11 Best Family Hotels in Denver, CO

Best Family Hotels In Denver

Are you planning a family vacation to Denver and looking for the best hotels in the area? Look no further! Denver is home to some of the most family-friendly accommodations in all of Colorado.

From luxurious suites with breathtaking mountain views to cozy cabins nestled in nature, there's something for everyone.

No matter what type of family vacation you're looking for, you'll find it in Denver. Whether you're looking for an exciting urban adventure or a quiet getaway, there are plenty of options within reach.

From luxury resorts with world-class amenities to budget-friendly motels near downtown attractions, the Mile High City has something for every taste and budget.

When choosing your hotel, consider what type of experience your family wants from their stay. Do they want a resort with activities such as swimming pools and game rooms?

Or do they prefer a more peaceful place with hiking trails and nature centers nearby? Consider these factors when deciding which hotel is right for your family's needs and desires.

To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of the best family hotels in Denver so that you can quickly find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Read on to learn about our top picks!

1. Four Seasons Hotel Denver

Four Seasons Hotel Denver
1111 14th St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Crisp, clean, and luxurious, Four Seasons Hotel Denver is the perfect choice for a family stay. From the excellent customer service to the quality food from the hotel restaurant, everything here is top-notch.

Every imaginable amenity is available 24 hours a day and the beds are incredibly comfortable with plenty of pillows. The restaurant decor is exactly what you'd expect in a high-end establishment, and the rates are very reasonable considering its location and quality.

The lobby has lots of food and drink options as well as being conveniently located near restaurants that are within walking distance. The staff here goes above and beyond to make sure your stay is enjoyable – housekeeping was impeccable and there were plenty of extras that made it even better.

Room service had delicious food too! The music, food, and drinks are all excellent at this hotel as well as its central location makes it easy to get around town.

The fitness center offers modern equipment for working out while you're away from home, plus there's an outdoor pool that can be used on warm days to relax or have fun with family members. There's also a fun bar with plenty of seating where bartenders provide drinks and entertainment throughout the day or night.

Furthermore, Four Seasons Hotel Denver provides a safe environment for families so you don't have to worry about anything during your stay here. All in all, it's worth spending money for an unforgettable experience at this luxe lodging with its spa services, fine dining options, and pool facilities!

2. The Maven Hotel

The Maven Hotel
1850 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Families looking for a fun, modern, and convenient place to stay in the city should consider The Maven Hotel.

Located in a great area close to lots of restaurants and bars, this boutique hotel offers comfortable rooms with all the amenities needed for an enjoyable stay.

The rooms are clean, quiet, and nicely designed with high-end appliances, a rustic vibe, and great views of the city. The beds are comfortable and the showers are spacious. The suites offer round tubs perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring the city.

The staff is friendly and helpful providing excellent service throughout your stay. They are fast and efficient making sure you get everything you need quickly without any hassle.

There is no room service but plenty of dining options nearby so you won’t go hungry!

For those traveling with children, there are swings outside some of the rooms which they will love!

Overall, The Maven Hotel offers great value in return for well below average rates with top-notch rooms, excellent service, great location, and awesome amenities – perfect for an urban setting. Highly recommended!

3. Kimpton Hotel Born

Kimpton Hotel Born
1600 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Mountain views and chic style come together at the Kimpton Hotel Born. This hotel offers a unique experience for travelers looking for refined lodging with a touch of luxury.

Guests can enjoy stylish rooms and suites, as well as Italian dining that is sure to please all palates. The customer service is outstanding, with attentive staff always on hand to assist guests.

For those needing to get around, there's a free shuttle and loaner bikes available, making it easy to explore the area without having to rent a car or take public transportation. Plus, there are plenty of great food options nearby offering fantastic variety and quality dishes.

The beds are incredibly comfortable and soundproofing is great for a city hotel like this one – no beeping noises from outside disturbing your sleep! The housekeeping staff does an excellent job keeping everything clean, while the happy hour at the bar offers a great selection of drinks and snacks. And if you're in need of quick rides around town, you can take advantage of their Tesla & Driver service which adds convenience for guests traveling from out-of-state or abroad.

