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8 Best Dog Walking Areas in Colorado Springs, CO

Best Dog Walking Areas In Colorado Springs

If you’re a dog-lover in Colorado Springs, you know that there’s nothing better than taking your pup out for a leisurely walk.

Whether you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life or simply craving an outdoor adventure, Colorado Springs offers plenty of great spots for you and your four-legged friend to explore.

From stunning mountain trails and sprawling parks to scenic lakeside paths, Colorado Springs has it all. The city is renowned for its vast array of breathtaking natural settings, making it the perfect destination for dog owners who want to escape the ordinary.

To help you find the best places to take your furry companion on an adventure, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite dog walking areas in Colorado Springs.

Whether you’re searching for a calm stroll through nature or an energizing hike with your pup, this list has something to offer every kind of canine adventurer.

With so many beautiful locations around town offering different sights and experiences, there is no shortage of places where you can explore with your pup in tow. Read on to discover some of our favorite spots in town where you can take your canine companion on an unforgettable journey!

1. Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

Garden Of The Gods Visitor & Nature Center
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Oftentimes, when looking for a place to take your dog for a walk, you want an area that is both family-friendly and pet-friendly. Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is the perfect spot for such an outing. This 1,300-acre sandstone formation park has something for everyone.

The walking trails are well maintained with varying levels of difficulty. There are also accessible trails for those who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors together.

Free parking is available near the visitor center as well as access points that are handicap accessible.

The facilities at Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center are clean and well-kept. There is a public restroom located near parking lot 2 which comes in handy after a long day of walking around the park grounds or exploring its many trails. The visitor center provides informative displays and exhibits to make your visit more enjoyable and educational too!

Pet owners will appreciate how pet-friendly this area is – all pets must be kept on a leash while in the park, but they can join in on all of your explorations if you like!

In addition to being pet friendly, there are plenty of areas with shade throughout so bring sunblock if needed.

Overall, Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is a great place to take your dog out for some exercise or just enjoy some fresh air together! With its awe-inspiring rock formations, clean facilities, and informative visitor center it makes for an exciting adventure every time!

2. Mt Cutler and Muscoco Trailhead

Mt Cutler And Muscoco Trailhead
N Cheyenne Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Mt Cutler and Muscoco Trailhead is a great hiking area located near Colorado Springs. It's well-marked and well-maintained, making it an ideal spot for families with dogs.

The trail to the summit of Mt Muscoco is 2 miles long with 1360 vertical feet of elevation gain. The views along the way are spectacular, especially when you reach the summit. Along the way, you'll find plenty of shady trees and colorful wildflowers.

The trail can be a bit narrow in places with steep drop-offs, so make sure your dog is on a leash to avoid any mishaps.

Parking can be tricky as the small lot at the trailhead fills up fast on weekends, so plan accordingly if you're going then.

However, it's worth it for this beautiful and simple hike that offers amazing views of the Seven Falls zipline from the top!

3. St. Mary’s Falls

St. Mary’s Falls
Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

A great spot for a quick and easy hike, St. Mary’s Falls is a popular destination for dog walkers in the area.

The trail is well maintained with steps and switchbacks in all the right places, though there are areas of loose gravel that can cause issues with footing. In summer, there is plenty of shade and several pullouts to rest your legs and take in the views.

The trails are dog-friendly and you can reach the top relatively quickly.

Parking can be limited at times so it pays to get to the trailhead early or else you may end up having to add an extra mile each way just to find a parking space!

The hike itself is quite scenic, with some challenging inclines that may not be suitable for younger kids or those without any hiking experience. It's also great fun running or walking with your pup (on a leash) – just watch out for metal signage as you go so you don't end up going off course!

Alongside the creek, there are lots of hummingbirds, and cool shade from aspens and other trees, making this a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors.

Be aware that during peak times it can get quite crowded at St Mary’s Falls so if you're looking for something more secluded then this might not be ideal. Also, pay attention when kids are scrambling around on rocks near the waterfall – these areas can be slippery!

All in all, though it's a great spot for anyone who needs 6 miles or so of hiking within easy reach – definitely worth checking out!

4. Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges
N Cheyenne Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Hikers, dog owners, and outdoor enthusiasts alike can all agree that Seven Bridges is one of the best spots for a nature-filled adventure. Located in the mountains of Northern California, this trail offers stunning views and moderate hikes along a mountain stream.

With plenty of parking, restroom facilities, and wide trails that are well-maintained and accessible, Seven Bridges is an ideal spot to get some fresh air.

The trails themselves are wide enough for two or three people to stand across and talk as they walk, with good footing throughout. Dogs are welcome, even off-leash; mountain bikers, equestrians, and motorbikers also enjoy the area.

There are multiple trails that branch off for extra miles of beautiful hiking. The crushed gravel starts to open into the woods with lots of trees providing shade and shallow water for the pup if desired.

