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14 Best Places for Biscuits and Gravy in Colorado Springs, CO

Best Places For Biscuits And Gravy In Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for classic Southern comfort food in Colorado Springs, look no further than the city’s best spots for biscuits and gravy.

This combination of warm, buttery biscuits and savory sausage gravy will make your mouth water. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, here are some of the best places to get your hands on this delicious breakfast dish.

The first thing to note when looking for a great biscuit and gravy experience is that it should be made with fresh ingredients. Look for restaurants that make their own sausage gravy from scratch rather than using pre-made mixes or canned fillings.

The same goes for the biscuits – they should be made with real butter and buttermilk, not margarine or powdered milk substitutes. This will ensure that you get the best possible flavor from your meal.

In addition to fresh ingredients, it’s important to find a restaurant that takes pride in its preparation methods. Biscuits should be light and fluffy, while the gravy should have just enough spice without being overly salty or greasy.

A good restaurant will also serve generous portions so you won’t leave feeling like you didn't get enough food!

Finally, look for a spot with friendly service and a cozy atmosphere – after all, nothing completes a meal like feeling welcome in an inviting environment!

With these criteria in mind, let's look at some of Colorado Springs' top-rated spots for biscuits and gravy!

1. Sandy’s Restaurant

Sandy’s Restaurant
6940 Space Village Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (Google Maps)

Oozing with the classic charm and warmth of an American diner, Sandy’s Restaurant is a great spot for breakfast and lunch.

The menu offers a wide selection of traditional favorites like eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and more. All meals are cooked from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Vegetarian options are also available.

The service is fast and friendly; patrons can expect their food to arrive quickly without compromising taste or quality. Portions are generous and reasonably priced.

The bathrooms are clean; tables are ready in quick order for the steady flow of hungry customers, making it an ideal spot for families and groups alike.

For those looking for something sweet, Sandy’s Restaurant serves homemade cinnamon rolls that will satisfy any sweet tooth! The Low-key yet enduring atmosphere makes it a great spot to enjoy breakfast or lunch with friends or family in a homey setting.

Whether it’s traditional American fare you’re craving or something more unique like Trucker Eggs Benedict (biscuits & gravy topped with your choice of meat & egg), there is something on the menu to please everyone at Sandy’s Restaurant!

2. Omelette Parlor

Omelette Parlor
900 E Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Mentioned by many as having the best breakfast in town, Omelette Parlor is a longtime diner with a homey interior that offers breakfast classics, sandwiches and salads. The portions are generous, and the menu accommodates substitutions. You can choose from potatoes, hash browns or fruit to accompany your meal.

The biscuits and gravy are soft and gooey, with a nice amount of sausage for flavor. The texture is near perfect, making it one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Prices cannot be beaten for the quality offered here either – it's truly an excellent value for your money!

The atmosphere inside is cozy yet bright with gorgeous charm; there are even huge plants in the seating area giving off an outdoorsy feel. Service is friendly and fast, although sometimes it can be slow – but nothing too bad.

Our server was cordial and professional every time we visited. We have tried several items off the menu such as burritos, omelets, cinnamon rolls & croissants which were all flaked to perfection! We also got their Great Chili Cook-off dish which was very tasty.

Overall, Omelette Parlor is worth a visit if you're looking for an excellent breakfast experience at an affordable price point – not to mention its convenient location within walking distance from downtown!

3. Mountain Shadows Restaurant

Mountain Shadows Restaurant
2223 Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a cozy converted house, Mountain Shadows Restaurant offers homestyle American cooking. This breakfast and lunch restaurant serves generous portions of down-home dishes Thursday through Sunday with an early dinner option. The biscuits and gravy are the show's stars here, as they were featured in Guy Fieri's "Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives."

The biscuits are fluffy, light, and full of flavor while the gravy is savory with just the right amount of spice. In addition to their signature biscuits and gravy dish, you can also find a variety of omelets (the corned beef omelet is especially delicious!), country biscuit platters (comes with two eggs and hashbrowns), sandwiches, salads, chili dishes, plus cinnamon rolls and other home-baked goods.

