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13 Best Spots for Chicken Teriyaki in Colorado

Best Places For Chicken Teriyaki In Colorado

Are you craving some delicious chicken teriyaki? If so, you’re in luck! Colorado has some of the best places to get your hands on this tasty dish.

Whether you’re in the mood for a sit-down meal or something to go, there are plenty of options in the Centennial State that will satisfy your cravings.

When it comes to finding the best teriyaki chicken, there are a few key things to look for. The quality of ingredients is important; you want juicy and tender chicken with flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

It also helps if the restaurant has quick and friendly service, so that you can enjoy your meal quickly and easily. Finally, variety is always welcomed; many restaurants offer different sizes and combos so that customers can get exactly what they’re looking for.

We have rounded up some of the top spots throughout Colorado where you can find amazing chicken teriyaki dishes. From traditional recipes to more creative takes on this classic dish, these restaurants have something for everyone!

Read on to learn more about these amazing eateries and find out which ones should be at the top of your list when it comes time to indulge in some delicious teriyaki chicken!

1. Osae Sushi Ramen Bistro

Osae Sushi Ramen Bistro
1825 Peterson Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (Google Maps)

Oase Sushi Ramen Bistro is a modest, informal eatery located in the heart of town.

It offers a range of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, ramen noodles and teriyaki chicken. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with dim lighting and friendly staff.

The menu covers everything you'd want to eat at a sushi and ramen restaurant. The portions are neither too big nor too small but very tasty and worth it!

The prices are reasonable and the service is unparalleled. My family likes their sushi while I like their teriyaki chicken, which is cooked to perfection with an amazing sauce that goes with it.

Speed of service wasn't great but they were very busy and the quality of the food made up for it.

We tried a little bit of everything on the menu – from sashimi to takoyaki – all cooked exceptionally well and presented in a beautiful way that's pleasing to the eye. Will definitely keep coming back to try more on the menu!

Overall, Osae Sushi Ramen Bistro offers an incredible experience that's worth every penny spent here!

From its welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, reasonable prices to its exceptional food quality – this place really stands out from other restaurants in town!

2. Osaka’s

2460 Canyon Blvd Suite #1, Boulder, CO 80302 (Google Maps)

Featuring authentic Japanese cuisine, Osaka’s is an inviting restaurant with a cool “call” system to get service. The menu offers a range of traditional dishes and creative options, like teppanyaki, tempura entrees and okonomiyaki.

All sauces are crafted in house and the portions are generous. The kids menu features a "kids plate" of yummy Japanese bites.

The atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly and helpful. Prices are on the higher side but worth it for the quality of food served here. Everything tasted fresh with just enough garlic to bring out the flavor of each dish.

We particularly enjoyed their Ume chicken dish which was out of this world! Their ramen was rich and flavorful too, perfect for colder days or when you just need something comforting.

Overall, Osaka’s is a great spot for authentic Japanese fare that won't leave you disappointed! From starters to main courses to desserts, they have something for everyone at reasonable prices.

The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting so even if you're not familiar with Japanese food yet, don't hesitate to give them a try!

3. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill
225 Ken Pratt Blvd #140, Longmont, CO 80501 (Google Maps)

A visit to Cafe Rio Mexican Grill is an experience like no other.

This low-key, strip-mall eatery serves up classic grilled Japanese fare, noodles and creative sushi rolls in a modern atmosphere with Asian hints throughout the restaurant.

The service at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill was spot on. The staff was attentive and professional, taking orders promptly and refilling water quickly.

The manager even came over to make sure everything was good and that we were taken care of.

The food at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill was delicious! We tried the Teriyaki Chicken which had a great flavor and super tender texture, as well as some sushi rolls, tempura chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies.

Everything tasted scrumptious! The portion size was great too – perfect for a single item hibachi or lunch bento box for less than twenty dollars. For those who don't do sushi there are plenty of other delicious choices available too!

Overall the atmosphere at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill was very pleasant and inviting.

From its modern decor to its experienced sushi chefs and friendly staff it's easy to see why this place is so popular among locals looking for Japanese fare. Highly recommended!

4. Sakura Japanese Cuisine

Sakura Japanese Cuisine
600 S Airport Rd, Longmont, CO 80503 (Google Maps)

Diners looking for an authentic Japanese experience will appreciate Sakura Japanese Cuisine. The restaurant serves a wide selection of classic Japanese dishes, from tempura to teriyaki, and sushi to salads.

Prices are on the high side, but the portions are generous and the quality of ingredients is top notch. The atmosphere is relaxed, with paper lanterns overhead creating a cozy vibe.

The service is fast and friendly at Sakura Japanese Cuisine. Orders come out quickly, even when it gets busy.

Diners can expect bonus treats from the chef – a nice surprise! Vegetarians have several options to choose from as well.

The food at Sakura Japanese Cuisine is delicious and flavorful. The tempura is light and not greasy, while their sushi has great texture and flavor – perfect for sushi lovers!

