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12 Best Spots for Muffins in Denver, CO

Best Places For Muffins In Denver

Muffins are a classic breakfast food, and with so many great restaurants and bakeries in Denver, it's hard to choose where to go for the best muffin.

Whether you're looking for a traditional blueberry muffin or something more unique like pumpkin spice, there are plenty of places in Denver that have got you covered.

For those seeking out the perfect muffin experience, look no further than these top-notch local establishments. Not only do they offer delicious treats made from quality ingredients, but they also provide excellent customer service and a welcoming environment.

With so many different types of muffins available, you're sure to find something that meets your needs and satisfies your taste buds. Read on to discover some of the best places for muffins in Denver!

1. The Weathervane Cafè

The Weathervane Cafè
1725 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

Packed with charm and personality, The Weathervane Cafè is a quaint spot for coffee and cafè eats. This hip, homey cafe serves espresso drinks, breakfast & lunch fare plus sweets in a funky space.

The food is prepared with wholesome ingredients and with lots of love. Customers can choose from a small menu of breakfast or lunch items as well as pastries. All the food is fresh- including the staff!

The owners clearly care about their customers and they're taking lots of precautions to ensure safety.

Their online ordering system is easy to use on busy days when time doesn't allow for waiting in line.

Drink options include everything from flavored lattes to unique teas – all delicious! Breakfast burritos are filling and tasty while sandwiches offer fresh organic choices.

Sweet tooths will enjoy the strawberry/rhubarb scone which has been acclaimed as the best around! And don’t forget about their breakfast sandwich on an English muffin – hands down one of the best you’ll ever have!

The atmosphere at The Weathervane Cafe is cozy yet inviting, perfect for catching up with friends or just taking some time out for yourself. And be sure to check out the interesting prints on the walls – a reminder that this old house holds so much character!

With excellent service, affordable prices, and delicious food options, The Weathervane Cafe makes for an enjoyable experience every time you visit.

2. The Flour Shop

The Flour Shop
2400 Curtis Street Unit 1, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Sitting in Denver, The Flour Shop is a bakery that specializes in muffins and other baked goods. Their unique flavor combinations and quality ingredients make them stand out from the rest.

Customers can get the variety pack to sample all their delicious flavors. All the cookies are individually wrapped for freshness, so they are sure to melt in your mouth!

The Flour Shop also offers gluten-free options like their Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip cookies and cookie cake which is perfect for special occasions.

They have creative pairings and modern twists on classic recipes. Plus, they offer convenient delivery services that make it easy for customers to get their treats quickly and hassle-free.

For those who don't want to commit to buying a whole box of cookies, The Flour Shop also offers cookie dough so you can always have fresh-baked cookies on hand.

Prices are affordable too, making them perfect for gatherings or just as a treat for yourself! The Flour Shop is an amazing place for muffins with great customer service and attention to detail that makes them worth the price!

3. Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery

Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery
1004 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80209 (Google Maps)

Delve into the Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery for a unique experience. Step into this quaint cafe and you'll be welcomed by a warm atmosphere and friendly staff.

Their selection of sweet and savory pastries is sure to please any appetite. From croissants, blueberry muffins, to oat milk lattes and cinnamon rolls, there's something for everyone!

The quality of their ingredients is top-notch; they use fresh produce with no shortcuts or canned compote. The taste speaks for itself as it was absolutely delicious!

Their coffee selection is also impressive with craft coffee drinks using oat milk to make your latte even creamier.

This delightful bakery also has merchandise from local businesses available for purchase such as gift items, dishes, and much more!

With reasonable pricing and prompt service, you won't be disappointed in the menu or their customer service. So if you're looking for an amazing bakery in town, look no further than Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery!

4. Pinwheel Coffee

Pinwheel Coffee
3659 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Featuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere, Pinwheel Coffee is the perfect spot for coffee and pastries. The staff is friendly and welcoming, offering great customer service.

There's a decent amount of seating both inside and outside, making it an ideal spot for meetings or simply enjoying some alone time.

The coffee selection is top-notch with well-roasted beans that highlight the coffee quality. They even have seasonal flavors like peach cobbler chai and ginger peach cider.

They also have fresh pop-tarts from a local bakery. The cinnamon latte was as good as anything we've ever had! They also offer non-dairy options and vegan treats too.

