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12 Best Places for Chopped Salad in Aurora, CO

Best Places For Chopped Salad In Aurora

Welcome to Aurora! This vibrant city is home to a variety of fantastic restaurants and eateries, many of which offer delicious chopped salads.

Whether you’re looking for something light and healthy or something a little more hearty, Aurora has the perfect chopped salad for you.

The beauty of a chopped salad is that it combines all sorts of flavors and textures in one bowl. You get crunchy vegetables, soft leaves, creamy dressings, and salty toppings all mixed together for a truly unique experience.

Plus, they’re usually pretty filling so you won’t need anything else to complete your meal.

If you’re looking for the best places to get a great chopped salad in Aurora, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite spots where you can find delicious salads made with fresh ingredients that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

From classic combinations like Caesar or Cobb salads to creating new recipes with unique ingredients like roasted squash or quinoa, there’s something here for everyone. Read on to discover our top picks for the best places in Aurora for chopped salads!

1. Sam’s No 3

Sam’s No 3
2580 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for a unique dining experience will find it at Sam’s No 3. This circa-1927 diner serves up big helpings of comfort food from breakfast through dinner.

The menu is extensive and tends towards bolder flavors, with everything from green chili and Greek chopped salads to sandwiches and burgers. Prices are decently priced, making it a great spot for groups or families.

The atmosphere at Sam’s No 3 is lively yet comfortable, with friendly service and clean support from well-staffed dishwashers and table bussers. The food comes out fast, thanks to their efficient staff.

The portions are generous, leaving diners plenty of leftovers to take home or share the plate with others. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch, with fresh produce used in all dishes.

Diners can expect a unique variety of delicious food on the menu at Sam’s No 3.

Highlights include wedge salads with breaded onion rings, BLT sandwiches topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado, Chile Rellenos, chopped salad, tater tots, burgers cooked just right (medium well) topped with slices of lamb and tzatziki sauce on the side, as well as another classic diner fare such as omelets, biscuits & gravy, etc.

Overall, Sam’s No 3 is an impressive spot that offers something for everyone on its menu while delivering great value for money due to its generous portion sizes and quality ingredients used in all dishes served here.

2. Ted’s

16495 E 40th Cir, Aurora, CO 80011 (Google Maps)

Catering to the old west-style steakhouse lovers, Ted’s offers a wide variety of bison and burgers that are sure to please.

With plenty of choices from bison, beef, chicken, chopped salads and more, there is something for everyone. The atmosphere is relaxed and appropriate for the quality of the food being served. Service was a little slow but friendly and helpful with orders.

The Kale Salad that came with it was very well done (which most places can't seem to get right). You could tell the food was made with quality fresh ingredients and the drinks were made with quality alcohol. Prices were normal making it a great value for the meal.

Preceded by some garlic-brined cucumbers (fresh!), customers can opt for the “skinny-dip” option which is a plain burger topped with avocado, lettuce and tomato on the side alongside a kale salad. The cubed chicken on the salad was overcooked but all other ingredients were cut into bite-size pieces, making it easy to enjoy without mess or hassle.

Overall, Ted’s offers an enjoyable experience at reasonable prices without compromising quality or taste.

3. Jus Grill

Jus Grill
17200 E Iliff Ave Space A10, Aurora, CO 80013 (Google Maps)

Jus Grill is a great place to get a delicious chopped salad. It's a clean, casual and comfortable atmosphere with attentive and efficient service. The portions are generous and the prices are very reasonable.

The house salad is one of the best I have had in a long time, with lots of different veggies in it. They also have American standards like burgers, meatloaf, and chicken as well as Mexican dishes like rellenos and tacos. Everything on the menu is delicious, so there's something for everyone.

The food at Jus Grill restaurant is always hot when served and has great flavor without being greasy. Plus, there's enough leftovers!

The wait staff is friendly and accommodating which only makes the meal that much better. With all the included sides it makes for a complete dinner for two or more people at an affordable price.

Overall Jus Grill has something for everyone with its varied menu from American standards to Mexican dishes at low prices with excellent service that make it one of our family's favorites!

4. Chick-fil-A

1198 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Biting into a Chick-fil-A sandwich is like taking a bite of heaven. Their chicken sandwiches are always cooked to perfection, juicy and flavorful.

The chicken nuggets are just as delicious and the sides are always fresh and tasty. Their signature sauces enhance the flavor of each dish, making it truly unique.

