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11 Best Places for Caesar Salad in Colorado

Best Places For Caesar Salad In Colorado

If you’re looking for the best Caesar salads in Colorado, then you’ve come to the right place. The Centennial State is known for its mountains and outdoor recreation, but it also has some of the best places to find a delicious Caesar salad.

Whether you’re looking for a classic version or something with more creative ingredients, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

No matter where you are in Colorado, there is likely a great spot nearby for a tasty Caesar salad. From cozy cafés to upscale restaurants, it's easy to find one that can satisfy your appetite and fill your craving for this popular dish.

The key is knowing what type of experience you want and what flavors will make your taste buds dance with delight. So while we won't mention specific locations here, we'll provide some tips on what to look out for when searching for the perfect place in Colorado to enjoy this classic dish.

1. Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole

Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole
1305 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80401 (Google Maps)

Crispy, flavorful, and loaded with fresh ingredients, Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole is the place to go for a pizza and salad feast. From the variety of pizzas to the generous salad bar, there is something for everyone.

The crusts are made with semolina and honey, giving them a unique flavor that sets them apart from other pizzas. The toppings range from common to creative, and all are cooked perfectly with just the right amount of crispiness.

The customer service at Woody’s is top-notch. From the greeter at the door to their attentive waiters, everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful.

To-go orders are also available and come in chilled oversized bowls, perfect for taking home or on a picnic. Prices are reasonable as well, you get a lot of selections for your money here.

The atmosphere at Woody’s is cozy yet vibrant at the same time. With multiple TVs playing sports games, it has become a popular spot among sports fans too.

They even have a special area for accommodating service dogs, making it an ideal spot for families looking for an enjoyable night out.

In conclusion, Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole is an excellent place to satisfy your pizza cravings while enjoying good company in an inviting atmosphere.

The quality of their food and customer service makes it well worth your time and money.

2. Beau Jo’s

Beau Jo’s
1517 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 (Google Maps)

Featuring a wide variety of toppings, including traditional options as well as more unique offerings like honey and buffalo sauce, Beau Jo's is an excellent spot for a hearty meal.

The portions are generous, and the ingredients are fresh. The Colorado-style pies and other eats are sure to satisfy any appetite.

The atmosphere is fun and the service is above average. We were seated and served almost immediately with no wait time.

Prices are reasonable, although refills may take a while to come out. There's also a robust variety of gluten-free options on the menu, making it an ideal spot for those with dietary restrictions.

Overall, we had a great experience at Beau Jo's. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was inviting, and the prices were reasonable.

If you're looking for an exceptional spot for Caesar salad or pizza in Idaho Springs, this place should be you're go-to.

3. Slice420

2501 W Colorado Ave #108, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Mouth-watering pizzas and salads are what you will find at Slice420. This easygoing restaurant offers a wide variety of options, from traditional pizzas to custom creations. The house salad is a must-try with fresh ingredients and a delicious balsamic vinaigrette.

The crust on the pizzas is cooked to perfection and the toppings are always fresh and flavorful. You can also build your own vegan pizza or customize a pre-built one to your liking.

The atmosphere at Slice420 is laid back, clean, and cozy, making it a pleasant environment for dining in or taking out.

The prices are very reasonable considering the quality ingredients used in all their dishes. Delivery service is available too.

If you're looking for great pizza at an affordable price, then Slice420 should be your go-to spot.

Their menu has something for everyone, from delicious salads to tasty pizzas made with quality ingredients that make them stand out above the rest. Plus, the service is always friendly and quick.

4. Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant

Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant
10047 Park Meadows Dr Unit F, Lone Tree, CO 80124 (Google Maps)

Walking into Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant is an experience like no other. The atmosphere is cozy and metropolitan, with high ceilings, outdoor seating, and a menu of Italian comfort food. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is their Caesar salad.

This salad was a strawberry, balsamic, and pecan delight for the taste buds. The flavors were well-balanced, and the presentation was wonderful. The dress was a bit different, but not in a bad way.

At Cranelli’s, everything is made fresh or locally sourced, which insures quality that comes out of the kitchen. Prices are fair for the quality and quantity of food served here. The staff is welcoming and polite, and you can tell they have a spirit of service for their customers.

The family vibe at Cranelli’s provides great energy along with excellent customer service, 10/10. While there we ordered pizza, lasagna, and our Caesar salad, which were all delicious, portions were nice with plenty to take home too.

Prices are super reasonable, making this place well worth every bit.

5. The Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl
1791 S 8th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

Dining at The Burrowing Owl is a unique experience. This vegan gastropod offers an array of bar bites, canned beers, and creative dishes made with thought and care.

The atmosphere is cozy and rustic, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The menu at The Burrowing Owl is full of flavor. They offer a variety of dishes from tacos to wraps, sandwiches to pasta, all reasonably priced around $6-$9 per item.

Additionally, they have food specials with items not regularly on the menu, which are great for trying something new.

The customer service here is top-notch, and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Despite being busy, they make sure to take their time with each customer in order to provide an enjoyable dining experience. Furthermore, their hot sauce adds an extra kick to any meal.

With its mix of traditional recipes as well as creative ones that pack a punch, this place has something for everyone.

6. Angelo’s Taverna

Angelo’s Taverna
6885 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120 (Google Maps)

A visit to Angelo’s Taverna is an experience like no other. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The decor is rustic yet upscale, with plenty of seating for groups or individuals.

The menu features Italian plates, pizzas, pastas, and oysters, all prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

The Caesar salad has the perfect bite, while the family-size spinach salad is more than enough for two people to share. Appetizers such as fried gnocchi and truffle salads are a must-try for truffle lovers.

Customer service at Angelo’s Taverna is top shelf; everyone from waitstaff to bartenders are friendly and professional.