Their pork katsu bento box comes with generous portions of sweet and savory ingredients that blend perfectly together. Desserts like their tempura fried cheesecake are simply divine!

Overall, Sakura Japanese Cuisine offers diners an excellent experience with top notch food at reasonable prices in a casual yet authentic atmosphere.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for quality Japanese cuisine!

5. Orion Sushi

Orion Sushi
11068 W Jewell Ave c9, Lakewood, CO 80232 (Google Maps)

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Orion Sushi is the place for you. Located in a quiet neighborhood, this sushi restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes for both lunch and dinner.

The menu features classic rolls and specialty rolls with fresh ingredients and creative flavors. Prices are reasonable for the quality and taste.

The atmosphere of the place is welcoming and cozy. The staff is professional, friendly, attentive, and always ready to help.

They take their time to explain each dish on the menu so that customers can make an informed decision about what they would like to order.

The presentation of food is excellent; it looks almost too beautiful to eat! Every plate comes with plenty of fresh ginger and Wasabi paste that adds just the right amount of flavor without overpowering the dish itself.

The pieces are also perfectly sized so that customers can enjoy every bite without feeling too full afterwards.

Overall, Orion Sushi offers great quality food at a reasonable price in a comfortable atmosphere with attentive service from its staff members.

Whether you're looking for a casual lunch or dinner option or want something more special during special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, Orion Sushi is definitely worth checking out!

6. Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll

Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll
3650 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80235 (Google Maps)

Catering to both traditional and creative sushi aficionados, Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll is a modern Japanese & sushi restaurant that has something for everyone.

With a menu of creative & traditional sushi rolls & platters, sit-down sushi bars, & ample table seating, this restaurant offers an excellent dining experience.

The food here is absolutely delicious. We tried a little bit of everything from gyoza to veggie sushi roll to teriyaki chicken and pineapple infused sake – all were fresh and flavorful. The ratio of food inside the rolls to rice was perfect!

We also got yellowtail kama as an appetizer which was amazing. For lunch we had two specialty sushi and two appetizers which came out to around $33 for two people – great price for such delicious food!

The service at Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll is outstanding – the staff and waiters are incredibly quick with your orders and very attentive to your needs. They also have take out options that come in on time with all items correct.

The atmosphere here is fun and unique, but also clean and comfortable – you can tell they take pride in their restaurant from all the little details throughout the place.

Overall, Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll is an excellent place for anyone looking for quality Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices.

From their wide variety of food including entrees, sushi, desserts, tempura crumbles in their spicy tuna roll (which makes it even better!), huge portions of kitchen entrees like beef fried rice under $10 – you can’t go wrong here!

7. Iwayama Sushi

Iwayama Sushi
5500 S Simms St, Littleton, CO 80127 (Google Maps)

Packed with patrons on a Tuesday night, it's clear that Iwayama Sushi is the place to go for Hawaiian and Japanese fare.

The cozy restaurant offers an array of specialty rolls, plate lunches, and family dinners all with a unique Hawaiian flavor.

The menu highlights include homemade gyoza, tempura appetizer platter, garlic chicken served with white rice and macaroni salad, and of course chicken teriyaki.

All dishes are prepared fresh and have generous portions. The quality of fish is exceptional as well as the sushi rolls having great flavor and texture.

The service at Iwayama Sushi is friendly yet quick even when it's busy. The decor is simple but inviting which makes for a cozy atmosphere to enjoy your meal in peace.

Despite being small inside, their open view into the sparkling clean kitchen tells you this place is all about the food. Prices are average which makes it an affordable option for everyone to enjoy!

8. Mika sushi 3

Mika Sushi 3
2730 S Colorado Blvd unit 118, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

Walking into Mika sushi 3, you can't help but be impressed by its modern interior and the wooden boats with dry ice steam and lights.

The menu is laid out beautifully with pictures of the unique dishes. Service was great, with friendly staff ensuring that food was ready for pickup orders within 15 minutes.

The chicken teriyaki was fresh and delicious, as were the shrimp teriyaki bento box and Yama roll. Udon noodles to teryaki dishes all had a great selection of sushi and sushimi.

The bento boxes for lunch/dinner are nicely proportioned for the price they asked for, while nigiri and maki pieces are large in size. We also got a wonderfully presented ice sculpture even though we only ordered relatively standard items.

The flavors were very fresh, with good ratio for protein to rice in every dish we got. We especially enjoyed their tuna tartare if you like sashimi!

Their fried rice also came out really well cooked and flavorful. My only hesitations were that I prefer more spicy wasabi but overall it was worth it – super tasty, juicy, fast and well served!

All in all, Mika sushi 3 is definitely worth checking out if you're looking to grab something fast (and cheap!).

Prices are fair considering the portions served while presentation was fun & creative – definitely a neighborhood gem w great decor & atmosphere!

