11 Best Hair Salons in Denver, CO

Best Hair Salons In Denver

When it comes to finding the best hair salons in Denver, you want a team that can create your dream look.

You know you'll get expert advice and top-notch style when you visit these salons.

Whether you need a new cut or color, there are several excellent hair salons in Denver that will make sure you look your best.

From classic styles to modern trends, these salons provide quality service and an experience that won't leave you disappointed. They offer a variety of services including cuts, colors, highlights, treatments, extensions and more.

You'll find talented stylists who use the latest techniques to give your hair the perfect look for any occasion. They understand how important it is to have healthy-looking hair and take the time to consult with each client before beginning their styling session.

The friendly staff will make sure that all of your needs are met with professional results that showcase your individual style.

These top-rated hair salons in Denver provide superior service from experienced stylists who will deliver beautiful results every time!

Read on for our list of the best places in town for all of your hair care needs!

1. Elle.b

5056 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80221 (Google Maps)

Mention must go to Elle.b hair salon. With their quality services and products, you can be sure that your hair will look amazing.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, offering valuable input and answering all questions with transparency. Plus, the salon is extremely clean and has a relaxing atmosphere.

The stylists are top-notch and understand how to cut hair in the best way possible.

They also recommend great products without being pushy or salesy about it – perfect for those who want a product recommendation without feeling pressured. Booking an appointment online is easy and convenient too!

The ambiance of the salon is stylish within a small space, so you can feel special even if it’s just for a trim or basic cut.

The customer service is great from start to finish – from when you walk into when you leave the shop feeling pampered. Plus, the prices are affordable so everyone can enjoy their services!

For those needing extensions installation or maintenance, Elle.b has expert staff who are knowledgeable about hair products as well as extension work.

Cody at the front desk is also very nice and helpful with product recommendations too! All in all, Elle.b offers a wonderful experience that won’t disappoint – give them a try today!

2. Three Cutters

Three Cutters
485 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Oozing with professionalism and quality service, Three Cutters is sure to leave you looking your best. The salon is clean and the staff is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable.

Not only do they offer great styling services but also provide product recommendations from Aveda. Prices are reasonable for the quality of service provided.

The front desk is always helpful with accommodating schedules and providing information about their services. Jessica was especially excellent in understanding my needs for style/price and was extremely detail-oriented in her work.

She even recommended a smaller version of a product since I didn't need to use as much, instead of a larger, more expensive bottle – which I really appreciated!

Overall, Three Cutters provides an enjoyable experience with outstanding customer service that keeps me coming back from time to time.

Highly recommend them if you're looking for a great hair salon experience!

3. Miya

3921 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212 (Google Maps)

Dedicated to providing top-notch service, Miya offers fair and reasonable pricing that is especially great considering the level of expertise and professionalism from their talented stylists.

No matter if you’re a walk-in or have an appointment, the salon is always clean and tidy with friendly staff that is personable and professional.

When booking an appointment online, it's easy to find availability and receive email/text reminders leading up to your visit. From start to finish, customers feel taken care of with great customer service.

The salon also provides massage chairs, complimentary drinks, competitive prices for haircuts along with selling quality products like shampoo and conditioner.

The front desk staff is knowledgeable and helpful while the hair extension specialist provides excellent services with flexible scheduling when needed most. Stylists like Frannie have been known to provide exceptional service while Samantha is kind, patient and professional.

In all, customers leave feeling like a new person after a wonderful experience from start to finish at Miya – they even offer wine! Highly recommended for any type of service needed.

4. My Hair Trip

My Hair Trip
773 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Walking into My Hair Trip, you can feel the atmosphere of professionalism and comfort.

The local artwork on the walls and organic products used make this hair salon stand out from others. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, making you feel right at home.

The service provided is excellent, with hair stylists that are knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They discuss your desired style and provide advice about additional services if needed.

Prices are reasonable for the quality of service received. Plus, they have a great line of products that the stylists can recommend to keep your hair looking its best.

For those in wheelchairs or with other special needs, My Hair Trip goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable throughout your appointment.

They will do whatever it takes to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible!

Overall, My Hair Trip provides an excellent experience at a reasonable price with top-notch skills and warm personalities that make you want to stay longer!

Their commitment to healthy products, beautiful work, wonderful atmosphere, and superior customer service makes this hair salon stand out from the rest!

5. Cedar

4408 Yates St, Denver, CO 80212 (Google Maps)

Featuring a beautiful location, Cedar is the perfect place for quality hair service with reasonable pricing. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and listens to customers' desires of style.

They use high-quality products that make you feel like you are at a spa. The salon is always clean and has a calming atmosphere.

The pricing at Cedar is worth it due to their experienced professionals providing premium services. Safety protocols are on point and they offer multiple lines of awesome hair products too.

They have an Instagram account with inspiration and last-minute appointment openings which makes the experience even better!

Cedar has amazing stylists who are very meticulous in their technique. Every patron looks beautiful when they leave the salon, which speaks to the expertise of each stylist there.

Emily and company provide top not haircuts that will leave you feeling confident about your look!

6. Ivy + Oak

Ivy + Oak
4407 W 52nd Ave Unit B, Denver, CO 80212 (Google Maps)

A trip to Ivy + Oak Salon is always a pleasure. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

From the moment you walk in, you can tell this salon takes pride in their work.

