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8 Best Places for Mozzarella Sticks in Colorado

Best Places For Mozzarella Sticks In Colorado

If you're a cheese lover, then you know that mozzarella sticks are one of the best snacks out there.

Whether you're at a restaurant, bar, or party, these delicious fried treats never fail to please. But if you're looking for the best places to get mozzarella sticks in Colorado, look no further.

Colorado has some amazing options when it comes to finding delicious mozzarella sticks. From local dives to upscale eateries, there's something for everyone's taste and budget.

Whether you like yours served with classic marinara sauce or topped with an array of creative condiments, these eateries have options sure to satisfy your craving for cheesy goodness.

So if you're ready for a culinary adventure in search of the perfect mozzarella stick experience in Colorado, then read on!

We've done all the research so that all that's left is for you to check out these great restaurants and bars and enjoy some tasty treats!

1. Beau Jo’s

Beau Jo’s
1517 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for a unique pizza experience will love Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs. This regional chain specializes in Colorado-style, thick-crust pizza with many sauces and calzones. The menu features a wide variety of toppings, including traditional options as well as more unique offerings like honey and buffalo sauce.

The ingredients are fresh and the portions are generous. Prices are reasonable, with a large "3-pound" pizza with two toppings costing about $30 plus a dinner salad and two glasses of wine.

The service is friendly and fast, seating customers within 20 minutes or less. The restaurant is clean and bathrooms included were very clean as well.

Diners can also enjoy delicious appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, cheese bread sticks, garlic bread topped with umami sauce – all served quickly but refills may take some time from our experience.

Gluten-free diners will be delighted to find robust variety on the menu at Beau Jo's too – making it an excellent choice for all!

2. Slice420

2501 W Colorado Ave #108, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Featuring an easygoing restaurant with a patio and ample seating, Slice420 is the perfect spot for pizza lovers.

The interior has the vibe of a Brooklyn pizza shop, including really big slices with perfect crust-to-topping ratios. There's something for everyone here, from classic pizzas to subs, salads and desserts.

The quality ingredients used in each dish make it stand out from other places. The cheese and toppings are top notch and each slice is huge!

Plus, the prices are pretty decent – two gourmet slices plus bottled soda for around $12. The staff is friendly and provides excellent service even while busy.

If you're looking for something unique, you'll find it at Slice420! They have so many choices that range from classic pizzas to meatball slices, pizza rolls and garlic knots – all made with quality ingredients that taste so fresh.

Plus there's merchandise available if you're a true fan! Whether you're dining in or having food delivered, Slice420 offers great tastes at great prices!

3. Downstairs At Eric’s

Downstairs At Eric’s
111 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO 80424 (Google Maps)

Mentioned in countless reviews, Downstairs At Eric’s is a family-friendly sports bar and restaurant located in the heart of town.

With an inviting atmosphere and casual comfort food, this spot offers something for everyone.

The menu includes a variety of items like pizzas, pretzel sticks, hot wings, jalapeno poppers and cheese fries. The prices are reasonable and portions are generous.

The quality of the food is way better than expected with fresh ingredients that make your tastebuds dance! Plus, there's an amazing selection of beer on tap to enjoy with your meal.

Service is friendly and reasonably fast given the crowd; however, cleanliness could be improved with overall surfaces being tidier.

Overall, Downstairs At Eric’s offers an enjoyable experience for all ages with great service, delicious food at reasonable prices and a wide selection of beverages to choose from.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun night out or just some delicious mozzarella sticks!

4. Paravicini’s Italian Bistro

Paravicini’s Italian Bistro
2802 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Pravicini’s Italian Bistro is a rustic trattoria with a lively atmosphere serving up classic Italian dishes with homemade sauces.

The appetizer of Mozzarella Fritti was spectacular, the steak gorgonzola tender and tasty, and the meatballs moist and large portion sized. The wine selection is vast with seasonal specials, and the atmosphere is comfortable and attractive.

The side salads are massive, super tasty, and the homemade noodles & fresh cheeses are delicious. Hot and gooey mozzarella sticks with a breaded exterior surrounded by warm marinara sauce hit the night off right.

The lasagna for the entree was accompanied by 2 glasses of house Chianti, spumoni, and a cannoli (the shell was hard and crisp). Service could have been faster but it was busy.

The bruschetta was hands down my favorite dish while parm lovers should ask for extra mozzarella if that's their preference. Prices are on higher end but quality of food justifies it; $19 for pasta plus another $9 to add shrimp.

