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11 Best Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Best Restaurants In Denver

Foodies rejoice! Denver is home to some of the most delicious and unique restaurants. From classic favorites to trendy, new eateries, there’s something for everyone in the Mile High City.

Whether you’re looking for a casual bite or a night out on the town, these are some of the best restaurants Denver has to offer.

When it comes to dining out in Denver, it can be hard to narrow down all your options. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list of top-notch establishments that are sure to tantalize any taste buds.

From renowned steakhouses and award-winning Italian eateries to cozy cafes and vibrant bars, these eateries have something for everyone — and they won't disappoint!

We've taken into account everything from atmosphere and service to the quality of food when creating this list. With flavors ranging from traditional American favorites like burgers and fries all the way through eclectic international cuisine, you’re sure to find a restaurant that meets your needs.

So, whether you're looking for a romantic dinner spot or just want a place where you can kick back with friends while noshing on tasty grub, these restaurants will provide an unforgettable experience every time.

1. Tavernetta

1889 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Oozing with Italian charm, Tavernetta is an upscale Italian restaurant located in a glamorous destination.

The atmosphere here is contemporary and romantic at the same time, making it perfect for dates or special occasions. The open kitchen and fireplace lounge give the restaurant a cozy feel.

The food here is excellent – the portions are small, but every bite is amazing. The menu has reliable favorites that anyone can enjoy as well as unique specialties for foodies.

There are plenty of vegan-friendly snacks, with a big, high-end omnivore selection. The wine list is also very good and reasonably priced.

Service at Tavernetta is top-notch – everyone we encountered was well-trained to treat customers as a priority.

The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and valet parking at the hotel next door is very convenient. Quality control in every step of each dish made was impressive too!

Overall, if you're looking for an upscale Italian dining experience, Tavernetta should be at the top of your list! Make sure you make your reservations ahead of time though – it's hard to get one since it's so popular (and rightfully so!).

Note that portions are on the small side so I would recommend getting multiple courses if you plan to stay for dinner!

2. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille
1450 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

A visit to The Capital Grille is an experience like none other. The atmosphere is elegant and inviting, with dark oak/mahogany booths and low lighting creating a clubby look. The menu is succinct and to the point – steaks and seafood, with consistent quality and flavor.

Service here is top-notch, with Brianna providing excellent service that goes beyond what one would expect. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food and drink offered. Valet parking right outside is complimentary when dining here, making it even easier to enjoy the experience of Capital Grill.

The Capital Grille keeps its menu fresh and ever-changing with a variety of delectable entrees and sides. Even with a reservation, the wait time can be long; however, there's a bar at the front where guests can hang out while they wait. Desserts are delicious too!

All in all, visitors can expect an upscale chophouse chain with an unpretentious yet elegant atmosphere – perfect for late-night dinners or special occasions alike. Upscale steakhouse fare along with a diverse cocktail & wine menu make this restaurant worth every penny spent!

3. Uchi

2500 Lawrence St Unit #200, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Uchi is a modern Japanese restaurant that offers an impressive menu of sushi and sashimi with a robust drink menu. The atmosphere is hip and contemporary, with driving music and skilled chefs that create breathtaking dishes.

The quality of the food is top-notch, with each bite being a multi-sensory experience. The presentation and taste are both exquisite, and portions are small enough to share or try multiple dishes. Service is fast, professional, friendly, and welcoming.

Prices are on the higher end but worth it for the quality of food served here. Happy hour is a great way to get a taste of Uchi's offerings at an affordable price. The decor may be a bit dark at times but overall, the ambiance is comfortable, naturalistic, and modern.

Cleanliness is maintained throughout as well as attention to detail in both food preparation as well as customer service. All in all, Uchi provides an exceptional dining experience that should not be missed!

4. Work & Class

Work & Class
2500 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Hands down, Work & Class is an excellent experience. The atmosphere has a lot of energy, and the food is fantastic.

The gentle, classy ambiance provided by Work & Class is not typical of what you find in the city, but a wonderful change of pace when looking to hide in the bathroom to get away from your sister while she vacations in the state of Colorado.

The customer service was great – from the hostess to the runners and waiters. The service was very friendly, and everything came out super quickly.

The bathrooms were clean and there was even a page for coloring! Portion sizes were on point – not too much or too little – and prices were reasonable for the area.

The menu had lots of variety with vegetarian options available plus nearly the whole menu offered gluten-free options.

You can taste the effort put into the preparation of their meats and sides, both worth every penny they cost.

Overall, Work & Class is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for good food with care taken for your food allergies, great service with no-nonsense rules, and a relaxed yet classy atmosphere without any pretension.

5. Barolo Grill

Barolo Grill
3030 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Dining at Barolo Grill is an experience like no other. The restaurant offers up upscale Italian fare in a classy, romantic atmosphere.

The menu features a variety of Northern Italian dishes, and the wine list is extensive.

The service at Barolo Grill is second to none – the staff is passionate and attentive, making sure that every customer has an enjoyable experience.

The presentation of each dish was excellent, and the food was cooked to perfection.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with comfortable seating, heaters for outdoor patio dining, and a low noise level that allows for easy conversation among diners.

Prices are on par with what one would expect from a high-end restaurant, but reservations are required as there are limited availability seats.

Valet parking and cost check process were well handled; the staff was friendly and efficient throughout our visit.

In conclusion, Barolo Grill offers an incredible dining experience that combines fine Italian cuisine with impeccable service in elegant environs – definitely worth checking out!

