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5 Best Donut Shops in Aurora, CO

Best Donut Shops In Aurora

When it comes to donuts, Aurora is a city that knows how to get it right. From classic favorites to unique creations, Aurora's donut shops have something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a classic glazed or a more creative offering like a bacon-maple topped confection, you'll find it in Aurora.

The best part about donut shops in Aurora is the variety – you can find everything from old-fashioned cake donuts and raised doughnuts with traditional toppings to specialty filled and baked goodies that are sure to satisfy any craving.

And with so many great spots around town, you're never too far away from an amazing treat.

So if you're looking for the perfect way to start your day or just need a sweet snack break during your afternoon errands, check out some of the best donut shops in Aurora.

No matter what type of donut you’re after – be it traditional or something more inventive – there’s sure to be something that satisfies your sweet tooth!

1. Winchell’s Donut House

Winchell’s Donut House
15195 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Housed in a modest building, Winchell’s Donut House has been serving fresh donuts for years. With fast service, a friendly staff and great prices, this donut shop is a local favorite.

The staff are always polite and efficient, providing an excellent customer experience.

The inside of the shop is clean and welcoming with a little seating area for convenient customers.

The donuts are soft and delicious, with classic favorites like jelly-filled donuts as well as unique options like rainbow sprinkle donuts.

The prices are also great – six donuts, two cronuts and an orange juice only cost $36 with tip!

For those looking for something other than donuts, Winchell’s Donut House also serves sandwiches, muffins & other baked goods plus coffee, licuado & raspado.

Overall Winchell’s Donut House is an excellent option for anyone craving fresh donuts or looking for breakfast options at any time of day or night – definitely worth checking out!

2. Mr. Donuts

Mr. Donuts
1704 S Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80017 (Google Maps)

Walking into Mr. Donuts, you'll find a cozy atmosphere with friendly staff ready to help. The donuts here are made fresh and there's a great variety of flavors, both classic and unique.

Whether it's their old-fashioned blueberry donut or their pumpkin cake donut, you won't be disappointed!

Mr. Donuts also offers something special that other donut places lack: free dozen donut holes with every dozen purchased! Not only that, they also drop in a few glazed donut holes as an added surprise.

The staff at Mr. Donuts is always super helpful and accommodating. They can make any type of filled doughnut you'd like, from Bavarian cream filling to fruit filling – all done on the spot for your convenience!

They even have specialty creations like Apple Fritters and cereal topped donuts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

What's more, the quality of the food is top notch – light and airy without being overly sugary like other places such as Dunkin' Donuts or grocery stores.

The service is always friendly, making it a happy experience every time you visit this shop! Lastly, they've got some delicious bubble tea too if you're feeling adventurous enough to try something new!

3. The Donut House

The Donut House
3124 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a corner of the city is the donut shop called The Donut House. It's small, but it sure packs a punch with its delicious donuts.

What sets this place apart from other donut shops is its ability to customize your order to include cream filling flavors upon request; something that's not commonly found at most places.

The donuts are homemade and fried to perfection, making them sweet and delicious. Prices may be on the higher side, but you get what you pay for- quality!

The staff here is always friendly and helpful, ready to accommodate any requests within a short period of time.

Not only are their donuts amazing, but they also offer discounts for officers and other special offers like free items thrown in with orders every now and then.

They even have unique flavors like croissant donuts and blueberry cake donuts that will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

Overall, The Donut House is a great place to get your fix of fresh local donuts without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality – you won't be disappointed!

4. LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee

Lamar’s Donuts And Coffee
10001 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80247 (Google Maps)

Satisfy your sweet tooth at LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee, a one-stop shop for all your donut needs. With over 70 rotating flavors of donuts, fritters and donut holes, this is the place to go to get your fix.

The selection is huge and the donuts are noticeably fresh, both visually and in taste. Plus, they offer coffee drinks so you can get a caffeine boost while you enjoy your treats.

The staff at LaMar’s are friendly and helpful. They offer great customer service with quick service even when they’re busy.

You can sample warm just-made donuts or get recommendations from the cashier for some wonderful choices. And there are plenty of juice or milk choices to make you feel right at home.

The atmosphere at LaMar’s is clean and inviting with a great assortment of options to choose from. Their old fashioned glazed donut tastes just like it did 10 years ago — it's the best!

Other popular flavors include cruller, apple spice and glazed Bavarian cream — all delicious and reasonably priced too!

If you have a sweet tooth or need some coffee on the go then LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee is worth trying out! They offer great food, excellent customer service along with fun atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

5. City Donuts

City Donuts
746 Peoria St, Aurora, CO 80011 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the city is City Donuts, a small donut shop that is sure to leave you with a sweet impression. They offer a wide selection of donuts, from cake and jelly to frosted and glazed. Not only are the flavors varied, but they also have an impressive selection of donut holes too!

The freshness and quality of their donuts beats out many other local shops — each one is delicious and looks great. The customer service was excellent as well; the staff was friendly and helpful at the point of sale.

The interior of City Donuts was very clean and well-kept, making it inviting for customers to sit down for a few minutes to enjoy their treats. Prices were quite reasonable for the quality — a baker’s dozen costs just 19$. The maple donuts sell out quickly due to their delicious flavor so make sure you get there early or risk missing out!

As if that wasn’t enough, they also offer breakfast sandwiches and burritos in addition to their signature doughnuts. All in all, City Donut is an excellent choice for those looking for tasty treats at decent prices with friendly service — definitely worth checking out!

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