And if you're looking for a healthy option, be sure to try their chopped salad – it's the perfect blend of crisp and refreshing greens, topped with a variety of delectable toppings.

The restaurant itself is clean and organized with friendly staff who make sure that you receive your order quickly and accurately.

They also offer a variety of breakfast options for those who want to start their day off right. The 2-for $22 deal is great value for money, offering both a burger or creaser salad along with white sangria.

The level of customer service at Chick-fil-A is outstanding, no matter how busy they get, they always make sure that customers receive their orders on time with a smile on their faces.

They also provide extra pickles upon request which adds an extra layer of flavor to the original sandwich. The Spicy Chicken Deluxe sandwich is especially crisp and flavorful – definitely worth trying out!

Overall, Chick-fil-A offers delicious food at reasonable prices which makes it an excellent choice for lunch or dinner any day of the week!

Whether you're looking for healthy alternatives or just some good old-fashioned comfort food – Chick-fil-A has something for everyone!

5. Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog
24110 E State Ave, Aurora, CO 80016 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the cozy atmosphere of the Lazy Dog, it was easy to forget that we were there for a meal.

The relaxed lodge-chic establishment serves global comfort fare such as stir-fries, pot roast, pasta, and more.

We ordered the Chopped Chicken Salad with a blue cheese vinaigrette and found that the ingredients were well distributed throughout.

The portion size was generous and tasty. We also enjoyed the mini corn dogs and Buffalo chicken nuggets served with ranch dressing, hot sauce and celery.

The service at Lazy Dog was excellent, our server Jonathan B recommended the Wedge Salad which ended up being one of our favorites!

Our waitress quickly brought out our order and even offered us waffle fries as a side dish. We were also impressed by the scratch-baked food items on the menu which made for an amazing appetizer experience.

Overall, we had a great time at Lazy Dog enjoying their delicious food offerings in a relaxed setting with friendly customer service.

If you're looking for great comfort food without going overboard on calories then this is definitely worth checking out!

6. The Great Greek

The Great Greek
13650 E Colfax Ave K, Aurora, CO 80011 (Google Maps)

Mouthwatering food, excellent service, and great value make The Great Greek a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious Mediterranean meal.

The menu offers a wide selection of meats, vegetables and other ingredients to choose from, making it easy to customize your dish.

And don't miss out on their mouthwatering chopped salad.

The portions are generous and the flavors are fresh and authentic.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure each order is prepared quickly and correctly.

The restaurant itself is very clean and organized.

In addition to its delicious main dishes, the restaurant also offers vegetarian options as well as complimentary cucumber and lemon water – an attention to detail that's hard to beat!

Prices are comparable to Chipotle or other specialty restaurants.

Overall, The Great Greek is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tasty yet affordable meal of Mediterranean cuisine.

7. Jasmine

10180 E Colfax Ave STE 118, Aurora, CO 80010 (Google Maps)

Housed in the Mango House, Jasmine is a family-owned business that specializes in homestyle Middle Eastern dishes and desserts.

The restaurant has a casual setting and offers a good variety of classic Middle Eastern dishes.

The food here is freshly cooked on the spot and wonderfully presented. Everything looks delicious and is served with a smile.

The chopped parsley salad was delightful, while the fattoush had perfect seasoning and crispy pieces of pita. The gyros were plentiful, while the tabouleh was more traditional with more parsley than couscous – a real treat!

The hummus was some of the best we’ve ever had – its contrast in flavors between the nuttiness of chickpeas and the robust flavor of sesame paste ribbon was very nice.

The falafel was also a hit, as well as the kebab and chicken shwarma wrap. All these dishes are served with generous portions at an affordable price point making it great value for money!

The service at Jasmine is friendly and attentive to your needs; you can really feel the effort they put into their food.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to enjoy some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine!

8. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner
14100 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

A visit to Black Bear Diner is an enjoyable experience. With a woodsy setting, it's a great place to enjoy some classic comfort food. The menu offers plenty of choices for everyone and the staff is friendly.

The portions are very generous, making it perfect for those who want to get their money's worth. There's also a vegetarian-friendly menu along with delicious-looking desserts.

The food at Black Bear Diner is delicious and well-seasoned. Some highlights include the homemade cornbread and chicken noodle soup paired with country potatoes, fried chicken with large portions, chopped salad, and ranch dressing that’s the best I’ve ever had!

