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7 Best Places for Wedge Salad in Denver, Colorado

Best Places For Wedge Salad In Denver

Welcome to Denver, the Mile High City! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re likely here to enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer.

One of the iconic dishes of Denver is wedge salad – crisp iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, bacon bits and blue cheese dressing. It's just as delicious as it sounds!

If you’re looking for the best places in town to find this classic salad, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will provide an overview of some of the top spots for wedge salad in Denver.

From traditional takes on the dish to unique spins with unexpected ingredients, these restaurants are sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds and make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Whether you're in search of a quick lunch or an upscale dinner spot, here are some great places where you can find one of Denver's favorite salads:

1. Guard and Grace

Guard And Grace
1801 California St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Featuring contemporary steakhouse cuisine with a raw bar and modern flair, Guard and Grace is the perfect spot for a special occasion.

The menu selection at this chic space offers something for everyone, including chops, small plates and fine wines. The attentive staff are cordial and extremely effective in their service.

The Wedge Salad was fresh and flavorful with a great dressing, bacon that was so good it could be a meal on its own, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and white balsamic miso dressing. The Caesar Salad was crisp with whole anchovy as an unexpected touch – delicious!

Sides are family style portions which were huge – definitely enough to share between two people. Chipotle Lime Smashed Potatoes were well-made and reasonably priced with generous portions; the presentation of the food was beautiful as well as tasting perfect!

For two sandwiches, one appetizer and one soda we paid $60+ (with tip). Food came out in a timely manner despite how busy it was. All staff were helpful and friendly; even making special preparations for vegan dishes requested by customers!

Overall it was an expensive but worthwhile experience; Guard & Grace would recommend for any special occasion or night out. Bon Appétit!

2. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille
1450 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Walking into The Capital Grille is like stepping into an upscale chophouse with a clubby look. With locations all over the country, this outpost of the upscale steakhouse chain offers classic American fare and a refined setting.

The menu includes dishes such as brassica salad, vegetarian four squares, Maine Lobster Salad with citrus vinaigrette and more.

The portions are large enough to rationalize the expense and prices are decent for the experience and quality of food/drink.

The atmosphere is hip with great service from the wait staff to the host to the managers who check on your dinner all the way to valet parking.

Food is consistently well prepared and flavorful and presentation of dishes like filet or wedge salad is very plain yet elegant.

The highlight of our experience was having a tasting of four seasonal dishes that had a great taste but could have improved on some elements in order to be worth its price tag.

We also enjoyed their diverse cocktail and wine menu that made it feel like an experience worth every penny!

3. Avanti Food & Beverage

Avanti Food & Beverage
3200 N Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Avanti Food & Beverage is a bi-level shipping container with a variety of vendors offering everything from pizza and sushi to salads, rice balls, and bao buns.

Prices are on par with other highlands bars, however the portion sizes are generous and worth the money. The staff is friendly and efficient, making sure that orders come out quickly despite the busy atmosphere.

The food hall boasts a wide range of options for vegans and vegetarians as well as those looking for something unique. Meta offers an appetizer sampler plate featuring items such as gnocchi pesto, while Quiero Arepas provides delicious Venezuelan-style arepas.

Chow Morso also has an excellent arugula salad to choose from. The Rotary has some truly delicious dishes like fresh trout served alongside rice balls.

To top it off, Avanti Food & Beverage also has a rooftop bar which allows visitors to enjoy their drinks along with their meal or on its own.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite or want to spend some time exploring all of the different food options available at this eclectic restaurant, Avanti Food & Beverage is definitely worth checking out!

4. Bastien’s

3503 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Housed in a classic steakhouse, Bastien’s is a low-key, midcentury American dining room that is known for its thick-cut, sugar-rubbed steaks since 1937.

The atmosphere is an old-school inviting supper club nuance that can accommodate from romantic date night to high school aged prom group. The menu offers classic steakhouse fare such as wedge salad and salmon Ceasar Salad as well as other top of the line dishes like the sugar steak.

The food served was top quality and prepared expertly. The wait staff were kept busy but were friendly and accommodating to different diet restrictions.

The salads were fresh crisp while the bread was warm fresh. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food served, though it can be a bit pricy depending on what you order.

Overall, Bastien’s offers great atmosphere with excellent service and good food that is worth the price paid for it.

From grilled caesar salad to tomato bisque with a twist of coconut and carrots, everything tasted fantastic – making it worth coming back even if it took a bit long for orders to arrive at the table.

5. Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime
1465 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in the heart of Larimer Square is Ocean Prime, an upscale restaurant that offers a sophisticated dining experience.

The décor is modern and inviting with dim lighting, soft seating and views of the city. The staff are professional and attentive, making sure every detail is taken care of.

The menu offers a wide selection of steak and seafood options as well as sushi, appetizers and desserts. Everything we've tried has been delicious and fresh with creative flavor combinations that pair perfectly together.

The portion sizes are small but the quality makes up for it – each dish is prepared to perfection with just the right seasoning to let you taste the actual ingredients.

Service was impeccable – our waitress Caitlyn was very sweet and respectful while keeping things neat throughout dinner. Food was served no more than ten minutes after ordering it which was great considering how busy they were!

Prices are reflective of the quality but still on the higher side; however, it's worth it for a special occasion or date night out. All in all, Ocean Prime is an upscale spot for steak & seafood that offers top notch food with great service in a classy atmosphere!

6. Barolo Grill

Barolo Grill
3030 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Mentioned in many top lists of Italian restaurants in the city, Barolo Grill is a must-visit for anyone looking for an upscale Italian dining experience.

From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with warm hospitality and ushered to your table. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list and a romantic vibe that will make your evening unforgettable.

The menu features classic Northern Italian cuisine and the portions are perfectly sized. The appetizers, salads and entrees are expertly prepared with fresh ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds.

We had a delicious soufflé to start followed by a gorgeous salad with caramelized brussel sprouts and pickled cranberries – both were delicious! The ravioli with peas was also full of flavor and had so many different tastes going on in our mouths at once.

The service was attentive but never rushed, which made our evening even more enjoyable.

Our server was extremely knowledgeable about their menu items and gave us great advice on what dishes to order as well as portion sizes depending on our needs.

Overall, Barolo Grill is an excellent place for a special occasion or just a night out with friends or family. Prices are what you would expect from such high-end restaurant but every penny spent here is worth it!

With its welcoming staff and exceptional food quality, Barolo Grill is sure to be one of your favorite places for wedge salads!

7. Hillstone

303 Josephine St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Dining at Hillstone is an experience like no other. The restaurant offers a wide selection of American cuisine, from burgers and steak to sushi and salads.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is modern and stylish, with spacious surrounds. The wait staff is attentive, although can be absent minded at times.

The food is prepared to an exceptionally high quality with prime presentation. Whether you opt for the Thai steak & noodle salad or the Scottish Salmon, you will not be disappointed in the taste or portion size of your meal. Prices are reflective of the value offered by Hillstone's food and drinks; however, some may find them a bit too expensive for their budget.

The iceberg wedge salad is a must-try item on the menu! It comes with juicy tomatoes drenched in toasted oriental vinaigrette that will make your mouth water before you've even taken a bite!

If you're looking for something heartier, try their hickory burger which comes with fresh vegetables and melted cheese on top of a delicious patty. Hillstone has options like their grilled chicken salad full of flavorful ingredients like feta cheese and fresh greens dressed in light vinaigrette dressing.

For those who love seafood, they also offer appetizers such as smoked salmon served with toast points that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Overall, Hillstone offers an upscale dining experience worth every penny spent there! From great food to friendly service, it's sure to leave everyone happy at the end of the night!

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