13 Best Spots for Horseback Riding in Colorado

Best Places For Horseback Riding In Colorado

Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. From skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking, there are endless activities perfect for every season. But one of the most iconic Colorado activities is horseback riding.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced horseback rider, there are plenty of places across the state where you can enjoy a picturesque ride along scenic trails.

If you’re looking for the best places in Colorado to saddle up and explore the great outdoors, then look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular destinations for horseback riding in Colorado.

From National Forests to State Parks, these areas offer breathtaking views and a chance to experience nature from atop your trusty steed.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just looking to spend some time in nature, horseback riding is an unforgettable experience that will have you feeling like you’re living out your own Western movie adventure!

So get ready to explore some of Colorado's finest trails as we take a look at some of the best places for horseback riding in this beautiful state!

1. Rusty Spurr Ranch

Rusty Spurr Ranch
387 County Road, Kremmling, CO 80459 (Google Maps)

Catering to all levels of horseback riding, Rusty Spurr Ranch offers the perfect experience for any rider.

From beginners to experienced riders, they have something for everyone. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing instruction and safety measures prior to the ride.

The horses are in great condition, well-maintained, and rotated to ensure they are healthy and rested. The owner has taken extra steps like verifying rider weight to make sure the horses are treated with care.

The trails take riders through both open range and wooded areas, allowing for a unique experience each time.

The price is reasonable and their private group ride is perfect for special occasions like popping the question!

For those looking for an off-trail adventure, Rusty Spurr Ranch can accommodate that as well with experienced Wranglers leading the way.

Overall, it was a great experience from start to finish.

A clean facility with gentle horses that matched perfectly with each rider's skill level made this a 10/10 recommendation from us!

2. C Lazy U Ranch

C Lazy U Ranch
3640 CO-125, Granby, CO 80446 (Google Maps)

Buckle up for an unforgettable experience at C Lazy U Ranch. This all-inclusive ranch offers rustic-chic cabins, outdoor activities, a pool, and free meals.

From housekeeping to the wranglers and counselors, they check in regularly to make sure your needs are met. The staff is friendly and attentive, making it easy to relax and enjoy the experience.

The horses at C Lazy U Ranch are well taken care of and loved by staff who know them well. They take good care of riders with clear instructions and careful mount/dismount for newbies. Plus, there's a wide variety of other activities to choose from – perfect for any skill level! Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced rider, you'll find something here that suits your needs.

Food at the ranch is delicious and the grounds are gorgeous – offering plenty of activities to keep you busy with some time in between for relaxing too!

There's also a playground on the sand base beside the pool as well as a perpetual fire pit where families can gather together in peace. Overall, this upscale ranch provides an exceptional adventure for everyone in the family!

3. Action Adventures Trail Rides

Action Adventures Trail Rides
Co Rd 14A, Ouray, CO 81427 (Google Maps)

Oftentimes when looking for a place to go horseback riding it can be difficult to find one that caters to all levels of riders.

As for us, Action Adventures Trail Rides gave us the best horseback riding experience. They're a perfect fit for all levels of riders, from novice to experienced.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing clear instructions and helpful tips throughout the ride.

The horses are well-trained and well-maintained, making it easy for even beginners to feel comfortable on the trails.

The scenery is beautiful with steep ascents up and down mountains, creek crossings, birch and pine forests, prairies, and many scenic views of the mountain range. Additionally, there is an optional waterfall visit which we highly recommend!

The owners Justin and Christina provide excellent customer service ensuring that everyone feels safe while on their horses. They also take great care of their animals which shows in how well-behaved they are during rides.

Our family had a wonderful time at Action Adventures Trail Rides – we would highly recommend them if you’re looking for something fun to do while in the area!

4. Saddleback Ranch

Saddleback Ranch
36975 Co Rd 179, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (Google Maps)

Saddleback Ranch is a great place for horseback riding, offering a variety of activities and experiences. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing excellent customer service from the moment you book to when you check-in.

The horses are well-trained and groomed, with three runs ranging from slow family rides to faster routes with jumps. Safety is emphasized as helmets are available for riders who want them. Prices are also reasonable for the activities offered, such as tubing and horseback riding.

The guide was very informative and patient with all levels of riders, from novices to experienced competitors. There's also a saddlebag that comes with snacks and water provided by the ranch as well as personal items like sunscreen or hats.

Clean restrooms were available onsite too! The views were amazing throughout the ride, making it an even more enjoyable experience.

Overall, Saddleback Ranch is a great place for horseback riding no matter your skill level or experience! They provide excellent customer service, clean facilities, well-trained horses, safety measures (helmets provided), and reasonable prices – what more can you ask for?

If you're looking to have some fun while learning how to ride horses, Saddleback Ranch is worth considering!

5. Old Stage Riding Stables

Old Stage Riding Stables
6620 Old Stage Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Google Maps)

Walking into Old Stage Riding Stables, the first thing one notices is the professionalism of the staff and their knowledge of horses.

