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3 Best Filipino Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Best Filipino Restaurants In Colorado Springs

If you're an adventurous foodie looking for a unique culinary experience, look no further than the best Filipino restaurants in Colorado Springs. The city is home to some of the best Filipino cuisine in the country, with an array of dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

From savory sisig and crispy kare-kare to sweet halo-halo and ube ice cream, these restaurants offer something for everyone. With their delicious flavors and inviting atmosphere, these eateries are sure to make your visit to Colorado Springs an unforgettable one.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Filipino cuisine is probably the abundance of vibrant flavors that can be found in its dishes. From the salty sourness of adobo or sinigang, to the sweetness of leche flan or kakanin – there's something for everyone! Each restaurant has their own unique spin on classic recipes that will have you coming back for more.

Not only do they serve up delicious traditional dishes but they also have a wide selection of modern twists on classic favorites as well. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing like lumpia or if you're feeling more daring and want a taste of balut (fertilized duck egg), any one of these restaurants will be sure to satisfy your cravings!

1. Rj Foodies and Catering Services

Rj Foodies And Catering Services
1402 Harrison Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

A visit to Rj Foodies and Catering Services is a great way to experience Filipino cuisine. The variety of food served here is remarkable, with dishes you may not have heard of before.

The staff are friendly and helpful, offering samples before customers order so they can make the best decision. This food truck is definitely worth checking out!

The signature dish at Rj Foodies and Catering Services is the lumpia, which is absolutely delicious.

Other favorites include their crispy orange chicken on a bed of white steamed rice, pork belly, pancit and pata as well as beef bulgogi. Their combination rice is also particularly noteworthy – it's one of the best in Colorado!

The owners of Rj Foodies and Catering Services are very accommodating – they're more than willing to let customers try samples before ordering so they can make sure they get exactly what they want.

They're also very friendly people who will happily chat with customers about their food truck business.

Overall, this Filipino restaurant offers great quality ingredients and tasty dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate.

With generous portions and friendly service, it's easy to see why Rj Foodies and Catering Services has become such a popular spot for local diners!

2. Filipino Food Truck

Filipino Food Truck
4305 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (Google Maps)

Walking up to the Filipino Food Truck, you can already smell the aroma of traditional Filipino cuisine. The owner, Adan, is very friendly and accommodating. He quickly explains his delicious menu and offers helpful suggestions for what to order.

The limited menu consists of pork lumpia, chicken adobo, pancit, and sweet grilled chicken plate. Each dish is cooked fresh and with care to ensure quality taste.

The pork lumpia are especially noteworthy as they are five stars in flavor and kindness from the owner.

Every order also comes with three lumpia that are worth every penny spent! For those who want more than three lumpia, extra orders can be made at a reasonable price.

The other dishes on the menu are just as good – the chicken adobo has great grill flavor while the pancit is cooked to perfection with flavorful spices.

Customers have praised Adan's cooking for being reminiscent of home-cooked meals from back in the Philippines.

To top off an amazing experience at this food truck, Adan's hospitality is unmatched! He's always courteous when taking orders and provides tips on other food trucks to check out around town or upcoming events in the city.

All in all, Filipino Food Truck is definitely a must-try for anyone looking for authentic Filipino cuisine!

3. Julie’s Kitchen

Julie’s Kitchen
3750 Astrozon Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (Google Maps)

Culinary adventurers looking for a unique dining experience should definitely check out Julie’s Kitchen.

This Filipino restaurant offers an array of delicious dishes, all cooked to perfection. From traditional favorites to Hawaiian flavors, Julie’s Kitchen has something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Julie’s Kitchen is inviting and relaxed. The staff is friendly and helpful, always willing to answer any questions or make recommendations.

The menu offers a wide variety of options, as well as daily specials. Whether you are looking for an individual entrée or an entire meal with sides, you will find something that satisfies your taste buds here.

The food at Julie’s Kitchen is fresh and flavorful. All the dishes are made from scratch daily with locally sourced ingredients.

The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable, making this restaurant a great value for your money. They also offer a buffet style option if you want to try several different items in one sitting.

No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, there is something on the menu that will please everyone at Julie’s Kitchen!

The owners take pride in their work and ensure that each dish is cooked just right with love and care every time it leaves their kitchen!

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