4 Best Kayak Rentals in Colorado

Best Kayak Rentals In Colorado

Kayaking is a great way to explore the outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy the scenery. Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, and there are plenty of opportunities for kayaking adventures.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or an extended vacation, Colorado has something for everyone.

If you’re planning a kayaking adventure in Colorado, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a place to rent your gear.

There are several options available throughout the state, but not all rental companies offer top-notch equipment or quality service. To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the best kayak rentals in Colorado.

From small family-owned businesses to large companies with multiple locations across the state, this list covers it all. We looked at factors like price, selection, and customer service when compiling our picks so that you can be sure you’re getting quality gear from experienced professionals.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for – from leisurely paddles on calm lakes to white water rafting down raging rivers – these companies have something for everyone!

1. 5280 Paddle Sports

5280 Paddle Sports
9700 S Wadsworth Blvd, Littleton, CO 80128 (Google Maps)

Travelers looking for an easy and enjoyable kayak rental experience should look no further than 5280 Paddle Sports. This outdoor sports store has a wide range of different water sports equipment available to rent, from kayaks and canoes to paddle boards.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing detailed instructions on how to use the equipment safely. Prices are also very reasonable, making it an affordable choice for families looking for a fun day out on the lake.

The booking process is also very straightforward. Customers can book online in advance or simply walk up and be on the board in minutes.

The rental time is also quite generous, allowing customers plenty of time to enjoy their chosen activity without feeling rushed. The quality of the equipment is also excellent; everything works well and looks great too!

Overall, 5280 Paddle Sports provides an excellent experience for those wanting to get out on the water with some friends or family members.

With its easy booking process, good quality equipment, and helpful staff – it’s definitely a top-notch choice for anyone looking for a great day out!

2. Mt Elbert Canoe & Kayak

Mt Elbert Canoe & Kayak
6451 CO-82, Twin Lakes, CO 81251 (Google Maps)

Boat rental services don't get any better than at Mt Elbert Canoe & Kayak. From the moment you step in, you will be greeted with friendly hospitality and a detailed, high-energy orientation from the owner Paul.

He will tell you about the area, what to explore, and how the water flows so you can make it back safely. The kayaks are top quality and perfect for exploring Turquoise Lake or Twin Lakes.

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful; they made sure we were set up for success in each aspect of the rental.

They provided us with all of the necessary safety tips and even gave us some suggestions on where to launch our boats and hang out by the lake. The customer service was outstanding and they even helped us put our kayak on our car when we were done!

The prices are great, availability is excellent, and overall it was an amazing experience from start to finish. We had a great time out on the lake thanks to Mt Elbert Canoe & Kayak!

Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a kayak rental in Twin Lakes or Turquoise Lake -you won't regret it!

3. Denver Outdoor Adventure Company

Denver Outdoor Adventure Company
2496 W 2nd Ave #5, Denver, CO 80223 (Google Maps)

A great choice for kayak rental is the Denver Outdoor Adventure Company. They offer great prices, flexible pickup and return times, and a wide selection of boats.

The online service was easy to use and the pickup process was smooth. The employees were friendly and knowledgeable, making sure we had everything we needed before leaving.

The quality of equipment was top-notch – our tandem kayak was in good condition – so there were no worries about safety or comfort during our time on the lake.

On top of that, their rates are very reasonable compared to other companies in the area. Luke, one of their staff members, even showed us how to properly secure the SUPs on top of our vehicle which was much appreciated!

Overall it was a great experience with Denver Outdoor Adventure Company. They provided all necessary equipment including life vests which are mandatory for some lakes in Colorado as well as straps for the kayaks which allowed us to transport them easily from place to place.

We would definitely recommend this company if you're looking for a fun lake day with high-quality gear at an affordable price!

4. South Main Vacation Rentals

South Main Vacation Rentals
327 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211 (Google Maps)

South Main Vacation Rentals is the ultimate destination for kayak rentals.

With top-notch equipment, helpful and friendly staff, and great prices, they offer an amazing experience.

The rental process was quick and easy. The staff was more than willing to help with any questions or needs that may arise. They even loaned out gear to try before purchasing! Not only that, but the selection of used kayaks for sale in the early spring is a plus for those looking to buy.

The prices are competitive and the quality of their gear is unmatched. Although they specialize in kayak rentals, they also have a variety of other outdoor sports products such as life jackets, rafts, swimwear, t-shirts, and more! Plus their customer service attitude makes you want to come back again and again.

In conclusion, South Main Vacation Rentals offers an unbeatable experience when it comes to renting kayaks or buying outdoor sports products.

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