The stables are very clean and well-kept, adding to the overall experience. The tour groups are kept small, allowing for an intimate experience with each horse.

The horses themselves are incredibly well-trained and easy to ride – even for those who have never been on a horse before!

Old Stage Riding Stables makes sure everyone has a safe return to their hotel after the ride. The staff goes above and beyond in making sure guests have a good time.

One of the unique features that sets this place apart from other horseback riding locations is its canteen/bar which offers post-ride refreshments. It adds an extra layer of comfort after a long day in the saddle.

Additionally, Old Stage Riding Stables offers mountain bike tours down canyons as well as cabin rentals for extended stays or special events such as weddings or family reunions.

The atmosphere at Old Stage Riding Stables is friendly and professional while also being incredibly knowledgeable about all things equine related. They handpick each horse according to the rider’s skill level so everyone gets a suitable mount for their journey.

Overall, Old Stage Riding Stables provides an unforgettable experience that is worth every penny spent on it!

From booking to returning home, this outfitter provides top-notch service and care for both riders and horses alike – definitely worth checking out!

6. Lost Valley Ranch

Lost Valley Ranch
29555 Goose Creek Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135 (Google Maps)

Sitting on over two hundred acres of pristine land, Lost Valley Ranch is an all-inclusive resort that offers horseback riding and other outdoor activities.

The ranch provides upscale cabins for guests to stay in, complete with comfortable beds and modern amenities. The ranch also has an outdoor pool, a kids' club, and a rodeo.

At Lost Valley Ranch, guests can experience the beauty of the outdoors while taking part in various activities such as horseback riding.

The staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable in equestrianism and provide great instruction on how to ride safely. They also have beautiful horses that are well-trained and have great trails with stunning views.

The ranch also offers many other activities such as hiking, swimming, trap shooting, or simply relaxing by the cabin decks. There is something for everyone here!

Additionally, there is a children's program that keeps them entertained throughout the day with supervised activities so parents can enjoy their time too!

Overall, Lost Valley Ranch is an excellent place for horseback riding with amazing accommodations and food provided at an expensive rate but worth it nonetheless!

From the friendly atmosphere to the kind staff members to the breathtaking scenery – this place will definitely exceed your expectations!

7. Academy Riding Stables

Academy Riding Stables
4 El Paso Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Featuring a beautiful ranch setting and experienced, knowledgeable staff, Academy Riding Stables is the perfect place to go for a horseback ride.

The horses are all well-trained and healthy, with each one carefully chosen according to size and riding ability. Riders are provided helmets and thorough instruction before they set off on their adventure. The stables are very well maintained and the staff is friendly, efficient, and detail-oriented.

They make sure everyone is safe while on the ride by providing clear instructions on safety guidelines as well as triple-checking everything for maximum safety.

The process for reserving a ride was easy; riders can fill out the paperwork online early without any confusion or hassle. Prices were reasonable and worth it was given the great experience; from start to finish it was an amazing adventure!

If you're in the area looking for a place to go horseback riding for all levels then look no further than Academy Riding Stables!

8. Bear Mountain Stables

Bear Mountain Stables
11778 Wonder Dr, Conifer, CO 80433 (Google Maps)

Praise is due to Bear Mountain Stables for providing a great horseback riding experience. The instructors/owners were welcoming and friendly, and the horses were well-trained and responsive. It was reassuring to know that safety was a priority while still being affordable.

The terrain was diverse and enjoyable, providing an exciting challenge for the horses. The guides were knowledgeable when it came to teaching novice riders and giving detailed instructions on how to ride properly.

The scenery of Bear Mountain Stables was simply stunning with plenty of opportunities to take pictures along the way. Marie, the owner of the business, runs it efficiently while taking care of her horses and customers at the same time. Her team is professional yet warm and inviting – perfect for those looking for a personalized experience. Small groups also ensure individual attention from wranglers who are calm and knowledgeable teachers.

The stables are located in a wooded mountain area that allows riders to enjoy nature's beauty in peace as they pass by birds, squirrels, chipmunks, or even deer watching them go by. Marie prioritizes safety while making sure all riders feel comfortable with their horses before setting off on their journey through the trail which is scenic and reasonably priced compared to other places nearby.

For first-time riders like my husband and I who had no prior experience in horseback riding, we received detailed instructions from Marie which made our experience much more enjoyable!

To sum it up, we highly recommend Bear Mountain Stables for both beginners as well as experienced riders looking for an amazing trail riding experience in Denver!

9. 12 Mile Stables

12 Mile Stables
5547 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Delve into the world of horseback riding with 12 Mile Stables. This place offers a great experience for all levels of riders, from beginners to experienced.

The horses are well taken care of and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

The instruction is clear and their guide was great. They check in with the kids to make sure they are comfortable and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves while teaching safety and handling.

The customer service was also unbelievable, making it comfortable for both experienced riders and beginners.

