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11 Best Spots for Banana Cream Pie in Colorado Springs, CO

Best Places For Banana Cream Pie In Colorado Springs

Welcome to Colorado Springs! If you're looking for the best banana cream pie in town, you've come to the right place.

With so many bakeries and restaurants in the area, deciding where to go for a slice of this classic dessert can be hard. That's why we've compiled this list of the top spots for banana cream pie in Colorado Springs.

Whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or just visiting and want to find something unique and delicious, these locations are sure to have something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. From classic recipes made with fresh ingredients to creative twists on traditional flavors, there's something here that everyone will enjoy.

We've considered customer reviews, atmosphere, and price range so that no matter what your budget or experience you're looking for, there's an option that fits your needs.

So without further ado, let's look at some of the best places for banana cream pie in Colorado Springs!

1. Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery

Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery
610 E Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Satisfaction guaranteed! Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery is a one-stop shop for all your baking needs. The store offers various baked goods, pastries, desserts, and coffee.

Everything is freshly made and put on display in an inviting atmosphere. From cookies to cakes, there's something for everyone here.

The staff at Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery are friendly and helpful, always willing to help you find what you need or answer any questions you may have.

The store is spotless and smells wonderful with freshly baked goodies wafting through the air. You can also order ahead online for special occasions or holidays so you don't miss out on the delicious treats!

The selection of desserts at Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery is astounding with something for everyone's taste buds!

Many options are available for customizing your cake or pie for that particular day and scrumptious small-batch hand-made treats like cheesecake slices with raspberry drizzle or cupcakes that taste rich and homemade. Plus, there's a seating area to dine in if you want to relax while enjoying your goodies.

Overall, Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery offers great quality food at reasonable prices and friendly staff service that can't be beaten!

Whether it's a birthday cake or just a simple treat like banana cream pie, this bakery has it all – so go check them out today!

2. Caffeinated Cow

Caffeinated Cow
1791 S 8th St G, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

Walking into Caffeinated Cow, you'll be welcomed by a friendly staff and an array of delicious ice cream flavors. With 10-11 flavors, it's hard to find something satisfying your sweet tooth.

The banana and caramel coffee flavor is out of this world! You'll taste the perfect balance of spice and sweetness in every bite. Prices are reasonably cheap for all the goodness that you get.

The freshly baked brownies are also a must-try! They offer unique options like pistachio and rice krispie which makes it even more challenging to choose just one flavor!

If you're vegan or gluten-free, they also have options for you. The latte I got was perfectly prepared with white mocha syrup and cinnamon – what a delightful treat for my morning!

The service at Caffeinated Cow is exceptional, with staff being very attentive and willing to work with customers to ensure they get exactly what they want. Not only will you receive excellent customer service but the quality of food and drinks here is top-notch.

It's worth mentioning that prices here are comparably lower than other fast food places, yet the quality far surpasses them.

3. Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

Garden Of The Gods Market And Cafe
616 S Tejon St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Visiting the Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is always a treat. The atmosphere is cozy and clean, with attentive staff ensuring all customers are well cared for.

The menu offers various unique flavors, from American classics to gourmet specialties. The plating and presentation are spot-on, as each plate delivered elicits an “oohhh” and an “aahhh”.

The food itself is consistently tasty with high-quality ingredients that are prepared with care.

Portion sizes are generous and big enough to share, while prices remain fair for the quality provided. The pastry selection in the market area is also noteworthy; it truly looks like edible art!

Overall, this cafe provides a great experience that doesn't disappoint. With friendly staff, excellent food presented beautifully, generous portions and reasonable prices – it's easy to see why this place gets so many rave reviews!

4. 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar

3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar
5152 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (Google Maps)

Mouthwatering pies, both sweet and savory, are served at 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar. The coconut cream pie is a must-try for all visitors!

The variety of beverages is impressive, and the atmosphere is cozy with local art on the walls. Service is friendly and efficient, though it can take some time due to the lack of waiters.

The menu changes often but always offers delicious options such as individual size beef, chicken and pork pies or traditional fruit and cream pies.

The crusts are flakey and tender while the fillings are generous – worth trying! Prices are slightly above average but well worth it for the quality food served here.

Overall, 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar offers an excellent quality of pies with great service in a cozy atmosphere – making it a great spot for an enjoyable meal or snack!

5. Colorado Springs Pies and Grinders

Colorado Springs Pies And Grinders
5490 Powers Center Point #180, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for delicious pizza in Colorado Springs should stop by Pies and Grinders. The atmosphere is enjoyable and comfortable, and the staff is prompt, kind, and helpful. The menu offers many choices with high-quality ingredients that don't skimp on the meat or cheese.

The crusts are spot-on with just the right amount of crispiness and chew. The pizzas have enough sauce to get you through one slice without feeling cheated. Prices are reasonable for what you get, plus a great selection of spirits to accompany your meal.

The banana cream pie is a must-try at Pies and Grinders! It has a fantastic crust that is favorable in taste and texture, topped with plenty of delicious toppings that make it worth every penny. One word can describe it: YUMMY!

Customers can also order directly from their website for convenience, plus they offer great deals when ordering multiple pies or grinders. Overall, Pies & Grinders is an excellent dining experience that should not be missed!

6. Icing on the Cake

Icing On The Cake
15 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Cake lovers will be delighted with the selection of cakes and desserts at Icing on the Cake. This bakery is known for its various cupcakes, pies, and other delicious treats.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring every customer feels welcome in their store. Prices are reasonable and quality is top-notch.