The atmosphere at Mountain Shadows Restaurant is warm and inviting with friendly staff that provides quick service. Prices are affordable for what you get compared to other restaurants in the area. The portions are large enough that even kids' plates have enough food to fill them up.

If you're looking for an all-around enjoyable experience from great food to comfortable seating to quality personal service, Mountain Shadows Restaurant should be your go-to spot for biscuits & gravy!

4. The Archives

The Archives
28B S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in the heart of downtown, “The Archives” is a bustling breakfast and brunch restaurant that offers eggs benedict and pancakes with locally-sourced ingredients.

The food always tastes fresh, they make their sausage and gravy, and biscuits! There are also excellent vegetarian and vegan options available.

The staff at “The Archives” are friendly, attentive, and helpful. Prices are very reasonable for portion sizes.

They have a full bar with signature dishes like Biscuits & Gravy and French Toast. There is also a ton of gluten-free options available as well.

The menu has so much variety to choose from with everything consistently well done. Pancakes were fluffy and scrumptious while bacon pancakes with homemade sausage gravy were must try.

My husband got the biscuits and gravy with a pancake and it was out of this world! Even the hash browns were a notch above other restaurants I have visited.

Service was a bit slow but overall, the experience was pleasant due to the friendly atmosphere, engaging interactions, hospitable customer service, and adequate portions size (none of us were able to finish our meals completely but didn't have a lot leftover either), cleanliness (everything was clean to the T)and variety of choices on offer (including healthy options).

The only complaint I had was that they didn't offer half-portion sizes which would be helpful for those looking to sample more dishes without overeating or wasting food.

Overall “The Archives” is an excellent spot for breakfast or brunch offering delicious food at reasonable prices and friendly service in an enjoyable atmosphere – worth checking out!

5. Omelets Etc

Omelets Etc
1616 S 8th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

A visit to the family-friendly restaurant, "Omelets Etc", is sure to please.

With generous portions of American comfort food, a modern interior and a convivial atmosphere, this breakfast spot is perfect for all occasions.

The menu offers something for everyone with hearty breakfasts and other diner standards. The omelets are especially noteworthy – they're huge!

Be sure to try the spinach crepes with holiday sauce or the country omelet with gravy. The cinnamon rolls are soft and delicious for those who want something sweet. The portions are generous so you won't go away hungry!

The staff at Omelets Etc is friendly and attentive. They offer fast service and will accommodate special requests if needed.

This place follows social distancing guidelines so diners can feel safe during their visit.

Overall, Omelets Etc is an excellent choice for breakfast comfort food at an affordable price in a welcoming setting.

Whether for yourself or with friends and family, this place guarantees an enjoyable experience you'll want to repeat soon!

6. Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

Garden Of The Gods Market And Cafe
616 S Tejon St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the cozy and clean atmosphere of Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe, it's easy to see why they have such a high reputation.

From the outside, it may not look like much, but once you go in you'll be pleasantly surprised. The menu has a good variety of options; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available.

There are vegetarian and vegan options labelled clearly throughout the menu which is great for those with dietary restrictions. The portion sizes are huge – big enough to share – so be sure to come hungry!

The service here is always friendly and attentive. They strive to make sure customers have a pleasant experience from start to finish. The only slight critique was that the biscuits and gravy weren't as warm as expected when delivered.

We ordered two different meals for breakfast: one was eggs, hash browns, chicken sausage, and biscuits & gravy; while the other was banana bread french toast with a side of potatoes. Both dishes were delicious! We also got an order of lemon-blueberry French toast which was really good too! For drinks we had two iced coffees which were just what we needed on this hot day.

Overall, Garden of the Gods Market & Cafe is definitely worth checking out if you're in Colorado Springs looking for some delicious food at reasonable prices (especially considering their 15% military discount!).