The stylists have years of experience, so you can rest assured that your hair will be treated with care and precision.

Prices are fair, and they offer a variety of services such as cuts, colors, styling, perms, highlights and more. They also carry an extensive line of products for purchase that range from shampoos to styling tools.

The salon itself has a modern aesthetic with lots of natural light streaming in through the windows. It's always clean and well-maintained which adds to the overall experience.

Every staff member is friendly and professional with excellent attention to detail ensuring total satisfaction for each client.

Ivy + Oak offers something for everyone whether it’s a simple cut or something more complex like coloring or highlights – they have it all!

With great service at reasonable prices combined with talented stylists who make sure you look your best every time – there’s no doubt why this salon has become so popular!

7. The Station

The Station
1120 Delaware St Suite 120, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Crisp and professional, The Station is a great place to get your hair done. Prices are affordable compared to other salons in the area, and they take safety protocols seriously.

Stylists are highly trained and experienced in their craft, ensuring that each customer receives a quality cut or color.

The atmosphere of the salon is low-key and inviting. Customers feel comfortable and welcomed upon arrival, with comfortable salon chairs and discrete hair washing stations tucked away.

Products are also reasonably priced for those who want to buy them for home use.

The level of customer service at The Station is top-notch. Stylists take the time to ask questions about how customers presently wash, condition, and style their hair before beginning any treatment.

They offer flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments as well as redo cuts if customers aren’t satisfied with their first one.

Overall, The Station offers exceptional services that keep clients coming back for more!

Highly skilled stylists ensure each customer gets the look they desire while providing a safe environment during each visit. Make sure you book ahead of time as most stylists have built up a loyal repeat clientele!

8. Clementine’s

2009 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Pampering yourself at Clementine’s is an experience you won't soon forget. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with friendly smiles and staff that truly care about your needs.

Prices are affordable for the quality of service they provide, and making appointments online is a breeze. The salon itself is clean, stylish and offers top-of-the-line products.

The stylists are always professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They take their time to get to know their clients personally and ensure they get exactly what they want out of their service.

When it comes to color and shampoo/conditioning, the quality is exceptional! Voted one of the Top 100 Salons in the US by Elle Magazine, it's no surprise why Clementine’s has such a great reputation.

Kelsey is one of many experienced stylists that put customer satisfaction first – she checks in throughout each service to make sure her clients leave happy with their looks.

Whether you're looking for a cut or style on trend or just want to relax in an inviting atmosphere, Clementine’s offers something for everyone!

9. Deseo

2855 W 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the city, Deseo is a hidden gem.

From its welcoming staff to its clean and professional environment, this salon is top-notch! The prices are reasonable and the stylists are highly skilled professionals.

The salon offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, color treatments, blowouts and hair extensions. Emily is the resident hairstylist who specializes in curly hair, and she knows her stuff!

She takes into account her client’s tastes and lifestyles when giving advice on styles and products. Plus, the salon has Sunday hours which makes it very convenient for busy people who can’t make it during the weekdays.

The other staff members are friendly as well and they ensure that each client feels comfortable during their visit. They also follow all CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.

Ritchie is great at understanding what your hair needs and gives good advice on how to handle some of your hair issues. In addition, their high-end products really help keep my hair looking great!

Overall, I would definitely recommend Deseo to anyone looking for an excellent experience with professional stylists who know what they’re doing!

10. Holistic

3501 Wazee St #106, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

The hair salon "Holistic" is a great place for anyone looking for quality hair care. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with friendly and talented stylists, who really take good care of their clients.

The space is creative and clean, with doggies that are adorable and plants that add a nice touch.

The services offered at Holistic include haircuts, color, extensions, blonding, glossing and more. Every artist in the salon is incredibly talented and can provide amazing results. Clare does an excellent job with blonding while keeping the hair healthy in the process.

Kate provides beautiful glosses that are sure to make you feel like a superstar when you leave. Grace is also very welcoming and listens to requests carefully while providing fantastic haircuts.

Overall, Holistic offers great work at reasonable prices with a wonderful experience every time.

Highly recommend this place if you're looking for quality service from friendly stylists!

11. Studio: A Collective Of Stylists

Studio: A Collective Of Stylists
1135 Bannock St #101, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Sitting in Studio: A Collective Of Stylists is like being in a haven of beauty and relaxation. As soon as you walk through the door, you are welcomed with a warm smile and offered your choice of beverage.

The ambiance is cozy and inviting, with bright lights and comfortable seating. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful from start to finish.

The services provided at Studio are top-notch and reasonably priced. From haircuts to color treatments to waxing hair removal services, they offer something for everyone.

The stylists are highly trained professionals who understand head shape, volume, and lay – they will leave you looking great! They also carry amazing products that can be used during your appointment or purchased to take home.

Customer service is what this salon is all about! From the moment you call to book an appointment until you leave feeling beautiful, the experience is always amazing – no matter if it's your first time there or not!

Overall, Studio: A Collective Of Stylists provides excellent service at fair prices in a welcoming environment. Whether it's for a haircut or a waxing hair removal service, this place has everything you need for a perfect look!

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