The trail is beautiful and the price is very affordable. The wranglers were outstanding, taking time to ensure everyone was educated and understood instructions.

Before our arrival, I researched riding stables and this one came up as one of the best! They're very patient with the kids, ensuring they get a full-hour lesson even if the start is delayed, making every week new and fun.

Overall, 12 Mile Stables provides a great horseback riding experience for all levels of riders at an affordable price in a beautiful setting with an attentive staff that makes sure everyone has an enjoyable time while learning safely about horses!

10. Rocky Mountain Stables

Rocky Mountain Stables
1101 Co Rd 53, Granby, CO 80446 (Google Maps)

Horseback riding at Rocky Mountain Stables is a wonderful experience for riders of all ages and skill levels. The stables are well-maintained and clean, with attentive wranglers ensuring the safety of the group.

The owner has come up from Texas to provide a positive customer experience, and the trail guides are knowledgeable about both horses and the land.

The horses are very well trained, with good temperaments that make them enjoyable to ride. The loading dock is great for larger groups, making it easier to get everyone on their horses. Riders are given run-downs on what to expect during the ride as well as refreshers on horse handling for those who need it.

The scenery along the trail is beautiful, and many riders will find themselves wanting more rides after their first one! The staff is friendly and clear in their instructions, catering to different ages and skill levels so everyone can have an awesome time.

My two girls (ages 9 & 8) had a great time riding horses for the first time thanks to expert guidance from our trail guides.

Overall, Rocky Mountain Stables offers an amazing horseback riding experience for beginners through experts alike!

From young children under 11 years old to adults in their 70s, everyone will find something enjoyable here – even if it's just petting the horses or relaxing with hot cocoa around a campfire!

11. Elk River Guest Ranch

Elk River Guest Ranch
29840 Co Rd 64, Clark, CO 80428 (Google Maps)

Mentioned by many as one of the best places for horseback riding, Elk River Guest Ranch is an ideal destination for a family vacation or friend getaway.

The ranch features experienced and knowledgeable wranglers, well-behaved horses that are matched perfectly to your skill level, and breathtakingly beautiful trails.

The accommodation at the ranch is clean and inviting, with all the comforts needed including super plush bathroom robes. The food is on a 5-star level with a country twist that will make sure all your wishes are met.

There are plenty of activities to do such as horseback riding, fishing, trail riding, kayaking, and more. Guests can also relax in the peaceful setting of this location or take part in some of their nightly activities like dancing with the Yampa Boys!

The staff at Elk River Guest Ranch are friendly and attentive to guest needs like one big family with a ‘personal attitude of interest’ in everyone’s wellbeing.

With all these amenities plus great choices of things to do and lovely scenery to observe, it's no wonder why this place has been mentioned by many as one of the best places for horseback riding around!

12. Rimrock Adventures

Rimrock Adventures
927 CO-340, Fruita, CO 81521 (Google Maps)

A visit to Rimrock Adventures is a must for those looking for a great horseback riding experience. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, providing helpful advice and instruction to ensure riders have a safe and enjoyable ride.

The horses are well-behaved and gentle, making it an ideal place for first-time riders of all ages. The customer service is top-notch, with reliable shuttle services and affordable groover rental options.

The terrain is rough but the horses know exactly how to navigate it, making it easy even for beginners. We had an excellent guide who provided instructions while making sure we felt comfortable every step of the way. She was also very accommodating in matching the horses to our experience levels.

We were able to find spots in their two-hour horseback riding tour which was just enough time for us to enjoy the beauty of the Monument (without being rushed).

They also offer other services such as rafting trips outfitter so you can combine your visit with other activities like visiting their pet area or spending some quality time with wild horses if you wish!

The staff at Rimrock Adventures are friendly and attentive, providing high-quality equipment that's in good shape for rental use.

All in all, we had a great experience here and would highly recommend it to both beginners and experienced riders alike!

13. Bear Basin Pack Trips and Outfitting

Bear Basin Pack Trips And Outfitting
473 Co Rd 271, Westcliffe, CO 81252 (Google Maps)

Catering to all levels of riders, Bear Basin Pack Trips and Outfitting offers an amazing horseback riding experience.

With nearly 50 horses to choose from, there is something for everyone – from the inexperienced to expert cowboys and rodeo riders. The staff is knowledgeable with insight into the land and its history, making for an exciting adventure.

The scenery is beautiful, with a mix of different terrain that keeps things interesting.

Modern-day technology is subtly hidden away to make it a comfortable experience without sacrificing authenticity. The horses are well taken care of and responsive even early in the season.

The guides Lee and Sophie are both pleasant and informative, ensuring guests have a great time while staying safe on the trails. On the other hand, Mike, the owner, is experienced with great company and well-trained horses that keep everyone safe on the trails no matter their skill level.

Overall, this place offers an unforgettable experience at comparatively lower prices than other vacations – perfect for those who want to get more bang for their buck!

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