During happy hour, prices are especially reasonable, making it easy to fill up on salad and garlic bread before diving into entrées that have been cooked perfectly every time. Desserts have creative flavors that will please any palate.

7. Odyssey Italian Restaurant

Odyssey Italian Restaurant
603 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Sitting on the corner of Main Street is Odyssey Italian Restaurant, a cozy trattoria serving up rustic Italian dishes. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with dim lighting and rose petals on the tables. With family recipes passed down for generations, the food here is fresh and flavorful.

You can choose from a variety of Italian dishes as well as nightly or seasonal items. The olive oil dressing that comes with bread is amazing, and the portion sizes are generous, allowing you to bring home leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

The service at Odyssey Italian Restaurant is excellent, with attentive and kind servers who are happy to answer any questions you have about their menu offerings. On Mondays, they offer pasta for just $8.95.

They also have a full bar that doesn't skimp on drinks, making it an ideal spot for a night out with friends or family. And instead of having a dessert menu, they bring out samples of each dessert offering, so you can pick which one you'd like to enjoy after your meal.

Odyssey Italian Restaurant has something for everyone, delicious food made from fresh ingredients at an affordable price point in an inviting atmosphere with magnificent service, what more could you ask for?

Whether it's date night or dinner with friends or family, this restaurant will not disappoint.

8. Peppino’s Pizza & Subs

Peppino’s Pizza & Subs
610 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443 (Google Maps)

Brimming with flavor and freshness, Peppino’s Pizza & Subs is the perfect place for a delicious Caesar salad.

Here you will find an impressive variety of pizzas, sandwiches and salads, all made from fresh ingredients. The kitchen is in full view, so you can watch the pizza magic happen right before your eyes.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that your order is correct. The house balsamic vinaigrette is a must-try dressing for any salad, it's spot on.

They also offer a gluten-free pizza crust option, as well as many other delicious menu options.

The atmosphere at Peppino’s Pizza & Subs is casual and relaxed, perfect for a night out with friends or family.

You can pick up or have it delivered quickly to your door, either way, the food will arrive hot until you get there to pick it up. Plus, prices are good too.

If you're looking for delicious Caesar salad in a nothing-fancy setting, then look no further than Peppino’s Pizza & Subs.

With their top quality ingredients cooked to perfection, this place will not disappoint.

9. Bono’s Italian Restaurant

Bono’s Italian Restaurant
14799 W 6th Ave, Golden, CO 80401 (Google Maps)

Pizza and Italian cuisine lovers will appreciate Bono’s Italian Restaurant. It is a low-key venue known for its East Coast-style pizza and other Italian standards.

The atmosphere is cozy and family-friendly, with a hostess or owner who has an authentic accent.

The food here is tasty, with many delicious options to choose from. The ingredients are organic, unique and the presentation is nice. The portions are generous, and the dressings are tasty. The marinara sauce is homemade and delicious, adding flavor to the pasta dishes.

The pizza was piping hot, with a tangy sauce and plenty of cheese. For dessert, there were home-made pastas sauces as well as delish desserts available for purchase at the front of the house.

The service here was excellent, AAA+ on service, quality, and deliciousness.

Our waiter checked on our table often, making sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal comfortably while still maintaining social distancing guidelines during this time of pandemic safety measures in place at this restaurant location.

Bono’s Italian Restaurant offers great value for money with its generous portion sizes, fresh ingredients and tasty dishes that will leave you wanting more.

10. Paravicini’s Italian Bistro

Paravicini’s Italian Bistro
2802 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Housed in a rustic trattoria, Paravicini’s Italian Bistro is a lively spot serving classic Italian dishes with homemade sauces.

The atmosphere is comfortable and attractive, and the service for water could have been a bit faster, but it was busy. The wait staff are especially skilled and knowledgeable of all the items on the menus.

The food quantity was enough to fill you up without stuffing you either. The plates range from $20-$40, which is reasonable for the quality and quantity offered.

Not only that, but their portion sizes are humongous, so order an extra salad and you'd be all set. Even the olive oil on the table was top-notch quality.

The house salad was very good, with a delicious dressing that wasn't too heavy on vinegar or anything else. We ordered our food delivered, and it came very quickly, freshness guaranteed.

The chef is creative with some of his original recipes alongside classic Italian dishes like chicken parmigiana served on a bed of angel hair pasta with great spice levels and flavor. Prices are slightly more than what I'm used to paying, but worth it for the quality, quantity, and freshness given, plus their wine menu is extensive.

In summary, Paravicini's Italian Bistro offers great service, a selection of dishes at reasonable prices in an attractive atmosphere with friendly wait staff who value guests as more than just customers, making this place worth visiting again soon.

11. MOD Pizza

Mod Pizza
994 W Dillon Rd Suite 600, Louisville, CO 80027 (Google Maps)

MOD Pizza is a great place to get your Caesar salad fix. The ingredients are of high quality and the service is fast, making it a great option for those looking for a quick, delicious meal.

The Caesar dressing is solid, and the toppings are generous and fresh. Their pizzas are cooked in a classic oven with lots of options to choose from, and they offer vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

The atmosphere at MOD Pizza is upbeat with friendly staff, clean restaurant, and fast service even when there's usually a line out the door. Prices are also quite reasonable, with an all-you-can-eat pizza or salad option that costs less than 10 bucks.

You can customize your own pizza or salad with unlimited ingredients, no arm or leg required, which makes it nice if you're looking to add lots of toppings without breaking the bank.

MOD Pizza is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a quick healthy fix or just want to customize your own pizza or salad with quality ingredients cooked in minutes.

They have great prices, atmosphere, friendly staff and good quality food that will be sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

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