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7 Best Places for Lemon Cake in Denver, CO

Best Places For Lemon Cake In Denver

Welcome to Denver, the Mile High City! Home to a bustling downtown and some of the best outdoor activities in the nation, Denver is also home to some of the most delicious lemon cakes you can find.

For those with a sweet tooth, or for those looking for a great dessert after dinner out on the town, Denver is full of options when it comes to finding delicious lemon cake.

From classic recipes that have been family favorites for generations, to modern takes on beloved treats, there’s something in Denver that will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Whether you’re looking for a simple slice or an entire cake to share with friends and family, there are plenty of options in the city that will make your taste buds sing. Here we break down our top picks for where you can find the best lemon cakes in Denver.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for – from quick take-out slices or full sit-down desserts – here are our top picks for places where you can get your hands on some truly delightful lemon cake.

1. Izzio Bakery

Izzio Bakery
3350 Brighton Blvd #140, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Mouth-watering lemon cake, exquisite pastries and savory snacks – all in one place, Izzio Bakery is a destination for those with a sweet tooth.

Located in the heart of the city, this artisan bakery serves up fresh breads, pastries and snacks daily, along with specialty coffees and fancy cakes.

Izzio’s delicious treats are made using only the finest ingredients. Their signature lemon cake is baked to perfection with a perfectly crisp crust and moist crumb that’s bursting with flavor.

The Pain au Chocolat’s layers are incredibly light yet still full of rich chocolate flavor. And their Churro Dulce De Leche is an absolute must-try!

The staff at Izzio Bakery is always friendly and accommodating.

They offer small batch orders so you can be sure your order will be fresh when you arrive at their numbered parking spot to pick it up. The shop even smells like heaven as soon as you walk in!

Whether you're looking for breakfast on-the-go or something special to take home, Izzio Bakery has something for everyone – from croissants to Golfiados – all expertly crafted by passionate bakers who know how to make each bite taste like home.

10/10 recommended!

2. Olive & Finch

Olive & Finch
1552 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

Featuring a cozy atmosphere and delicious food, Olive & Finch is the perfect place to go for lemon cake. With its rustic décor and inviting feel, this place makes you feel right at home.

The menu offers plenty of sweet breads, cookies, pastries and of course its famous lemon cakes. They also offer a variety of flavored seltzers, sodas and lemonades that come highly recommended.

The food here is prepared with care using high quality ingredients. Everything is reasonably priced too! The lavender lemonade was the best I've ever had – not too sweet or rich but still flavorful.

The sandwich selections were unique – each one coming with a really tasty pickle and chips – though they can be on the pricey side (approx $10 each). There are also some great vegetarian options available in the savory menu.

The real highlight here are the pastries on display – all looked amazing! And don't forget to try their flourless chocolate cake; it's scrumptious!

The staff here are always friendly and smiley too which makes your experience even better. All in all, Olive & Finch provides a pleasant brunch experience with good lighting and an open atmosphere that makes it worth visiting again.

3. Gateaux

1160 Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Cakes lovers, rejoice! Gateaux is the place for you. This small bakery shop offers delicious cakes and pastries at a very reasonable price.

The staff is friendly and helpful, always ensuring that customers get their orders in time.

The selection of cakes here is quite impressive. From New York Cheese Cake to Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon Filling and Berries, there's something for everyone.

Not to mention the amazing vegan Chocolate Cupcakes they offer for those with food allergies. The ingredients used are of high quality and the flavors are balanced perfectly.

The presentation of the cakes is also noteworthy – from classy decorations to varied icing designs, you won't be disappointed!

Not only that but prices here are much lower than at other bakeries.

In conclusion, Gateaux is an excellent place for cake lovers looking for a great value on delicious treats!

Highly recommended!

4. Azucar Bakery

Azucar Bakery
1886 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

A visit to Azucar Bakery is an experience like no other. The bakery offers a broad array of designs and flavors, and they even offer tasting appointments.