6. The Plimoth

The Plimoth
2335 E 28th Ave, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Walking into The Plimoth, you are immediately greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The rustic décor of reclaimed-wood counters, vibrant but not overdone ambiance, and friendly staff all make for an inviting experience.

The menu consists of unique New American dishes thoughtfully prepared by the kitchen. There are plenty of vegetarian options available to choose from.

Portions sizes are generous, and the quality is more than on par with the pricing. Reasonably priced pairing with every dish makes it a great value overall.

The service was fun and witty, professional in delivery and timing but casual in dress and style.

Every employee was helpful and friendly, ensuring that guests felt welcomed throughout their visit.

The only downside to this restaurant is its relative lack of parking options due to its location as a neighborhood eatery.

Other than that minor issue, The Plimoth is a wonderful spot for an intimate dinner or date night celebration. Bring your hunger – portions are generous!

7. Safta

3330 Brighton Blvd #201, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Packed with locals, Safta is a stylish and airy Israeli-style Middle Eastern restaurant located in the Source Hotel.

The ambiance is great – laidback but not too quiet – and the place is extremely clean and artistically decorated.

The menu has a lot to offer, with many vegetarian choices that fulfill dietary restrictions. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food, which is superb and original.

Service was good after they discovered us, with warmth and professionalism that was striking.

The kitchen at Safta is open, well-organized, and efficient. Drinks are available in a wide variety, from classic cocktails to craft beers to mocktails.

However, it took a while to get cream and sugar for coffee from the service staff.

Make sure to make a reservation in advance as this spot gets packed quickly; it's worth it for the fantastic atmosphere and even better meal!

The only thing that needs improvement here is the service time; otherwise, Safta provides an excellent experience overall!

8. Wolf’s Tailor

Wolf’s Tailor
4058 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a neighborhood of Seattle, Wolf’s Tailor is an inventive and creative restaurant. With fresh and unique preparations, the menu offers an interesting mix of Asian and Italian influences.

The ambiance is lovely and welcoming, with attention to detail in food, service, and integrity. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making your meal experience one to remember.

The portions are perfectly sized for tasting menus with well-paced courses that will blow your mind. Cocktails or wine can be paired with each course for an extra special touch.

The atmosphere is energetic but not too loud so you can still enjoy conversation over dinner. Every dish was delicious with great textures and flavors that come from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

The service was excellent with a sommelier who knows his juice when it comes to pairing drinks according to the courses you choose.

Reservations are required as this place gets busy quickly! It's definitely on the pricier side but oh so worth it for the perfect experience they provide!

9. Olivia

290 S Downing St, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Merely stepping into Olivia is an experience in itself. The atmosphere is inviting and romantic, with dim lighting and a cozy French kitchen ambiance.

Service is top-notch and attentive, but not intrusive. We were welcomed with a very personal greeting leading to formal yet comfortable service.

The food at Olivia is clearly crafted from scratch on every level. The menu is thoughtfully curated, and you can even order off the tasting menu alongside ala carte items. For anyone with dietary restrictions, they go above and beyond to accommodate your needs – we were able to try 4 or 5 different dishes in one meal!

The flavors are just as expected, including libations that pair perfectly with each course. The palate cleanser and bread were nice touches that complemented the meal nicely.

Overall, this restaurant was amazing – delicious food well prepared and presented, great service, reasonable pricing considering everything we had, warm atmosphere…the list goes on!

It's definitely worth grabbing a reservation because it's a small space (although we walked in without one), plus street parking was our best option for us. Super impressed at the taste and quality of Olivia! Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an intimate dining experience in Denver.

10. Avelina

1550 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Culinary adventurers seeking a unique experience need to look no further than Avelina. This New American restaurant features striking modern decor and a cosmopolitan vibe, coupled with clever contemporary dishes and drinks.

The food focuses on highlighting the ingredients' freshness and delicate taste profile, while the atmosphere is open, friendly, and comfortable. Prices are a bit higher than moderate but considering the quality of the experience, it's well worth it.

The staff at Avelina is inviting and helpful, with great health safety protocols in place to ensure proper distancing. The service is attentive, and everything is timed perfectly, even on busy nights when the bistro can be boisterous.

The bar space is super comfortable if you don't have a reservation; their cocktail menu has something for everyone.

The diverse menu offers an outstanding meal for any occasion – brunch, lunch, or dinner – with awesome flavor combinations that are not priced aggressively. Everything on the menu is good; you can't make a bad choice!

Plus, considering the quality and quantity of the food served here comes at an unbeatable price point so everyone can enjoy an evening out without breaking their budget.

Avelina offers an incredible culinary experience that will leave guests feeling satisfied yet wanting more!

11. Corinne

1455 California St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the stylish Le Méridien hotel, Corinne is an upscale American eatery & bar with a warm, relaxed vibe. The ambiance was beautiful and perfect – clean, modern yet cozy.

The noise level was just right, and we had a private table. The menu combines healthy ingredients and great taste. Our server tailored our drinks to our tastes and service was friendly and professional.

The food was excellent from beginning to end – creative dishes without sacrificing quality, just the right portion sizes, and delicious drinks prepared by experienced bartenders.

We tried the house specialty multiple times, and it was simply made with love. Prices are a bit higher than usual but definitely worth it for the quality of food and drinks you get here!

The only complaint we have is that sometimes service can be slow – 15 minutes to get our drinks after ordering or difficulty getting someone's attention at times.

But overall, this place is well worth visiting – do your tastebuds a favor!