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10 Best Places for Ceviche in Colorado Springs

Best Places For Ceviche In Colorado Springs

Ah, ceviche. The perfect summer dish – light, refreshing, and packed with flavor! If you're in Colorado Springs and looking for the best places to get your hands on some delicious ceviche, then look no further.

In this blog post, we'll be exploring the top spots for ceviche in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is home to a variety of amazing restaurants that specialize in all sorts of different cuisines. From Mexican to Italian and everything in between, you can find just about anything in this bustling city!

And when it comes to ceviche specifically, there are plenty of great places to choose from. Whether you're looking for a light lunch or an extravagant dinner, there's sure to be something here that will satisfy your craving for seafood-based dishes.

No matter what type of ceviche you're after – traditional Peruvian style or a modern twist – you'll have lots of options when dining out in Colorado Springs.

We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the very best places around town that serve up delectable plates of ceviche. Read on to find out which restaurants made our list!

1. Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill
5102 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (Google Maps)

Bonefish Grill is a modern chain for seafood and steak. It offers a contemporary grill menu with a focus on seafood, plus steaks and cocktails.

The restaurant is always clean and well-managed, with tables spaced out to ensure the safety for patrons. The staff is attentive and does an excellent job of providing great service.

The food was wonderful with lots of flavors to choose from. Chilean sea bass and salmon were cooked to perfection, while the shrimp, mashed potatoes, mango salsa Mahi and ceviche were all very good as well.

Even more important than the service: the food was delicious! Prices are also reasonable for the quality of food served here.

The atmosphere at Bonefish Grill is nice and high-class – perfect for a night out or special occasion.

The wine selection pairs perfectly with the meals they offer, making it an ideal spot for date night or group dinners alike.

Overall, Bonefish Grill offers great food in a high-end atmosphere at reasonable prices.

With attentive staff and delicious meals, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for seafood or steak in town!

2. Quijotes Mexican Grill

Quijotes Mexican Grill
208 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Sitting in a strip mall, Quijotes Mexican Grill is a casual, counter-serve restaurant with an extensive menu of Mexican dishes.

The atmosphere is laid-back and the staff is fast and friendly. The food portions are generous and the prices are quite low for the quality and quantity you get.

The specialty of the house is ceviche, which comes in several flavors to choose from. All ingredients are fresh and the zippy ranch dressing works well with cubed chicken, corn, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and half a lime.

Vegetarian options are available too as well as gluten-free red sauce that packs a good amount of heat. Drinks include juices made fresh to order as well as beers from their bar with TVs.

What really stands out about Quijotes Mexican Grill however is their consistently good quality of food at reasonable prices paired with friendly service that comes in a timely manner.

You can dine in or take out whatever suits your needs best while enjoying the presence of an amazingly friendly staff who will provide prompt service with outstanding professionalism.

3. Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant 3

Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant 3
9605 Prominent Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80924 (Google Maps)

Ceviche lovers rejoice! Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant 3 is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for authentic Mexican food. This casual cantina offers jumbo margaritas, Mexican favorites, draft beer, and booth and bar seating for a cozy atmosphere.

The menu has a lot of variety with some very unique dishes. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the restaurant is well-managed and clean. Prices are average for the quality of food served; it's definitely worth the price.

The taste and freshness of their ceviche appetizer was amazing! They also have other entrees that are just as delicious like crispy relleno, tres caballos plate, tacos de lengua, menudo and more.

Their margaritas are handmade with top-shelf tequilas that you don't find in many places. They pay attention to their ingredients making sure to pick only the best produce which makes all the difference in flavor.

Once you place your order it doesn't take long before your food arrives; service may be a bit slow at times but it's worth waiting for once you taste their creations!

All in all, Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant 3 is an excellent spot to get quality ceviche along with other traditional Mexican dishes at reasonable prices in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly service.

4. Dos Santos

Dos Santos
70 E Moreno Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Housed in industrial, wood-accented digs, Dos Santos is a Mexican restaurant that offers innovative Mexican fare and craft cocktails.

The atmosphere is unique and eclectic, with plenty of other food options nearby. Customers were accommodated with a last-minute request for early delivery.

The food at Dos Santos is fresh and delicious, offering a wide variety of drinks on the menu and fresh ingredients all around. You have to try the OMFG taco and the ceviche!

Both vegetarian/vegan options are available as well. The portions are big but prices are high for tacos. Today's chili-crusted mahi taco was really good! Delicious guacamole, chips, tacos, everything!

Customer service at Dos Santos is great with people always willing to be flexible for your needs.

The atmosphere can be loud at times but the music suits the occasion and environment. Bathrooms were really clean too which was great to see during a busy time of day.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable experience at Dos Santos with refined Mexican food & classy cocktails served in an inviting atmosphere where customers feel welcomed and relaxed.

Prices may be a bit high compared to quantity of food received but customers leave full and satisfied because of the high-quality flavor from smaller portions served here!

5. Mariscos Altamar 2

Mariscos Altamar 2
675 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (Google Maps)

Marios Altamar 2 offers an amazing experience for seafood lovers. This restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh, delicious seafood dishes, including ceviche, oysters, shrimp ceviche, poblano cream shrimp and more.

The portions are generous and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is friendly and attentive and the food comes out of the kitchen in a timely manner.

The Campechana was loaded with shrimp and other seafood items that had great flavor in every bite. The refried beans were also very good.

And for those who have never tried marlin tacos before, this is definitely worth giving them a try – they have lots of flavor in every bite!