Their cakes are always moist and fresh, making it easy to serve guests. The staff is welcoming, helpful, and attentive to make sure that customers get exactly what they envisioned for their cake.

The lemon cake was especially delicious with raspberry filling. It was the perfect sweetness without being cloyingly sweet, and the presentation was neat and classy.

They also offer chocolate with a mouse filling for the layers as well as funfetti, wedding cake with fruit filling, dulce de leche, guava flavor, lemon cheesecake, alfajores – all of which were excellent! And it's not just about the taste; Azucar Bakery also offers amazing designs that can be catered to your liking.

If you're looking for a high end decorated cake on the fly then look no further than Azucar Bakery! Prices may be higher than expected but they are definitely worth it when you consider the quality of their desserts.

Their service is second to none in terms of professionalism and communication – definitely recommend them if you're looking for something special!

5. Cake Sugar World

Cake Sugar World
3546 S Ivanhoe St, Denver, CO 80237 (Google Maps)

Walking into Cake Sugar World, it's easy to see why it's one of the most popular places for lemon cake. The delicious smells and vibrant colors of the cakes and desserts draw you in immediately.

From the passionfruit cake to the almond cupcakes with their unexpected macaron and amaretto squeeze bottle toppings, everything looks incredible.

The quality of ingredients is top-notch here; you can taste the love and passion in each item. Vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary options are available without compromising taste.

Kenlys pays attention to all the details, making sure each piece is a work of art. The butter cake was a particular highlight – it was light yet flavorful! Fruit tartlets, napoleons (Milhojas), and pastry puffs (profiteroles) were also crowd pleasers.

Cake Sugar World is highly recommended for all occasions – they even made a dulce de leche mil hojas cake with less than 18 hours notice!

Professionalism and craftsmanship are top priorities here; guests will not be disappointed by any of their creations. If you're looking for a special treat that both looks amazing and tastes divine, Cake Sugar World has got you covered!

6. Leven Deli

Leven Deli
300 E 6th Ave #4, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Packed with flavor and freshness, Leven Deli offers a delicious selection of cakes for any occasion. From traditional lemon cakes to unique creations like the orange dream sickle cake, all their cakes are made with the freshest ingredients and quality frosting.

The customer service is top-notch too, with John taking time to attend to the smallest details. Prices are also very reasonable; for example a rush order birthday cake for 15 people cost only $495.

The bakery also offers adult and custom cakes, cupcakes and sweets that look like works of art. They even have a mocha fondant that tastes like chocolate marshmallows! Plus, they offer delivery options which make it so easy to get your cake on time.

Their strawberry cake is especially popular – even those who don't usually like strawberries can't help but love it! And if you're looking for something extra special they'll do a roasted pig shaped red velvet cake that looks amazing and tastes great too!

Overall Leven Deli is an amazing place to get delicious custom cakes at an affordable price.

With great customer service, creative flavors and unique designs this bakeshop should definitely be in your bag of tricks for that special surprise!

7. Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes
1685 S Colorado Blvd Suite Q3, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Nothing Bundt Cakes! This bakery chain serves up delicious bundt cakes in a variety of sizes and flavors.

From bite-sized "Bundtinis" to tiered cakes, there's something for everyone. Not only can you get a cake for special occasions, but you can also find gifts and party supplies.

The staff at Nothing Bundt Cakes is always friendly and helpful. They offer samples so you can try before you buy, which is great if you're not sure what flavor or size to get.

The employees are knowledgeable about the different flavors, sizes and products they offer so they can help guide your decision-making process.

The cakes are moist and flavorful without being too sweet. The raspberry white chocolate cake is especially delicious!

They also have other popular flavors like chocolate, red velvet, lemon and praline available in both regular-sized cakes as well as mini Bundtinis.

Nothing Bundt Cakes offers great customer service with efficient online ordering and pickup options or by visiting one of their locations in person.

Prices are slightly on the higher side but the quality of their products makes it worth it! All in all, Nothing Bundt Cakes is a great bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

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