8 Best Places To Take Kids in Aurora

Best Places To Take Kids In Aurora

With so many family friendly activities in the Aurora area, it can be hard to narrow down the choices for a fun day out with the kids.

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just some playful fun, there are plenty of great places to explore and discover. From outdoor adventures to cultural attractions and more, these are some of the best places to take kids in Aurora.

One great way to spend time with your children is by exploring nature together. With its abundance of parks and outdoor spaces, Aurora offers plenty of opportunities for families to take a hike or stroll through local trails and observe wildlife.

You can also spend time at one of the city’s many lakes or ponds, go fishing, or enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Aurora is also home to a number of exciting museums and cultural attractions that offer educational experiences for kids.

From interactive exhibits that bring history alive to hands-on science experiments that encourage creativity and exploration, these venues provide plenty of ways for your little ones to learn something new while having fun.

For those who like sports activities, there are several options available in Aurora as well. You can take your children bowling at one of the local alleys or let them burn off some energy at an indoor trampoline park or climbing center.

There are also golf courses open year-round where families can practice their swings together in a safe environment.

No matter what type of activity you choose for your family outing in Aurora, you’ll find plenty of entertainment options available that will keep everyone happy while creating lasting memories together!

1. Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park
4201 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Cherry Creek State Park is a great spot for families looking for outdoor recreation. With a large reservoir and plenty of space, it’s the perfect place to get away without breaking the bank.

The park is well maintained by friendly and helpful staff, who are always on hand to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the area.

The park offers many activities such as camping, water sports, biking trails, RC field, dog park, and firearms range.

There are also water pumps and shops near the waterfront with drinking fountains and sinks in the bathrooms. The campgrounds are popular with reservations filling up weeks in advance all year long.

Park fees are reasonable with early access providing good parking spots. Facilities are nice and well-maintained while staff members are friendly and helpful making it a great experience for all ages at all skill levels.

However, visitors should be aware that even on a Friday afternoon in summertime bathrooms may not be open so plan accordingly!

Cherry Creek State Park is an excellent spot for outdoor type activities offering something for everyone from families to couples or individuals looking to get away without spending too much money!

2. Epic Dentistry for Kids

Epic Dentistry For Kids
390 S Potomac Way A, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Dentistry for kids can be a stressful experience, but Epic Dentistry for Kids makes it a breeze. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and flexible with costs, which is great for parents on a budget.

The office is immaculately clean and organized, plus it’s inviting to kids with its TVs, video games, books, and toys.

The atmosphere of the office is professional yet calming – staff communicate to children in their own language and take time to ensure they understand what’s going on.

Scheduling appointments was effortless too.

The environment is kid-friendly so even the most timid child will feel comfortable.

There are plenty of toys and entertainment to keep them occupied while waiting in the reception area – no more tantrums!

The entire team at Epic Dentistry for Kids go above and beyond to provide exceptional care at an affordable cost.

Every room has its own unique children's theme which adds an extra bit of fun! We highly recommend this place if you're looking for quality dental care that your child will enjoy visiting.

3. Masha and the Bear

Masha And The Bear
12101 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Oozing with character, Masha and the Bear is a place to take a kid that will make you feel like you've stepped into a Russian wonderland.

From the cozy interior decorated with knickknacks and artwork to the steamy windows, this place is sure to leave an impression.

The menu offers a variety of Eastern European fare such as borscht, pelmeni, vareniki, olivie, and more. The food is fresh and homemade – presented beautifully – while still being reasonably priced.

The portions are generous and the flavors are unique. Whether it's something new or something familiar, there's something for everyone here.

The staff at Masha and the Bear are friendly yet professional; they pay attention to details which adds to their overall experience.

The atmosphere here is casual but clean; great for kids who may be picky eaters. Plus they offer free WiFi!

To top off your meal there are desserts, ice cream, tea, or coffee available too!

With its affordable prices, kid-friendly setting, and authentic Russian food – Masha and the Bear comes highly recommended!

4. Great Plains Park

Great Plains Park
20100 E Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80013 (Google Maps)

Walking into Great Plains Park, one immediately notices the expansive 54.5-acre park space with a variety of activities to enjoy.

The park offers a seasonal sprayground, playground, sports fields, and access to hiking trails. With plenty of shaded areas and open space, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic or a game of catch.

The playground is well-equipped for children of all ages and abilities with plenty of swings and a fun balance beam thingie. For older kids, there are basketball courts and baseball fields in great condition for practice or friendly competition.

And for those who prefer something more low-key, there’s also an easy 1-mile trail around the park that winds through tall grasses and offers views of nearby wildlife such as deer or rabbits that can often be spotted from the trail.