Everything tasted freshly made and was served in a timely manner despite how busy they were.

The service at Black Bear Diner was also great, courteous and reasonably quick even when they were busy.

However, my waiter forgot to bring my salad until I was already packing up my leftovers so that could be improved upon if possible. But overall, he kept a great attitude throughout the entire experience and our food came out correct!

In conclusion, Black Bear Diner is an excellent place for those who want to enjoy some comfort food classics in a homey setting with large portions of tasty food at reasonable prices along with fast service from the friendly staff as well as vegetarian options available too!

9. Wood Paddle

Wood Paddle
17060 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015 (Google Maps)

Oozing with quality and taste, Wood Paddle offers a unique experience for customers.

Their carefully orchestrated use of ingredients makes every mouthful packed full of delicious morsels. With only personal-sized pizzas, you can't beat the price for how delicious it is either.

The service was also friendly and attentive, making sure orders were taken quickly by enthusiastic staff. The bathroom was very clean, as well as the restaurant overall.

The pizza toppings are varied and creative – they have something to suit everyone's tastes! As an appetizer, I had one of the best-chopped salads I've ever had – topped off with a splash of lemon and a dash of anchovy!

The customer service here is beyond what you would expect, they are very welcoming, friendly and respectful. Prices are great too – much better than the mundane or tasteless options available from the big corporate chains!

And to top it all off there's a large selection of Jones soda on the fountain, refreshing brewed teas and great beers on tap.

So if you're looking for delicious pizza with innovative creations plus great customer service then Wood Paddle is definitely worth checking out!

10. Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli
5440 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80015 (Google Maps)

Featuring specialty sandwiches, chopped salads and other health-conscious fare, Jason's Deli is a great place to go for a clean and healthy meal.

The restaurant is well-maintained and the staff is friendly. The salad bar has a variety of fresh options, including cold cuts, olive tapenade on great bread, pasta salad and corn muffins.

The customer service here is also excellent, the staff are very accommodating and made sure that my food was fresh when I ordered takeout.

Prices are slightly more expensive than other delis but still worth it for the quality of food served here.

With socially distanced tables available for dining in, this deli makes an ideal spot to grab lunch or dinner with family or friends.

All in all, Jason's Deli offers great food at an affordable price point in an inviting atmosphere – definitely worth checking out!

11. MAD Greens

Mad Greens
23973 E Prospect Ave D, Aurora, CO 80016 (Google Maps)

Packed with fresh and healthy ingredients, MAD Greens is a great spot to grab a quick and delicious chopped salad.

The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that you get your order right. You can choose from an array of toppings to customize your salad, as well as select the amount of dressing you'd like.

The salads are large enough for two people to share or for one person to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Prices are reasonable and you can get a large salad for just a dollar more than the regular size.

The atmosphere at MAD Greens is casual yet welcoming with its open kitchen concept. Their drink selection includes smoothies, juices, teas and coffee which makes it easy to find something refreshing to accompany your meal.

The lettuce, avocado and other ingredients used in their salads are always fresh which adds to the overall flavor. They also offer soups, sandwiches and hummus trio which add variety if you're not in the mood for a salad.

Overall, MAD Greens is an excellent place for a quick lunch or dinner option that won't leave you feeling guilty afterward!

Their customer service is top notch and they always make sure that your order is done correctly so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay up!

12. Rosenberg’s

Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO 80010 (Google Maps)

Walking into Rosenberg’s, one is immediately struck by the quality of ingredients used. There is a wide selection of items to choose from, including whitefish tuna salad and potato chopped salad.

Portions are generous, and all food is prepared fresh in-house. The owner clearly cares about delivering a quality product.

The staff at Rosenberg’s are friendly and efficient at getting orders out quickly. Customers can order whatever kind of sandwich they want, or get an order of bagel chips for a crunchy treat later on.

The sandwiches are simple yet delicious and full of flavor, while the bagels come in all kinds of flavors – crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Rosenberg’s is a modern deli known for its NY-style bagels and smoked fish, plus coffee, tea and soda offerings. Prices may be higher than some Coloradans are used to, but the high-quality ingredients make it worth it in terms of taste and satisfaction.

Though service can sometimes be slow even during early morning hours, customers will find great food with a great atmosphere here at Rosenberg’s!

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