Overall, Kimpton Hotel Born provides great value for its amenities and location – within walking distance to shops, restaurants, train station, and baseball stadium – making it worth every penny spent on your stay!

Top-notch customer service and high-quality features like soundproofing rooms and access to transport services like Tesla & Driver make this hotel stand above its competitors.

4. Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek

Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek
245 Columbine St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Halycon Hotel Cherry Creek is a high-end lodging experience with modern and luxury rooms and suites.

The hotel offers guests complimentary amenities such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, pastries, loaner scooters, a restaurant, and a rooftop pool.

The service at the Halcyon is top notch with very friendly staff and great attention to detail. The rooms are clean and well-presented with an overall luxury feel.

Guests can check out bikes, skateboards, tennis rackets, and more for their own entertainment. There is also a 24-hour coffee service available at the front desk for those who need it!

The location of the hotel is also great with lots of choices for food and entertainment nearby. It's also very close to Washington Park which offers plenty of shopping options within walking distance.

Quality Italian restaurant downstairs adds to the charm of this place making it a great spot to enjoy some fine dining experiences during your stay.

Overall, Halcyon Hotel provides guests with an unforgettable experience that's worth every penny! From comfortable beds to endless amenities like bike rentals, old-school Nokia available for loan for authentic photo shoots on excursions or two-person land paddle rentals – you truly get what you pay for here!

5. The Crawford Hotel

The Crawford Hotel
1701 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Housed in the historic Denver Union Station, The Crawford Hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience. The stunning lobby, with its high ceilings and grand wooden staircase, immediately sets the stage for a wonderful stay.

Guests are greeted by friendly staff members who guide them to their rooms with ease. The amenities provided are top-notch, offering everything from robes and slippers to espresso makers and aroma therapy machines. Room service is also available from various station restaurants.

The rooms at The Crawford Hotel are comfortable with plenty of modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi access. They are kept spotlessly clean and all requests were followed to the letter.

Furthermore, guests have access to a fitness center, meeting space, fine dining options, shops, and more – all within walking distance of their accommodation.

The Crawford Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Denver making it easy for guests to explore all that the city has to offer without having to go far from home. Everything from restaurants nearby to quiet rooms makes it a great choice for families looking for an upscale stay in a historic setting at an affordable price point.

6. Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn

Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn
1207 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Overnight stays at Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn are a notable experience. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with mini-fridges that have complimentary water and soda.

The character of the hotel is only outdone by the character of the owner and the most entertaining staff. Carl goes way above and beyond to provide a great experience.

The bed was quite comfy, the bath marvelous, and I enjoyed the balcony tremendously. Cleanliness is also top-notch; they even have a maid who cleans every day!

Breakfast is also great, with unique dishes served each morning. Centrally located, you can walk to many destinations from here including Capitol Hill, Supreme Court, Civic Center Park, museums, and 16th Street Mall.

Parking can be an issue as it's located in a residential area but the staff is friendly and it's clean overall. Room service was also great with packages that were incredibly valuable for their price range.

If you're looking for a place to stay in Denver that has character and charm then Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn is an excellent option!

7. The Source Hotel

The Source Hotel
3330 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Dating back to the late 1800s, the Source Hotel is a contemporary hotel located in Denver, Colorado.

The hotel offers a range of services and amenities that are sure to impress any traveler. From its airy bar/restaurant to its rooftop terrace with a pool, there's something for everyone here.

The spacious rooms have great work areas and are equipped with all the necessary amenities of a luxury hotel. The beds are comfortable, however, some chairs may lack cushioning. The food at the Source Restaurant was really good and there is an array of options for different price ranges.

The location of the hotel is ideal as it's near breweries and bars; it also has an excellent selection of businesses that offer something different from one another.

Furthermore, the staff were helpful and accommodating while maintaining top-notch customer service standards; Iliana and Tyler were particularly helpful during our stay.

Overall, we had a great experience at The Source Hotel in Denver; it has something for everyone and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable stay in Colorado!

8. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton
1881 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the heart of downtown Denver, The Ritz-Carlton is a luxurious high-rise hotel that offers an exceptional experience for families.

