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13 Best Salsa Bars in Denver, CO

Best Salsa Bars In Denver

Welcome to Denver, the city of great food and amazing salsa bars. If you’re looking for some good eats in the Mile High City, then look no further than these top salsa bars that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you’re a passionate salsa enthusiast or just looking for an enjoyable night out on the town with friends, these restaurants will make sure you have a memorable experience. From traditional Mexican-style salsas to creative fusion flavors, these spots have it all. Get ready to explore some of the best salsa bars, Denver has to offer.

First off is one of Denver's most beloved Latin eateries. Combining traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist, this spot offers delicious and unique salsas that are sure to please any palate. Whether you're in the mood for something spicy or milder fare, this restaurant has it all.

With flavorful ingredients like tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cilantro mixed into their signature recipes, each dish is sure to be packed with flavor and heat. Plus, they also offer vegetarian options, so everyone can enjoy their meal.

Next up is one of Denver's premier locations for Latin-inspired cuisine. This restaurant specializes in creating tasty salsas with an array of fresh ingredients from around the world.

From classic Mexican-style salsas made with jalapeños and tomatoes to inventive creations using unique ingredients like mangoes and passion fruit purées, this spot has something for everyone. They also offer several kinds of chips, so you can customize your own plate according to your preferences.

These are just two examples among many great places where you can find delicious salsa in Denver, so if you're looking for some seriously tasty eats while visiting this vibrant city, then look no further than these top spots.

1. Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina

Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina
1294 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

Merely walking into Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina is a treat. The restaurant boasts a colorful atmosphere, with festive decorations and vibrant colors that make it feel like you’re in Mexico.

The staff are courteous and attentive, ensuring that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

The food at Adelitas is made with fresh ingredients, high quality proteins, and plenty of variety. The presentation is spot on, the dishes are prepared with care rather than slopped together like many Mexican restaurants tend to do.

Prices are reasonable for the quality of food served, and portions are ample. Vegetarian options are available too. The chips and guacamole were delicious as well.

Everything is made in-house, and the flavors are authentic and well-balanced.

Cocktails from the bar have also been carefully crafted to complement the Mexican cuisine served at Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina.

Overall, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina provides an excellent experience for those looking for good Mexican food without breaking the bank.

Service can be slow at times, but it's worth it when you taste all the delicious offerings from this restaurant.

2. Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar

Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar
1173 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar is a great place to go for a night out. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with the perfect blend of Cuban culture and modern style.

The staff are professional and friendly, always willing to accommodate guests.

The food here is great. Everything is fresh and full of flavor, from the traditional Cuban dishes to the plantain chips.

The fish of the day was cooked perfectly with a delicious salsa, mango salsa and mashed potatoes as sides. Their ceviche with plantains was also very tasty, it reminded me of home cooking with a Cuban twist.

Drinks at Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar are also fantastic, they have an awesome selection of rum varieties as well as their signature mojitos and caipirinhas.

Prices are reasonable for what you get, plus the drinks come in generous portions. They even offer Sangria which tastes perfect, though it could have been a bit stronger.

Overall, Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar offers great food in an intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like you're going to your grandma's house. Service is attentive, efficient, and friendly, while prices aren't too high either.

Highly recommended if you're looking for traditional Cuban cuisine or just want to enjoy some refreshing drinks in Denver's historic building.

3. Barcelona Wine Bar RiNo

Barcelona Wine Bar Rino
2900 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Barcalona Wine Bar RiNo is a great spot for Spanish cuisine and delicious drinks. The atmosphere is warm and rustic, with quaint-meets-industrial decor.

The menu has a great variety of tapas, paella and an extensive list of Spanish wines on offer. Prices are fair, portion sizes generous, and the food quality is top-notch.

The staff here goes above and beyond to keep you satisfied. They know their food and beverages well, have friendly greetings and provide excellent service.

The chef also surprised us with a variety of tapas, desserts, small plates for everyone's liking and flavorful dishes that are perfect for sharing.

The menu varies every time we dine here, which makes it exciting to explore new flavors. There are plenty of vegetarian options available too, which makes it suitable for varied food preferences.

And the delivery was quick enough to still enjoy all the deliciousness even after sitting in a car or kitchen counter for some time.

Overall, Barcelona Wine Bar RiNo provides an amazing experience with its unique flavors, attentive service, good atmosphere and varied menu items that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

4. Sobo 151 Czech Bar & Grill

Sobo 151 Czech Bar & Grill
151 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Oozing with a cool and relaxed atmosphere, Sobo 151 Czech Bar & Grill is the perfect place to spend an evening. It has a great selection of Eastern European beers and liquor that make for the perfect accompaniment to their delicious food.