They have fantastic gluten free options as well as plenty of vegetarian and vegan things so everyone can find something they enjoy here!

7. New Day Cafe Colorado Springs

New Day Cafe Colorado Springs
5901 Delmonico Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Google Maps)

Walking into New Day Cafe Colorado Springs, you can immediately feel the cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

The staff is always helpful and easy to talk to, making it a great spot for a casual meal or business meeting. The menu has unusual and traditional items, so there's something for everyone.

The food at New Day Cafe Colorado Springs is always good, with generous portions that won't leave you hungry. We tried the Biscuits and Gravy which was well-covered in sausage gravy and served with a fair amount of hash browns.

Other favorites include the Eggs Benedict breakfast, French toast, chorizo quesadilla, omelets and green chili. The coffee was strong but enjoyable – worth trying if you're visiting!

The prices at New Day Cafe are slightly inflated compared to other restaurants in the area but offer plenty of healthy options and gluten-free bread items.

There's also outdoor seating available for those looking to enjoy their meal al fresco.

Overall, New Day Cafe Colorado Springs offers great food at reasonable prices, fast service, and a cozy atmosphere – what more could you ask for?

8. Denver Biscuit Company

Denver Biscuit Company
528 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Hitting the spot for biscuits and gravy lovers, Denver Biscuit Company offers various delicious breakfast and brunch options. The biscuits have a great texture with a good crust that gives way to fluffy insides.

The sausage gravy is flavorful with just the right amount of kick. Other menu options include giant homemade biscuit sandwiches, pot pies smothered in gravy, and traditional biscuits and gravy. Prices are reasonable but portions are large enough to easily feed two people.

The atmosphere is also great with friendly staff offering quick service even during busy times. The decor overlooks the mountains if you go upstairs which adds to the ambiance of this restaurant.

You must try their Franklin biscuit with fresh buttery biscuits smothered in rosemary gravy – an amazing flavor combination! You can also order chicken in your biscuit or vegetarian gravy for those looking for alternative options.

Overall, Denver Biscuit Company is worth checking out if you’re craving some delicious biscuits and gravy. Their food has amazing flavors, portion sizes are huge, prices are reasonable, and service is fast so you won’t be left waiting too long for your meal!

9. King’s Chef Diner

King’s Chef Diner
110 E Costilla St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Biscuits and gravy lovers will find a warm welcome at King’s Chef Diner. This long-running eatery has a kitschy castle decor and serves classic diner food, including breakfast and burgers.

The portions are generous, so you can easily share with a friend or save the second half for later.

The menu offers something for everyone, with vegetarian options like “fakie” (Morningstar) available. Non-meat eaters will also appreciate that there are gluten-free concessions within reason that can be made upon request.

The friendly and sincere service adds to the cool atmosphere when you enter the door.

You can’t go wrong with any of their breakfast items – from eggs to burritos – but if you’re looking for something special, try their Texas toast “biscuits and gravy” covered in sausage gravy or half green chili/half gravy – both taste delicious!

Topped by your choice of meat (or mixed meats), this delectable platter resides off the menu but is made upon request.

King’s Chef Diner is worth checking out if you love biscuits and gravy. Prices are great for how much food you get and customer service is impeccable. Don't forget to join the "Clean Plate Club" when done eating!

10. Western Omelette

Western Omelette
16 S Walnut St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

Western Omelette offers a unique culinary experience featuring a Mexican-inspired breakfast and lunch spot. Their menu items range from $9 – $12 and offer vegetarian options as well as vegetarian sausage.

The atmosphere is bright and inviting with ads on the tables, allowing customers to easily find what they need.

The food itself is amazing with portion sizes more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest of stomachs.

From chorizo scrambled eggs smothered in country gravy to burgers that will not disappoint, there's something for everyone here. The staff are friendly and professional, providing efficient service even when the restaurant is busy.