The drive up to the parking lot is beautiful in itself but please be prepared for winter hikes as there may be snow on the ground during certain times of the year.

There are porta potties at the trailhead but they have not been maintained so it's best to come prepared if you plan on spending a longer period of time there.

Overall, Seven Bridges offers a wonderful experience in nature that everyone can enjoy – from pets to kids to adults without major health concerns (just watch out for elevation).

The trails were moderately busy with plenty of friendly hikers offering a hello when passing by; cyclists also frequent this area so be sure to stay aware when sharing paths with them by using pull-offs where available. Whether you're looking for an easy stroll or an extended hike through some gorgeous terrain – Seven Bridges has something for everyone!

5. Stratton Open Space

Stratton Open Space
1504 Ridgeway Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Blessed with beautiful scenery and great trails, Stratton Open Space offers a wonderful experience for dog owners.

This large open space is located in the South Suburban area of Denver and provides plenty of room for your pup to roam. The parking lot is decent-sized but can fill up quickly on weekends.

The trails are well-maintained and clearly marked, allowing you to navigate with ease. Wildlife abounds throughout the area, making it a great place to take in some nature while walking your pup. While there are some dogs off-leash, most owners keep their pups leashed and nearby at all times.

Stratton Open Space also offers access to reservoirs where you can let your pup play while avoiding human contact with the water. There are many different trailheads available so you can find one that suits your needs best.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful mid-day walk or a longer hike up into the mountains, Stratton Open Space is definitely a place to visit!

6. Shooks Park

Shooks Park
717 N Franklin St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Catering to the needs of dog walkers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Shooks Park is a great spot to spend an afternoon. With plenty of shade from its big cottonwood trees, it’s a great place to stay cool in the summer months.

It boasts 5 picnic tables and two amazing playgrounds for kids – one of which has high visibility at the playground. There are also tennis/basketball courts available for those looking for some physical activity.

The park is connected by a beautiful span of connecting parks and paths that run along Shooks Run Creek. This attracts wildlife, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers too!

It’s also located within quiet sleepy neighborhoods, so you can be sure you won’t be disturbed while out walking your pup or enjoying the scenery. The creek itself is shallow enough to enjoy without worry, and there’s plenty of green grass around it as well.

Overall, Shooks Park is a wonderful place to take your dog for a walk or just enjoy some time outdoors. With its clean air, peaceful atmosphere, and abundance of activities available, this park offers something for everyone – whether it be taking a leisurely stroll along the bike path or playing some basketball on the court!

7. Sondermann Park

Sondermann Park
740 W Caramillo St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in the heart of the city, Sondermann Park is a great spot for dog walking. It's well kept with picnic tables and benches, as well as trash bins, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

The park is easy to access and has plenty of trails for exploring new places and getting some fresh air. The main trails are well cared for, making them suitable even for those with wheelchairs or strollers.

There are also plenty of animals such as deer, bobcats, bears, and turkeys in the area which you might be lucky enough to spot on your walks. The park also features playground equipment in the main lot which kids will love!

Sondermann Park is mostly used by locals who appreciate its quietness and beauty. There are lots of shady paths along a creek which make it great for hiking any time of day with your pup.

There's even a tiny playground spot at the entrance with a balance beam and slide so that kids can have fun while adults relax after their walk. Additionally, there are picnic areas where you can relax after your hike or explore nature programs offered by the park.

Overall, Sondermann Park is an awesome place to visit if you're looking for some peace and quiet while walking your pet or just enjoying the beauty of nature within city limits. Just make sure to follow the park rules and keep your dog on a leash at all times!

8. Eastridge Dog Park

Eastridge Dog Park
Shawnee Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (Google Maps)

Walking around Eastridge Dog Park is an enjoyable experience for all dog owners. The park is well-maintained and clean, with people picking up after their dogs.

It features two covered benches for shade and a few porta potties onsite for convenience. There is also a one-yard hydrant for dogs to drink from.

The park offers an open area big enough to walk around in and a separate area designated just for small dogs. The terrain is mostly dirt with very little grass, but there are big dirt mounds and a tunnel to play on/around.

There are also street parking and a small parking lot available near the dog park entrance which makes it very convenient to access the location.

Eastridge Dog Park provides a friendly environment, with plenty of other dog owners usually present at the location when visiting. It's great that the park has wheelchair accessibility too, making it accessible to everyone who wants to visit.

Unfortunately, there isn't much shade beside one small tree so visitors should prepare accordingly if visiting during hot weather conditions. Likewise, due to baseball games being held nearby, it can be hard finding parking next to the dog park side during certain times of the day or on weekdays when games are scheduled.

Overall, Eastridge Dog Park is an enjoyable experience for all dog lovers looking for some fun time outdoors with their furry friends!

It would be even better if they had some agility course equipment or more trees providing shade but that doesn't take away from its great features like being fully wheelchair accessible and having plenty of other friendly owners present when visiting!

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