The customer service at Mariscos Altamar 2 is stellar and the food is absolutely delicious! Plus their salsa and chips were perfections.

The rice had a different but really good flavor – definitely not like regular Spanish rice found in Mexican restaurants (which can be equally as tasty). They give you huge servings of rice and salad which makes it even better value for money!

Overall, Mariscos Altamar 2 is an excellent seafood restaurant offering great value for money with generous portions at reasonable prices.

Their flavorsome Mexican dishes make it a must-try destination if you're looking for authentic Mexican cuisine in Colorado Springs area!

6. Naco’s Tacos

Naco’s Tacos
233 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Taco fans rejoice – Naco’s Tacos is the place to be! This Mexican restaurant offers a wide selection of tacos, burritos, tortas, ceviche and agua de melon.

The portions are generous and the food is fresh and flavorful. The menu has a picture of each item with a number for easy ordering. The customer service is friendly and helpful.

The taco options come as burritos too, so you can get your favorite fixings in whatever way you like it.

The vegetarian torta comes with a thick piece of cheese (we guessed "queso fresco"), but it was still good even without beans. There is also an array of salsas to choose from that they keep in a little flip-top fridge.

The prices are reasonable for such good food. Everything was authentic and very tasty. The agua de melon was the perfect blend of sweet and creamy – just perfect for beating the summer heat!

If you're looking for more than tacos or burritos, they have complete dishes with sides as well to satisfy any appetite! All in all, Naco’s Tacos offer great quality, portion size and price with authenticity that won't disappoint!

7. El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
6840 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (Google Maps)

Featuring authentic Mexican dishes, El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant is the perfect spot for a delicious meal. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that your experience is enjoyable and quick.

Their selection of dishes is impressive, offering everything from tacos to ceviche tostada. The chili was roasted and fresh with a bright flavor, making it the perfect accompaniment for their relleno dish.

The carnitas are some of the best around, cooked to perfection with great texture and taste. Tamarindo drink and Arroz vs Mex are also popular favorites at El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant.

The beans and rice were flavorful as well as the guacamole which is freshly made every day. Pasole was an interesting new discovery that we highly recommend trying out!

For those looking for something a bit more unique, try their steak tacos or torta ahogada – both were delicious! Prices are normal for Mexican food in this area and portions sizes are generous.

Overall, we had an amazing experience at this restaurant – the food was full of flavor, service was friendly yet not overbearing, prices were reasonable and atmosphere welcoming. We highly recommend El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant for an enjoyable meal experience!

8. Tacos El Guero

Tacos El Guero
1853 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 (Google Maps)

Mentioned by locals as one of the best spots for ceviche, Tacos El Guero is a great spot to go for Mexican cuisine. It offers a nice selection on the menu and always has great customer service with a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Prices are very reasonable for what you get, with tacos costing only a few dollars each. The flavors here are bold and unlike other bland places in town, with the salsa verde and salsa roja packing loads of flavor. The quesadillas and burritos were hot, fresh and delicious as well.

The staff at Tacos El Guero was also friendly, helpful and seemed like a family business. They provide plenty of seating area along with a salad bar that is always well-stocked.

What's more, they have bilingual employees who can help you order if needed! Moreover, their authentic style tacos reminded us of the ones we've had in Mexico; they even gave us free rice and beans when it was our first time there!

Overall, Tacos El Guero is an excellent spot to visit if you're looking for quality Mexican food at an affordable price.

The staff was friendly and welcoming while the food was hot, fresh and full of flavor – definitely worth trying out!

9. El Rey Del Taco

El Rey Del Taco
522 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (Google Maps)

Boldly serving up Mexican classics, El Rey Del Taco is a fast food chain that offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas and breakfast.

The restaurant is clean and the kitchen appears to be in good order. The staff is friendly and courteous with quick service.

The menu features fresh ingredients that are well prepared, including delicious salsa, ceviche and melon Aguas Frescas.

There's also a self-serve salsa bar with a variety of options to choose from. Prices are affordable and the portions generous.

The food is excellent with authentic flavors that remind you of Mexico – although some dishes can be a bit salty.

Carnitas were particularly good with plenty of crispy bits. The beef could have had more flavor but the consume was good.

Overall El Rey Del Taco provides an enjoyable dining experience for those looking for Mexican classics in a fast-food setting!

10. Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill

Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill
5925 Dublin Blvd Unit A, Colorado Springs, CO 80923 (Google Maps)

Oftentimes it's hard to find a Mexican restaurant with fresh ingredients and great service, but Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill is an exception. This local chain offers modern Mexican dishes in a relaxed, stylish setting. The food quality is consistently exceptional and the portions are generous – think take-out box.

There are delicious chips with several fresh salsas, ceviche, avocado & steak enchiladas, blackened salmon tacos, and crispy pork tacos with pineapple chutney. The atmosphere is also very pleasant and inviting as well as clean and inviting.

The staff at Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill are friendly and accommodating to special diet requests. They truly pride themselves on excellent customer service, especially when it comes to call-in orders which were quick and extremely professional.

The prices are also very reasonable for the complex flavors they offer. Furthermore, the cilantro vinaigrette was so refreshing while the peanut chipotle drizzle cut through the acidity of the vinaigrette with a savory and spicy splash! Lastly, their taco flight offers a great variety that can be tweaked to one's preference.

Overall, Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill offers great food at an affordable price in a pleasant atmosphere while providing excellent customer service all around!

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