The price is what you'd expect for upscale coffee but it's definitely worth it. WiFi is smooth with plenty of seating options, outlets, and natural lighting to work from if desired.

The mug of coffee comes with free refills which is an added bonus! Plus their artwork adds to the whole experience in this bright space filled with low-key music playing in the background.

Pinwheel Coffee offers great drinks paired with pastries at reasonable prices in an uplifting environment that's perfect for meetings or working on your own projects while enjoying a cup of joe!

5. Toasts n Roasts

Toasts N Roasts
450 E 17th Ave unit 106, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Walking into Toasts n Roasts, you can immediately tell that it is a place with high-quality food. The atmosphere is clean and cozy, with friendly staff that greet you with a warm smile.

They have an impressive selection of gluten-free and keto options, as well as unique takes on different drinks. The menu is simple but has tons of options, each one prepared with wholesome ingredients and perfectly seasoned.

The coffee here is sweet, well-balanced, and full-bodied – definitely worth the visit! All the pastries look delicious and are made fresh daily – from cupcakes to almond tarts to egg bites.

There's something for everyone! Angela, the owner, and her helpers are always kind and helpful about food allergies or any special requests you may have.

For such a reasonable price, the quality of food at Toasts n Roasts is unbeatable. Their 5-star service makes this place truly shine – from the welcoming smiles to fast service they provide top-notch customer care.

If you're looking for a cute quaint coffee shop in town this is definitely the place for you!

6. Wooden Spoon Cafè & Bakery

Wooden Spoon Cafè & Bakery
2418 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Housed in a cozy corner of Denver, Wooden Spoon Cafè & Bakery is a quaint spot to grab breakfast or lunch.

The cafè has a modern interior with the feel of a small French cafè, and two small patio tables outside at the storefront along with a couple of sidewalk benches that corral parked strollers. Inside, the place is buzzing with workers who clearly love their job.

The menu has plenty of options for everyone, even those with dietary restrictions. Freshness is all over, from the teas to the jam to the baked deliciousness.

There are great desserts, pastries, and sandwiches on offer – cheaper than average for its neighborhood.

The food here is superb – the croissants are fluffy and the are eggs yummy; cheese comes in a delicious spread; breakfast sandwiches come in various types; bread is always good and ingredients are fresh and innovative; latte and other baked goods are really delicious!

Despite it being small, they are pretty good at serving up your food quickly too.

You can order remotely which makes it much easier for grabbing n go's or swing by if you don't mind waiting a few minutes for your order. Service is very kind and attentive making it an enjoyable experience overall!

Parking might be hard but there's always outdoor seating available if needed. The smell of baked goods also greets you as soon as you walk in – what more could you ask for?!

7. Gateaux

1160 Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

A visit to Gateaux is an experience like no other. From the moment you enter, you are welcomed with a cheery atmosphere and the smell of freshly baked pastries.

The variety of cakes, cookies, tortes, tarts, and breakfast pastries is impressive. Not only do they have a large selection but also offer gluten-free versions so everyone can enjoy.

The staff is friendly and helpful and will take time to walk customers through the storage of the treats to ensure they taste great the following day.

The attention to detail in their work is remarkable; from the flavor combinations to the intricate designs on each cake or pastry, it's clear that quality ingredients are used for every item. Prices for their creations are reasonable given all that goes into them, making it worth every penny spent!

The custom cakes are particularly exquisite as Michelle was able to vary the icing designs so we could distinguish between the flavors we selected.

She also went above and beyond making sure everything looked nice which made it a centerpiece of our gathering! In addition to cakes, they have petite treats which make great additions at gatherings or parties.

Gateaux offers a wonderful experience with quality products delivered by friendly staff who put love into their work.

With such delicious creations available at reasonable prices, this bakery should not be missed!

8. Rosebud Cafè

Rosebud Cafè
90 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in the neighborhood, Rosebud Cafè is a cozy spot to grab a cup of coffee or tea and some delicious pastries. With a wide range of baked goods, from blueberry muffins to chai muffins, there's something for everyone.

The customer service is amazing and the staff is always so kind. The pastries are freshly made daily and the teas are hand blended. Prices may be a little steep at 2.70ish for small cups of coffee but it's worth it for the quality of the product.

The atmosphere is bright and airy with hard surfaces that make it surprisingly noisy when there are more than a few people talking inside. Service can be friendly but not always speedy so it may take some time to get your order if there's a line.

