like trails that provide plenty of entertainment for all types of dogs.

Walking in from outside can be difficult though since you have to watch out for traffic on the side of the road. All in all though it's an enjoyable experience with other friendly owners who take care of their pets responsibly!

2. Grandview Dog Park

Grandview Dog Park
17500 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015 (Google Maps)

Maintained by friendly owners, Grandview Dog Park is a great place for fur babies to roam free, run, and play. The park is conveniently located with plenty of parking spots available.

It features a large sectioned off area with several shaded areas and double gates at each entrance. There are also water bowls everywhere and bags & trash cans provided throughout the park.

The park has a unique agility course that allows dogs to have fun while socializing with other animal lovers. There is even a small dog section to keep the little ones safe from the bigger pups.

Furthermore, there are fire hydrants, picnic benches, chairs and water faucets scattered around the park for convenience.

The only downside is that some owners don’t pick up after their dogs which can get tricky but overall it’s a clean decent size park worthy of 4 stars out of 5!

Weekdays tend to be slow in the small dog section but weekends usually have other pups available for playtime and socialization. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or just want your pup to have some fun in the sun, Grandview Dog Park has got you covered!

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