9. Sawa Sushi

Sawa Sushi
7470 S Pierce St, Littleton, CO 80128 (Google Maps)

Housed in an older brick building, "Sawa Sushi" may not look like much from the outside but it offers a great dining experience.

Inside, the restaurant is stylishly decorated with traditional décor and gives a comfortable atmosphere for customers. The menu features an array of sushi rolls and platters that are sure to please any customer.

The food quality is excellent and the portions are generous. The sushi chefs are skilled and attentive to detail when it comes to presentation – each plate is decorated with a little artistic bonsai tree and some leaves, making it a unique experience.

The sashimi is tender and delicious, as well as the other items on the menu such as chicken skewers. Wasabi, soy sauce & ginger were plentiful & good too!

The service at "Sawa Sushi" is fast and friendly; staff members are always willing to offer helpful recommendations when needed.

Prices here are mid-range for what they offer which makes it affordable for most people looking for quality sushi without breaking their wallets. All in all, it's definitely worth trying out if you can make it here!

10. Aki Sushi

Aki Sushi
3484 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 (Google Maps)

Aki Sushi is a great place for delicious Japanese cuisine. With its warm atmosphere and friendly service, it's a great spot for lunch or dinner. The sushi is fresh and the portions are generous.

The bento box with chicken teriyaki is especially noteworthy, with its heavenly sauce and quality cuts of salmon, albacore, big eye tuna, shrimp, crab and yellowtail over rice noodles, sprouts and sushi rice.

For those looking to explore other menu options beyond the usual sushi rolls there are plenty of authentic Japanese dishes to choose from. The hibachi meals come with soup, salad, two sauces, rice and vegetables in addition to the selected meats.

There's also an array of spicy soups that can be enjoyed as starters or main courses. Vegetables are prepared properly here and the gyoza is delicious too!

Aki Sushi also offers lunch specials that come with salad, miso soup and either sashimi or sushi – definitely worth trying out! For vegetarians there are also some vegetarian rolls available.

All in all Aki Sushi provides a great experience with its unique flavors, excellent service and reasonable prices – definitely worth checking out!

11. Bento Heaven

Bento Heaven
107 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Featuring a menu of build-your-own bento boxes, sushi and other Japanese fare, Bento Heaven is a counter service restaurant that offers an inviting atmosphere and delicious food. With generous portions of chicken, 4 piece sushi roll, salad, 2 pieces of gyoza and steamed rice all in a bento box for just $10.99, it's the perfect place to grab a quick meal on the go.

The teriyaki chicken and beef dishes were good with strong flavoring while the veggie tempura had a subtle taste of cinnamon and sugar that reminded me of churros. We also tried the cheese katsu, Philly roll and teriyaki chicken special which all had great flavor and tasted fresh.

The service was fast and friendly with the staff always being in good humor. The family owned restaurant has mastered customer service by bringing in tasty meals with color and flavor that are sure to please everyone's palate.

The mouthwatering aromas from the grill make it hard to focus on choosing from their vast menu options but you can't go wrong with anything you order here as they say it is "the best teriyaki in the world"! Shoyu ramen is also highly recommended for a filling meal as well as their traditional ramen which was recently added to their menu selection.

Overall Bento Heaven is an excellent choice for anyone looking for delicious Japanese fare at reasonable prices served up fast with friendly service every time!

12. Sushi O Sushi

Sushi O Sushi
3643 Star Ranch Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

A visit to Sushi O Sushi is a great way to enjoy some delicious chicken teriyaki. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, with clean and warm decor, aesthetically inviting.

The menu offers a wide variety of options, including sushi and traditional dishes like ramen and yakisoba noodles. The portions are ample and the sushi tastes fresh and flavorful. Prices are fair for the quality of food served.

The service at Sushi O Sushi is quick and professional with friendly staff attending to customers' needs. There's never a wait to be seated and food comes out in timely manner.

The only downside is that they don't have fresh salads or ginger sesame dressings like those offered on the West Coast but the veggies that come with chicken teriyaki were still really good overall.

Overall, Sushi O Sushi provides an excellent experience for its customers – from unique menu options to prompt service in a relaxed setting – making it well worth the visit for anyone looking for some delicious chicken teriyaki!

13. Sakura House

Sakura House
1255 19th St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Bustling downtown has a hidden gem in Sakura House. Offering a wide range of Japanese staples, this place is great for a quick bite.

The portions are small, true to the Japanese culture, so if you’re looking for something more filling order two. The food is fresh and well-made, with great quality for a very good price.

The chicken karage is especially flavorful and moist and their udons are also excellent.

For something different try the Tenshin rice bowl filled with shrimp in a thick tasty sauce or their takoyaki, gyoza or tonkatsu ramen. You can also get your ramen with different broth bases and toppings.

The service here can be slow at times but the wait generally isn’t too bad and the staff are polite and friendly making up for it.

The environment is clean, quiet and relaxing despite being surrounded by busy downtown streets – perfect after a long day of shopping or sightseeing!

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