The menu features traditional Czech dishes like chicken paprika and schnitzel that are both tender and flavorful. Prices are very reasonable and drinks are well-priced as well.

The staff at Sobo 151 Czech Bar & Grill is attentive, efficient, and friendly. They'll be sure to make you feel right at home while you enjoy your meal or drinks.

The bar also has pool tables, sports TV, karaoke, trivia nights and other fun activities that make it ideal for group outings or just a night out on the town with friends.

For those looking for an entertaining evening filled with great food, drinks, entertainment and atmosphere, Sobo 151 Czech Bar & Grill is definitely worth checking out.

Whether you're in search of traditional Czech eats or just want to enjoy some beer while watching the Avalanche game, this bar has something for everyone.

5. The Irish Rover Pub

The Irish Rover Pub
54 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for a unique dining experience should check out The Irish Rover Pub. This Irish pub offers a variety of food from burgers, sandwiches, and tacos to dinners like fish n chips.

The atmosphere is cool with great lighting, good safety precautions and a spacious rooftop patio. On top of that, they have a long lineup of Celtic brews and whiskey selection.

The menu offers something for everyone, with reasonable prices and delicious options like steak tacos with spicy mango salsa or their jalapeño ranch dressing.

For vegetarians, the selection may be limited, but the risotto cakes are incredibly tasty. They have great specials like half price fish n chips on Fridays as well as daily food specials.

The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire visit. They took care to make sure our event was successful and delivered high quality appetizers quickly.

The drinks were always kept full, service was fast and paying was easy too.

Overall, it is an enjoyable place to dine in or host events with great food, drinks, and atmosphere.

6. Swanky’s Vittles And Libations

Swanky’s Vittles And Libations
1938 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Swing by Swanky’s Vittles And Libations for an unforgettable night out. The bar offers amazing food, drinks, and atmosphere that will have you coming back for more. The menu features classic American favorites like burgers, beer, and frozen drinks.

With daily specials and a great happy hour selection, there’s something for everyone. The atmosphere is casual yet lively, with a mix of sports fans watching their favorite teams on the screens scattered throughout the bar.

The staff at Swanky’s is friendly and attentive, making sure everyone has an enjoyable time. Specialty slushes are a must-try as they come in a variety of flavors such as pickle shots and flower shots.

For groups looking to share some food, they offer Denver’s best nacho plate. If you’re looking for something unique, try the mustard, it’s surprisingly delicious. The wings are juicy and flavorful, while the fries are still hot and crispy when served.

Overall, Swanky Vittles And Libations offers great service, good prices, excellent food, delicious drinks, fun atmosphere, all around great experience.

7. Meadowlark Bar

Meadowlark Bar
2701 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Packed with an array of customers, Meadowlark Bar is a trendy spot to get your salsa fix. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the staff are polite and appreciative.

For those who have various dietary needs, there are plenty of options available. The margaritas here are out of this world.

The food selection is relatively small, but it's made up for in quality. The burgers are delicious, while the brisket is simple yet tasty.

Drinks take a while to come, but that's expected in a busy place. They also have a minimal beer selection but reasonably priced options nonetheless.

The establishment has an interesting setup with sliding doors and an indoor-outdoor vibe that makes it unique from other bars.

There's also live music events hosted here from indie bands and DJs, as well as happy hour specials, perfect for those looking for some entertainment or relaxation after work hours.

All in all, Meadowlark Bar is worth checking out if you're looking for good drinks and food with a great atmosphere in mind.

The staff may not always be friendly, but the quality of the food makes up for it all.

8. The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose
5450 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Walking into The Grizzly Rose, you can immediately tell it is a great place to have a good time. With plenty of tables spaced out well, the bar offers a wide selection of drinks and food to choose from. Prices are reasonable, but drinks are on the pricier side.

The service is great and efficient, even when the bar gets busy, so you don't have to wait long for another drink or food order. The Grizzly Rose also offers nightly entertainment such as line dancing, live music concerts and even a mechanical bull. For those looking for more than just drinks, there's also pizza and coffee available late into the night.

The atmosphere at The Grizzly Rose is relaxed yet vibrant, perfect for anyone looking to have some fun with friends or family. The staff is friendly and helpful, always ready with a smile and quick service. Plus, their wings are fantastic.

Cleanliness is taken seriously here too, tables near us were consistently cleaned throughout our visit and pool tables are in good condition. Unfortunately, there's no military discount, but admission usually has an affordable price tag attached, so that's not too much of an issue for most people.

Overall, we had a great experience at The Grizzly Rose, it was definitely worth checking out.

We had lots of fun line dancing with friends while enjoying some perfect food from the kitchen, absolutely recommend this spot if you're ever in town.

