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6 Best Lebanese Restaurants in Denver

Best Lebanese Restaurants In Denver

Are you looking for some delectable, genuine Lebanese cuisine? If that's the case, Denver is the place to be! Denver boasts a wealth of outstanding Lebanese eateries, thanks to its rising Middle Eastern immigrant community and diversified cultural environment.

You'll find something to tempt your taste buds, whether you're seeking traditional delicacies or modern renditions of classic cuisine.

These eateries provide everything from aromatic mezze plates to scrumptious shawarma sandwiches. There are lots of venues to get a flavor of Lebanon in Denver, from modest family-run diners to lively city-center bistros.

Expect big quantities full of flavor and warmth, ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying alone. There's something for everyone here, whether you like falafel or have an insatiable desire for kebabs.

So if you’re looking for a delicious meal that will transport your taste buds on an adventure around the Mediterranean Sea then look no further than these acclaimed Lebanese restaurants in Denver!

Read on as we take a closer look at some top picks…

1. Pho Sigon Basil Vietnamese Noodle House and Grill

Pho Sigon Basil Vietnamese Noodle House And Grill
3214 S Wadsworth Blvd f, Denver, CO 80227 (Google Maps)

Pho Sigon Basil Vietnamese Noodle House and Grill is a Lebanese restaurant that serves delectable Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed, cheerful setting.

Menu options include kebabs, hummus, and falafels, as well as other Middle Eastern dishes. In comparison to some of the other alternatives, the prices are reasonable, and the food is savory and healthful.

The service at Pho Sigon Basil Vietnamese Noodle Restaurant and Grill is warm and welcoming, with attentive personnel who clearly love their work.

The vegetarian platter comes with baba ganoush, hummus, saffron rice, salad, tabouleh, two falafel pieces, dolma, and other flavorful dishes. Vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free choices are also available for people with dietary limitations.

The gyro lunch sandwich at Pho Sigon Basil Vietnamese Noodle House and Grill is particularly noteworthy – packed with flavor! Ordering online is also an option but the portal can be a bit clunky so it's best to double-check your order before submitting it.

Additionally, pick-up time usually takes around 20-30 minutes which makes this an ideal spot for a quick meal or snack that won't break the bank!

2. Phoenician Kabob

Phoenician Kabob
5709 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 (Google Maps)

Phoenician Kabob, brimming with flavor and culture, is an amazing Lebanese restaurant that delivers quality, authenticity, and moderate costs. The food is flavorful and the quantities are large.

Costs are reasonable at first glance, however, keep in mind that you'll always have leftovers. The environment is fresh and pleasant, making it ideal for couples or small parties.

The lunch quantities were generous, and all five of us finished our meals. Every time I've been, the service has been excellent.

Brahim is available to explain to you the recipes utilized in their meals and where they originated. Desserts and coffee were also delicious!

This restaurant offers something for everyone – from rice leaves to lamb meat – all prepared with care. They also have specials every night featuring something seasonal or that just looked good at the source.

Prices remain fair no matter what you order, making this a great spot for budget-friendly meals without sacrificing quality or taste!

3. Kabob Station

Kabob Station
12041 N Pecos St, Denver, CO 80234 (Google Maps)

Kabob Station is clearly a family-run business from the moment you enter. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is helpful and kind.

There are many Lebanese dishes on the menu, such as hummus, babganooj, and grape leaves. There are also many options for vegetarians and people who can't eat dairy. The prices are fair for how much food they give you.

At Kabob Station, the food is delicious and very good. The hummus has just the right amount of tasty spices that make it stand out from other places in the area. You should also try their braised lamb shank in tomato sauce with potatoes and carrots.

The Kabob Station Combo is another favorite. It comes with three skewers, one each of cubed chicken breast, cubed lamb, and Kobideh, which is ground beef or lamb.

Service at Kabob Station is spotty but worth the wait – as long as you’re not in a hurry to eat! They offer quick service when they can, but due to their changing ownership over time, there may be slight variations in flavor from what you’re used to eating here before.

All in all, this mom-and-pop Middle Eastern eatery offers great food at an affordable price that will have you coming back for more!

4. Casablanca Cafe

Casablanca Cafe
2266 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

Casablanca Café is a must-try for foodies in search of a one-of-a-kind experience, serving up scrumptious genuine Mediterranean cuisine. Lebanese, Greek, Halal, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, and other cuisines are all represented in the restaurant.

Excellent service and care have been taken to make the inside of this strip mall seem like a cozy Mediterranean villa.

Casablanca Café has excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere. The service is great, and everyone working there is kind. The prices are really low, so anybody can come in and have a nice supper.

We suggest starting with an appetizer like lentil soup or vegetarian grape leaves, then moving on to a well-prepared main course like chicken shawarma or gyros with rice. Even the baklava was wonderful.

For those looking to enjoy something out of the ordinary, Casablanca Cafe offers Moroccan tea as well as tajine dishes on Fridays. There's also the option of hookah if you're feeling adventurous!

Though the atmosphere might not be great compared to other restaurants in town, it doesn't take away from the quality food served here nor from the generous hospitality offered by its owner who is always welcoming customers with warmth and kindness.

Casablanca Cafe certainly lives up to its name with an amazing selection of food that will leave you wanting more! Everything from appetizers to main dishes is fresh, flavorful, and made with care – all at an incredible price point too!

With friendly service and great hospitality included in your visit here, you can be sure that this place truly stands out among all others in town – definitely worth checking out!

5. House of Kabob

House Of Kabob
2246 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

House of Kabob is a wonderful restaurant serving authentic Middle Eastern food, and it caters to a wide range of palates.

Inexpensive and tasty Lebanese, Afghan, Iranian, and Mediterranean fare is available here. The booths are plush and the lighting is dim, making for an intimate setting.

There are a lot of different alternatives to choose from, such as kebabs, salads, vegan foods, and gluten-free dishes. Everyone can find what they're looking for here. The servings are hearty, and the ingredients are never frozen.

Customers will find the personnel to be helpful and kind. They provide thorough descriptions of each menu item to help you make a well-informed choice.

House of Kabob has excellent value for money with its lunch specials, which are exceptionally low-priced.

If you want to try a little bit of everything on the menu, the Sultan's Platter is a great option.

Overall, House of Kabob provides excellent quality food at reasonable prices in a pleasant atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for dinner or lunch specials, this place won't disappoint!

6. Mecca Grill

Mecca Grill
270 S Downing St, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Mecca Restaurant, hidden in a residential area of Denver, serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Each table has a splash of color, and the room is immaculately clean.

The prices were reasonable considering the high quality of the cuisine and the service. The chef is kind enough, although he often disappears for extended periods of time to smoke on the terrace.

Lentil soup, chicken kabobs, a vegetable plate, hummus, mint tea, and more are just some of the classic Lebanese dishes available. You can have a fantastic, reasonably-priced dinner for two people (with appetizers, desserts, and beverages) for about $40.

The tastes were so good, they almost danced on my tongue. The beef was tender and juicy, and the rice was light and airy.

You may easily order two separate dinners or more than one dish to satisfy your hunger since the servings are so large.

And if you're pressed for time or just don't feel like going out, they also offer delivery through Grubhub at reasonable prices.

Overall we had an amazing experience at Mecca Grill – very tasty food that's fresh and made to order with friendly service.

If you're visiting Denver or just looking for some good authentic Middle Eastern food then this is definitely worth checking out!

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