Covered gazebos provide shelter from both rain and sun along with grills for BBQing up lunch or dinner. There are restrooms located near the park so no one has to worry about getting caught short on their visit!

It’s also possible to reserve covered areas for larger events such as birthday parties or family reunions making it even easier to plan a day at Great Plains Park.

Great Plains Park is an excellent place to take kids as there’s something here for everyone – whether they want something active like playing basketball or just want some time outdoors exploring nature – this is definitely worth checking out!

5. Ronald McDonald House

Ronald Mcdonald House
932 N Potomac Cir, Aurora, CO 80011 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the heart of the city, Ronald McDonald House is a great place to take a kid. The building is beautiful and clean, with ample outdoor areas and plenty of activities for kids.

The staff is friendly and helpful, always willing to go above and beyond to make tough situations easier.

The game room is well-stocked with all sorts of fun things for kids. The library is extensive with books, movies, games, and more.

They also have a store where guests can rent out books or games at no cost. Plus there’s a play area for little ones and even a pool table with video games for older kids!

The kitchen has fridges available for guest use as well as food items that can be purchased if needed. Volunteers also come in several times a week to make meals like breakfast, lunch, or dinner for everyone staying at the house.

There’s also a shuttle service provided from the hospital which runs on time every time – this was really helpful when we had to go back and forth between the two locations multiple times during our stay here!

It was an amazing experience at Ronald McDonald House – they truly do go above and beyond to help out families in need!

We felt safe here too; security was always present which gave us peace of mind while away from home. If you’re looking for somewhere special to take your kid then this is definitely worth checking out!

6. Aurora History Museum

Aurora History Museum
15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Housed in the Aurora Municipal Center Campus, the Aurora History Museum is a great place for families to visit and learn about local history.

The museum is free for all ages and often plays host to other cultural events. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, making this a must-visit destination.

The museum offers three changing exhibits – Growing Home, Hometown Pride, and One Small Step – as well as a number of artifacts from past eras.

Visitors can also explore an old trolley car which makes for a great photo opportunity. There's also a small gift shop on site where souvenirs can be purchased.

The Aurora History Museum is an excellent place to take kids of all ages. It's educational yet fun, with lots of interesting artifacts and information about local history as well as current events in the area.

7. Autism Community Store

Autism Community Store
14095 E Exposition Ave, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Catering to the needs of families, teachers, and therapists of children with autism or special needs, the Autism Community Store (ACS) is the perfect place to find toys and necessities for those in need.

The store offers a wide selection of educational supplies, toys, vitamins, and supplements. With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff members who are passionate about what they do, ACS has become a great resource for the autism community.

The store offers products that are specially designed for children with autism or special needs. They have a great selection of puzzles, sensory items, and other toys that can help keep kids engaged.

The staff is patient and helpful when it comes to finding just the right item that fits each individual's needs.

What makes ACS stand out from other stores is its support group which provides parents with advice on how to best care for their child's needs.

This makes it an invaluable resource not only for parents but also teachers and therapists who work with autistic children on a regular basis.

Autism Community Store is an excellent place to find all sorts of products specifically designed for kids with autism or special needs. Its friendly staff members offer excellent customer service while providing helpful advice on how best to meet their clients' individualized requirements.

With its wide selection of educational supplies, toys, and other items as well as its support group feature; ACS is an invaluable resource for families dealing with autism or special needs in their lives!

8. Crit Castle Games

Crit Castle Games
15382 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80017 (Google Maps)

Families looking for a fun place to take their kids should check out Crit Castle Games. This game store, board game club, and hobby store have something for everyone.

This place has lots of good sized neoprene-covered tables and is kept clean and well-organized. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products they sell, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Crit Castle Games has a great selection of board games, RPGs, cards (Pokemon/Magic), War Machine/Hordes, and Game Tables & Rooms. They also have a small selection of drinks and snacks available.

There are tables available for all varieties of games which is great when playing with friends or family. They also host gaming events on location which is great if you want to meet new people with similar hobbies or interests in gaming.

The shopkeeper and his young apprentice made us feel welcome when we visited the store for the first time. The staff at Crit Castle Games are always friendly and helpful which makes it an enjoyable experience every time we come here!

They have a good variety of products from Magic to loads of board games as well as a discount section that customers can take advantage of too!

Crit Castle Games is an excellent place to take kids who love gaming or need something fun to do in their free time!

It's wheelchair accessible, has an amazing staff who really knows their stuff, provides a great atmosphere for playing games with friends or family members, has plenty of options when it comes to drinks/snacks available in-store, as well as hosting gaming events on location too!

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