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with impeccable service and warm hospitality. The spacious rooms are equipped with all the amenities one could need and the view from the balcony is stunning.

The hotel features a restaurant, steakhouse, gym, and spa to ensure every member of your family has something to do while on vacation.

The cleanliness of the facilities is outstanding; everything looks brand new and well-maintained. In particular, their bathrooms are some of the cleanest I have ever seen in a hotel!

The Ritz-Carlton also offers great options for dining and drinks with close proximity to lots of restaurants around town.

Room service is available too if you just want to stay in your room for a night or two. They even provide snacks at reasonable prices if needed without making you feel like you’re being cheap!

The staff at The Ritz-Carlton are incredibly friendly and helpful which makes it easy to enjoy your stay there.

They always go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcome and taken care of during their visit. All in all, this place is perfect for any family looking for a luxurious getaway that won't break the bank!

9. The Jacquard, Autograph Collection

The Jacquard, Autograph Collection
222 Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in Denver's iconic Cherry Creek District, The Jacquard, Autograph Collection offers a modern yet classic design for sophisticated travelers.

From the moment you enter, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff and taken care of with utmost attention.

The hotel is 5-star rated and boasts spacious rooms with everyday cleaning service. For a small hiccup at the beginning (the room not being ready), their staff was friendly and helpful to make sure our stay was comfortable.

The pool is fully handicap-accessible and features a hot tub with mountain views that can be enjoyed from the rooftop bar.

The Jacquard also offers quality service with professional valets, Nespresso machines in every room, high-speed secure internet access, super comfortable beds, and pillows to ensure restful nights' sleep.

For foodies, there are plenty of choices on their menus as well as nearby restaurants that offer delicious meals that won't break the bank. Their wine bar is exquisite too!

All in all, The Jacquard Autograph Collection provides an unforgettable experience for those looking for luxurious accommodation in Cherry Creek. With great customer service and modern amenities including a rooftop bar with stunning views, this hotel definitely worth its price tag!

10. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver
1717 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

A family-friendly destination, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver is a vibrant and luxurious hotel that offers something for everyone.

From its modern rooms and amenities to its close proximity to downtown nightlife, this hotel is sure to please all guests.

The rooms are clean, modern, and stylish with comfortable beds and pillows. There are also many extra amenities such as umbrellas and bath robes in each room.

The restaurant attached to the bar serves delicious food that is freshly prepared. For those looking for a bit of pampering, there is an onsite spa offering services such as massages, facials, manicures/pedicures, waxing, etc.

The staff at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver are friendly and knowledgeable about recommendations for restaurants and things to do in the area. They offer great value compared to other boutique hotels with their 24/7 service and pet-friendly rooms. There are also surprises for kids that make it an even more enjoyable experience for families traveling together.

For those looking for a unique experience without sacrificing comfort or quality of service, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver is an excellent choice. With its vibrant rooms and diverse range of amenities, it’s sure to provide you with everything you need while visiting Denver!

11. The Comma Hotel

The Comma Hotel
3344 Mariposa St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Paying a visit to The Comma Hotel is definitely worth it. This family hotel offers fast and friendly service, with clean, full-service apartments that come with plenty of supplies in the kitchen.

Guests will appreciate the amenities as they are of higher quality than most hotels. Rooms are comfortable and clean, with king beds for extra comfort.

The Comma Hotel is located in a great spot; it's only a hop skip and jumps from downtown Denver and its many attractions, such as museums and restaurants.

The neighborhood is on the upswing with lots of food and entertainment options available. It's also close enough to enjoy seclusion but still, be able to move around easily.

The Comma Hotel has lots of great features that make it an enjoyable stay for guests; they offer keyless access inside the building, elevator/stairs access, text message concierge services, and more.

Housekeeping services are available for additional charges if desired and there’s even a rooftop restaurant offering yummy food and gorgeous views!

Overall, The Comma Hotel offers an excellent experience for those looking for a family-friendly hotel in Denver – fast service, comfortable rooms, and a great location combined with unique features make this place well worth checking out!

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