9. Poka Lola Social Club

Poka Lola Social Club
1850 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Featuring a 1960s mod styling and well crafted drinks, Poka Lola Social Club is an urban oasis with a great atmosphere. The bar offers an extensive selection of wines, beers, and cocktails as well as some interesting house specials.

Their signature Crate & Barrel and Montego Bay Daiquiri are must-haves. The staff are professional and attentive to your needs, while the music adds to the relaxed vibe.

The bar is also reasonably priced for its quality ingredients, you can get two delicious drinks for just $25. They also offer happy hour specials which include discounted drinks every day from 5-7 pm.

Additionally, dealers choice offers something new each time you visit, so you can sample unique concoctions that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The overall decor of the bar is quite comfortable with no blasting cold air conditioning compensating for the heat, which helps make it a great place to relax after work or on weekends.

Despite its small size, Poka Lola Social Club always ensures that customers have an enjoyable experience with their friendly service and trendy cocktails.

10. Brewery Bar II

Brewery Bar Ii
150 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80223 (Google Maps)

A visit to Brewery Bar II is an experience not to be missed. This Mexican restaurant and bar offers a unique atmosphere that combines a sports bar, honky-tonk, and hearty Mexican eats.

The servers are friendly and attentive, making sure your drinks are always right for you. The food is basic but delicious, with huge chunks of marinated pork in almost every bite. The green chili is particularly delicious, with the perfect balance of hot and mild flavors.

The prices at Brewery Bar II are on par with other Mexican restaurants, but the quality of ingredients is high. The beer selection is excellent, as well as their famous margaritas.

They also have daily specials that make it worth coming back again and again to try something new or stick to an old favorite.

Brewery Bar II has been around for years and maintains the same level of quality in its menu from then until now. Their service is fast and authentic, so you know what you see is what you get, no frills or pretense here.

All in all, it's a great place for lunch during the work week or for drinks after hours, just don't forget to try their Chile Verde.

11. Denver Sweet

Denver Sweet
776 Lincoln St #54, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Mixed crowds, excellent drinks, and great atmosphere make Denver Sweet a must-visit bar. Located in the heart of the city, this LGBTQ-friendly bar is perfect for both dancing and drinks.

The bartenders are friendly and serve you with a smile. They have an extensive song library, quality sound system, and fun hosts that make it a great place to spend an evening or two.

The rooftop bar is especially popular for its chill vibe, offering beautiful views of the city. Prices are reasonable, and they often have buy one, get one deals on drinks.

The food is equally good, with options like pizza and burgers that will leave you wanting more. Taco Tuesday is also a hit, with BOMB tacos being served all day long.

This makes it an even more welcoming place for all patrons, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In summary, if you’re looking for a great night out in Denver, then Denver Sweet should be your go-to spot.

12. Bar Standard

Bar Standard
1037 Broadway, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Catering to the dance-loving crowd, Bar Standard is a great place to go for a night out. With three bars, each with its own unique vibe and music selection, there is something for everyone.

The art deco setting inside and outdoor rooftop lounge give off an enjoyable atmosphere.

The drinks are small but reasonably priced and the staff is friendly. The bathrooms are clean, and the dance area has ample room for those who want to get their groove on.

Music ranges from Latin to techno, so whatever your preference, you're sure to find something you can enjoy.

The club also hosts a variety of DJs and live acts that come through town, often providing an entertaining experience for all who come out.

On top of that, there's always plenty of room to move around even when it's busy, so you don't have to worry about struggling in tight spaces while trying to dance.

Overall, Bar Standard provides a great nightlife experience with its inviting atmosphere, diverse music selection, and reasonable drink prices making it one of the best bars in Denver along with Vinyl and Acoma Street Project.

13. Machete Tequila + Tacos

Machete Tequila + Tacos
1730 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Breathing life into the downtown scene, Machete Tequila + Tacos is a vibrant bar and grill focusing on tacos with creative fillings and an extensive menu of tequilas.

The atmosphere is festive and lively, with decorations that add to the Mexican vibe. The staff are friendly and attentive, always making sure your experience is top-notch.

The food here is delicious, the tacos come with a variety of fillings such as chicken, pork, seafood, beef (including lengua and tripa). There are also vegan and vegetarian options available. For those who like a little spice in their meal, there are 4 different types of salsa to choose from.

The side dishes are also excellent, they come with black beans, corn, and rice in a blend of red and green chili smother, which makes the main plate look elegant without being too crowded.

The drinks' menu at Machete Tequila + Tacos is also impressive, they have lots of yummy margarita flavors as well as other alcoholic beverages to decide from.

The prices are just right for the quality of food, not too expensive, but worth it.

In the end, Machete Tequila + Tacos offers great food at reasonable prices in an inviting atmosphere, perfect for any night out.

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