The cakes are fresh and full of flavor, offering a variety of flavors to choose from. Mischa's cakes are especially noteworthy for their unique combination of flavors.

They offer a selection of cheesecakes like key lime or pumpkin, which taste delicious. Customers can also order custom cakes ranging from champagne sponges to raspberry white chocolate filling – all made with love!

In addition to cake, Icing on the Cake also offers macarons with unique flavors and filling.

The shop itself is also inviting; very clean and cute in design! Customer service was excellent too – they were always willing to help with our requests!

Overall, Icing on the Cake makes an excellent choice for those looking for affordable, affordable desserts.

Their selection is vast, reasonable prices, the staff is friendly, and everything tastes great! Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for some sweet treats!

7. Molly’s Mountain Pies

Molly’s Mountain Pies
7669 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (Google Maps)

Molly's Mountain Pies is an excellent place for a banana cream pie, oozing with deliciousness and freshness.

The crust is perfect, not too hard or soft, and the sauce and flavor of both pies were amazing. Prices are higher than other chains but the quality ingredients make it worth it.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the staff is friendly. The attention to detail makes each bite an experience to remember. They make all their food to order so you know you're always getting something fresh.

Portions are large enough that you will always have leftovers; the smell of pizza alone will make your mouth water! Quality dough, toppings, sauce – Molly's has it all!

We tried their Paradise Cove (Hawaiian) pizza and Garden of God's pizza – they were fantastic!

The toppings were generous with high quality ingredients used throughout. We also had a Caesar salad which was plenty big for two people to share.

Overall, we highly recommend Molly's Mountain Pies to anyone looking for quality pizza made with fresh ingredients at a reasonable price!

Their passion for making good food shines through in every bite; you won't be disappointed by this local business!

8. The Golden Bee

The Golden Bee
Baking at Chefs’ Kitchen, 1753 S 8th St C4, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

The Golden Bee is a pie shop in your area, featuring homemade pies with generous fillings.

Every pie is made with love and care and you can order whole pies to feed a crowd. They also offer a rotating list of seasonal flavors and source ingredients locally.

The experience at The Golden Bee is lovely, from the truck experience to the joy of picking which flavor to indulge in. Everything they bake turns out to be so much more than expected.

Their pies are always delicious, from the sweet maple and rhubarb cream to the tart cherry and bourbon pecan. They also offer a pie sampler to get one of each flavor!

The Golden Bee goes above and beyond; they often donate pies to people or organizations making a difference in the community.

If you need something sweet for an event, pick up one of their chocolate bourbon pecan whole pies – it's sure to satisfy everyone! Or if you want something special for yourself, order a whole pie ahead of time and pick it up at their truck – it's worth it!

9. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner
975 N Academy Blvd A, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Billed as an easygoing chain, Black Bear Diner offers familiar all-day comfort food and desserts in a woodsy setting.

The clean restaurant reminds me of a random cabin restaurant you'd find in the mountains. It has comfortable seating and the staff are super friendly.

The restaurant serves up huge portions but there is also an option for smaller portions on the less-is-more menu. The food is fresh and flavorful with great presentation, making it a good value for money.

The pancakes have a delicious homemade flavor to them that encourages indulgence while the fruit that comes with meals is always fresh.

The dessert selection at Black Bear Diner is especially noteworthy with its pies being particularly popular. There's something for everyone here from chocolate cream pie to banana cream pie and more!

So don't forget to save room or take home a delicious dessert pie too! With its comfortable atmosphere, generous portion sizes, and tasty treats, Black Bear Diner is well worth visiting!

10. Village Inn

Village Inn
535 Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Pleasing to the eyes and belly, Village Inn is a family-friendly chain serving homestyle American classics such as chicken-fried steak & pot pie. The atmosphere here is clean and upbeat, with friendly staff ready to serve.

The menu offers an interesting spin on more traditional dishes, with unique flavors combined in such dishes as their Lemon-Artichoke Chicken. Their pies are also noteworthy; the selection is excellent and all of them are delicious without being overly sweet.

The service here was fast and professional, they went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied customers.

On Wednesdays, everyone gets a free slice of pie – either eat it at the restaurant or take it home! Prices are affordable too so you get great value for your money.

Overall, Village Inn offers good food at a reasonable price in a clean environment with excellent customer service. They also offer a nice variety of classic diner fare as well as their own seasonal menu that adds an exciting twist to familiar dishes. With generous portions, attentive staff and tasty pies, this place is definitely worth checking out!

11. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
3295 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Baked goods, breakfast and American classics are available at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. This casual chain offers a diner-like atmosphere for the whole family. The bakery is known for its wide selection of delicious treats, such as muffins, pies, and cinnamon rolls.

The menu also has various options for breakfast, dinner and salads. Prices are moderate and the food is cooked to order with plenty of portion sizes to choose from.

The Perkins Restaurant & Bakery staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring that customers have a great experience. The waitstaff was attentive during our visit and our orders were taken quickly after we sat down.

Our food looked just like the pictures on the menu! Plus, their strawberry cream cheese crisps were delicious!

If you're looking for classic comfort food in an inviting atmosphere, then Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is an excellent choice. They offer great value for money with many options on their menu, plus baked goods that rival similar establishments. We strongly recommend it for anyone looking for an enjoyable meal out or wanting to take home some freshly made treats!

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