Staff is top-notch on every single visit; friendly staff welcomes you in an amazing atmosphere where Chef cares about details! All in all an excellent experience at Paravicini’s Italian Bistro!

5. Pietra’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Pietra’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
3500 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 (Google Maps)

A family-owned and -operated corner veteran, Pietra’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant offers pies, calzones, subs, and pasta dishes. The restaurant is known for its fresh breadsticks and delicious pizza. The dough is fresh with nicely varied toppings and the sauce is delicious.

For those looking for something different from the usual pizza, there are plenty of options such as smoked pepperoni and jalapeno poppers. Prices are very reasonable too – one can get a drink and two meals for only $14!

The service at Pietra’s is outstanding – fast takeout orders as well as a great dine-in experience with a cozy atmosphere.

The staff is friendly and accommodating to special requests like extra toppings on pizza slices. Catering options are also available at attractive prices.

Overall Pietra’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant offers great quality food at good prices in a pleasant atmosphere with helpful staff members.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an evening out with friends, this place should be on your list!

6. Southside Pizzeria

Southside Pizzeria
7403 W Chatfield Ave, Littleton, CO 80128 (Google Maps)

Sitting in Southside Pizzeria, you can instantly feel the cozy atmosphere and welcoming vibes. It's a small joint but it has all the features of a larger restaurant.

The staff is friendly and helpful, with quick service and minimal wait time for carry out orders.

The food at Southside Pizzeria is definitely worth mentioning! The dough and sauce are made fresh daily, with good flavors to choose from. Their famous mozzarella sticks are a must-try – cheesy, gooey goodness that will leave your mouth watering!

They also have an amazing selection of pizza options; from classic favorites to specialty pizzas, there's something for everyone here. Plus, you can even split the sauces on your pizza to customize it even more!

Southside Pizzeria also has an impressive selection of beer and wine options – both local craft beers on tap as well as wines from around the world.

Prices are very reasonable for what you get here too – making this place a great spot for any occasion or budget.

Overall, Southside Pizzeria is an awesome place to grab some delicious food with friends or family. The atmosphere is relaxed yet inviting and the staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Plus, their menu offers tasty options that won't break the bank either – definitely worth checking out!

7. Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta

Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta
3113 N Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a strip mall, Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta is a family-run parlor offering custom pizzas and other Italian eats.

They also offer delivery services, making them the perfect late-night option for Italian standards.

The menu has plenty of diversity and features salads, pasta, sandwiches and of course pizza. The ingredients are fresh and portion sizes are just right.

Prices are competitive compared to larger pizza chains and you get great value for your money.

The pizza is what truly sets this place apart though – the sauce has a real flavor with sweet tomato notes while the pepperoni is not greasy nor is their sausage which could have been spicier but that's just personal preference.

The Coyote cheese sticks are amazing when paired with garlic sauce or marinara that tastes freshly made not bagged – definitely worth trying!

Customer service at Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta was excellent – delivery drivers were respectful, well-mannered and dressed neatly assuring comfort during surprisingly fast delivery times (quoted 30-40min but food arrived in 25min).

Overall it's all very good here – great taste, quality ingredients at fair prices plus fast delivery make this place a winner!

8. Sazza Pizza + Salads

Sazza Pizza + Salads
2500 E Orchard Rd Unit E, Greenwood Village, CO 80121 (Google Maps)

Crisp and flavorful, Sazza Pizza + Salads offers a unique dining experience. With their commitment to sustainable dining out, the restaurant uses local and organic ingredients to craft creative pizzas and salads.

The atmosphere is quaint and rustic with an impressive selection of menu items.

The pizzas are thin-crust with dynamic flavors that stand out from the rest. The pepperoni pizza is particularly memorable with subtle flavors that you won't find in other slices.

Customers can customize their pizzas and replace the cheese blend with vegan cashew sauce for a healthier option. The salads are also fresh and full of natural ingredients, perfect for those looking for a vegetarian option.

Service is friendly and efficient, offering half table service half fast casual experience. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food received, making it well worth it compared to average pizza places.

Guests can also enjoy happy hour deals such as 2-for-1 beer or dollars off small sizes items.

Overall, Sazza Pizza + Salads provides a unique dining experience with high-quality food at reasonable prices in a cozy atmosphere complete with friendly service.

It's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area!

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