What's more, the food tastes fresh with great flavor that will keep customers coming back for more.

With healthy options, this spot is perfect for anyone looking for great value and a delicious meal. So whether it's breakfast or lunch you're after, be sure to check out Western Omelette!

11. Sheldon’s Luncheonette

Sheldon’s Luncheonette
204 Mt View Ln #16, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for a classic breakfast experience should head to Sheldon’s Luncheonette.

This cozy greasy-spoon diner has all the classic comfort food you could want, from biscuits and gravy to hashbrowns. The gravy is packed with flavor and sausage, and the portion size is generous.

The lunch menu offers a variety of sandwich specials, including meatloaf on Wednesdays and daily soup specials.

Everyone getting something with French fries will be happy to find that they get a large portion of their money. For breakfast, try the pork or turkey open-faced, shredded or grilled – it's always popular!

The staff at Sheldon’s Luncheonette are friendly and professional; they will keep your coffee cup full quickly! Diners can expect great service, great food and good value here.

The food comes out quickly and is always delicious – you can't go wrong ordering anything from the menu! All in all, Sheldon’s Luncheonette is an iconic establishment serving great comfort food at an affordable price – perfect for a sit-down meal without breaking the bank.

12. Wade’s Cafe

Wade’s Cafe
3504 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917 (Google Maps)

Oozing with charm and comfort, Wade’s Cafe is a stalwart diner known for its pancakes and another basic homestyle fare.

The restaurant is slightly dated. However, it is spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Service is great and the food is better; portions are generous but prices are still very affordable.

The biscuits and gravy at Wade’s Cafe come highly recommended. You can get them topped with sausage gravy, green chili, or even half and half to see which you like better.

They are slightly crispy outside and fluffy inside, though the food can be cold when served. Other popular menu items include Belgian waffle plates, Chicken Fried Steak, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and pancakes – all cooked to perfection!

The atmosphere at Wade’s Cafe is great – it gets crowded but that adds to the diner feel of the place. The staff we interacted with were friendly and helpful despite how busy it was; they also provided speedy service with hearty portions that were satisfyingly filling.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good old-fashioned griddle breakfast without breaking your budget, then Wade’s Cafe should be on your list!

13. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner
975 N Academy Blvd A, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Meal times at Black Bear Diner are always a treat. The restaurant offers various comfort food classics in a cozy and homey atmosphere.

From the bear-decorated walls to the bear paw prints on the napkins, it's clear that no detail has been overlooked.

The restaurant also provides generous portions of all their dishes, so they have an empty stomach. The biscuits and gravy are particularly noteworthy, as they are large, fluffy, and served with a perfect peppery sauce. Other popular breakfast items include pancakes, hash breakfast, chicken fried steak, eggs, sliced hashed browns and more.

Lunch options include hamburgers and other savory entrees. A “Less Is More” menu is also available for smaller portions or lighter fare. Prices are fairly reasonable compared to other restaurants in the area.

In addition to great food, service at Black Bear Diner – Colorado Springs – Academy is second to none even when they are busy.

The waitstaff is friendly and helpful in recommending or accommodating dietary restrictions like pescetarianism. The restrooms are clean and well-maintained too! Overall, it's an enjoyable experience that won't break the bank!

14. Lake Terrace Dining Room

Lake Terrace Dining Room
1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in the beautiful Broadmoor resort, Lake Terrace Dining Room provides a luxurious breakfast experience. The space is elegant and well-appointed with an attentive staff. Breakfast can be ordered a la carte or from the buffet, which features an impressive variety of items. There are two types of oysters, smoked salmon, crab and shrimp at the seafood station, and main dishes such as filet mignon cooked to order.

Pastries and desserts include crepes and bananas foster. The brunch buffet is pricey but worth it for its selection of exquisite dishes and attentive service. Reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Lake Terrace Dining Room is a great choice for those looking for a luxurious breakfast experience with excellent food choices in an elegant setting.

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