However, most customers will agree that it's worth the wait as they serve up delicious breakfast sandwiches, lox bagels, avocado toast, and more! Don't forget to try their signature swirl cake or one of their fresh scones or almond cakes – they're all made with such care that you can taste it in every bite!

Rosebud Cafè offers an enjoyable experience with great coffee and food plus friendly service in an inviting atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for an early morning pick-me-up or just want to relax over lunchtime snacks, this cafè has something special for everyone!

9. Sugar Rush Donuts

Sugar Rush Donuts
5771 Washington St, Denver, CO 80216 (Google Maps)

Sugar Rush Donuts is an excellent donut shop located in the Denver Merchandise Mart. The owners are welcoming and friendly, making customers feel valued. They offer a great selection of donuts, from light and fluffy to crispy on the outside.

Kolaches aka "Sausage rolls" are also available for purchase. Prices are very reasonable with no donut over $2. Everything is freshly made as customers order it so the donut doesn't get soggy.

The service is always great, even when they have a full house. The business is kept clean and well-managed, making it a pleasant surprise when you stop by on a whim. The employees are always super helpful and attentive to customers' needs.

They will go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need for your order, like adding your choice of filling to whatever type of donut you'd like which I thought was really interesting!

Sugar Rush Donuts is an excellent place to get delicious treats at a reasonable price with friendly service!

The variety of flavors available ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy and the quality ingredients used make these treats melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

10. Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee House
2862 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Brimming with vintage charm and modern hipster vibes, Crema Coffee House is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers.

The cozy cafè features an industrial interior with a stunning chandelier adding to its unique ambience. Service is friendly and quick, and the baristas are knowledgeable about their coffee choices.

The menu offers an eclectic selection of breakfast and lunch items, including vegetarian options. Sweet treats like cinnamon buns, chocolate bread pudding, and croissants are freshly made in-house.

Their signature macchiato has a nutty flavor that's just perfect for those looking for something rich yet not overpowering.

Crema Coffee House also boasts outdoor seating on the back patio – perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Prices are affordable too, making it easy to grab a bite without breaking the bank. Crema Coffee House is one of the best places in town for coffee and muffins!

11. The Duffeyroll Cafè

The Duffeyroll Cafè
1290 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

Packed with an array of flavors and delectable pastries, The Duffeyroll Cafè is a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch.

With friendly service and a clean environment, the cafè offers an enjoyable experience. From mini Duffy Rolls to grilled cheese for kids to delicious cappuccino – there’s something for everyone.

The pastries are sweet and buttery, while the bread is fresh and flavorful. Their variety pack of miniatures is perfect for sampling different flavors.

With curbside service that’s quick and accurate, you can enjoy your order without leaving your car!

Inside the cafè, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of warm cinnamon rolls in the oven – making it a cozy atmosphere for enjoying breakfast or lunch.

Plus, they have ample indoor seating as well as some shaded outdoor seating if you want to dine in with friends or family. The staff is always friendly and efficient – even when it’s busy!

For those looking for a little extra sweetness in their life, The Duffeyroll Cafè has you covered with their amazing selection of rolls and croissants – all served hot and fresh.

And don’t forget about their delicious cappuccino at an unbeatable price!

The Duffeyroll Cafe offers a great experience with its inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, fresh ingredients, and amazing pastry selection – all at an unbeatable price!

12. Lula Rose General Store

Lula Rose General Store
3434 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Coffee lovers rejoice! Lula Rose General Store is a hip, white subway-tiled stop offering craft coffee, open-faced sandwiches, and grab-and-go items.

The atmosphere is cozy yet modern, with bright and airy interiors. The staff is friendly and attentive with great customer service.

For coffee lovers, the selection of specialty coffees is vast with options for every lifestyle. Their espresso drinks are smooth and full of flavor without being bitter or burnt-tasting.

They make their own syrups so you can enjoy unique flavors like Café Meow – it's fantastic!

Lula Rose also offers fresh pastries made in their off-site bakery across the street as well as breakfast burritos that come with a vegetarian option – green chili included!

In addition to food, they offer beautiful floral arrangements and random merch for sale.

If you're looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee in a relaxing modern place then look no further than Lula Rose General Store.

It's perfect for lingering over your drink while enjoying conversations with other guests or just taking in the view from the window into the city life outside.

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