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12 Best Spots for Quesadillas in Denver, Colorado

Best Places For Quesadillas In Denver

Quesadillas are a delicious, comforting classic that can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways. If you're looking for some of the best places to find quesadillas in Denver, you've come to the right place!

This blog post will introduce you to some of the city's top options for quesadilla-lovers.

From traditional Mexican-style quesadillas, to creative takes on this classic dish, Denver has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a full meal, you'll find it here.

The restaurants featured in this post serve up delicious quesadillas made with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavor. From savory fillings to unexpected toppings and sauces, these restaurants are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

If you're ready to explore Denver's best quesadilla spots and try out some delicious new recipes, then keep reading!

We'll take a look at what each restaurant has to offer and provide some helpful tips for finding your ideal spot for quesadilla cravings. Get ready – it's time to embark on an epic journey through Denver's tastiest offerings!

1. Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina

Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina
1294 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the heart of downtown, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina is a festive restaurant offering Mexican food with a Michoacán bent.

Featuring craft cocktails, weekend brunch and an amazing mezcal selection, this restaurant offers something for everyone.

The atmosphere is lively and colorful with plenty of open space to relax. Service is attentive and friendly, following all safety measures during Covid- 19 times.

The waitstaff was knowledgeable about vegetarian options for those who are meat-free.

The portions are ample and the prices are very reasonable. The quality of the proteins and ingredients used in the dishes were top notch.

For example, their quesadilla (with shrimp) was delicious with a perfect balance of spices while their burrito, cheese enchiladas were superb!

In addition to their food menu they also offer an extensive drinks menu including margaritas which were excellent! The bathrooms were kept clean and the overall atmosphere was great for lunch or dinner – even Happy Hour!

Although service was a bit slow to start, it did pick up eventually making this place one worth every penny spent on it!

2. D’Corazon

1530 Blake St Unit C, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

A visit to the Mexican restaurant D’Corazon is a great way to enjoy authentic flavors from south of the border.

The atmosphere is classic and inviting with bright Mexican colors in a “lodo-eske” building. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, you can find delicious homestyle Mexican fare here.

The menu features an array of options, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and carnitas. The portions are generous and the food is fresh and full of flavor. We tried the Queso Fajita Burrito which was amazing!

The steak quesadilla was also incredibly tender and delicious. For those looking for vegetarian options, there are plenty available such as the Vegetarian Relleno complete with vegetarian beans.

The chips and salsa were excellent – heat, flavor, and good preparation – while the margaritas were potent!

Service was quick but friendly; servers were helpful when asked about ingredients or suggestions for dishes. Prices are reasonable too; this place definitely offers value for being in the city especially.

Overall D’Corazon is a great place to go for traditional Mexican cuisine in an authentic atmosphere with fast friendly service from attentive staff members who go out of their way to ensure customers are satisfied!

3. Tacos Tequila Whiskey

Tacos Tequila Whiskey
1514 York St, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Packed with flavor and personality, Tacos Tequila Whiskey is a vibrant and modern Mexican joint. The menu offers an elevated take on street tacos, plus top-shelf margaritas.

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a wide range of tacos to choose from. The queso fundido with tequila, which comes with fresh made taco chips, is a unique spin on regular quesadillas.

The atmosphere at Tacos Tequila Whiskey is lively and inviting. The staff are friendly and helpful, the music sets the mood for a great night out or just to relax over lunch.

The interior has bold colors and contemporary décor that create an enjoyable ambiance for diners.

The food at Tacos Tequila Whiskey is always fresh and flavorful. Every bite was delicious; the portions were generous for their price too!

The margaritas are great as well – simple ingredients but full of flavor! Prices were fair in comparison to other restaurants in the area so it's worth checking out if you're looking for something new.

Overall, Tacos Tequila Whiskey is worth visiting if you're looking for delicious Mexican fare in a modern atmosphere with excellent service!

4. Illegal Pete’s Lodo

Illegal Pete’s Lodo
1610 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Housed in a funky outpost, Illegal Pete’s Lodo is an offbeat destination for Mexican fast food. The restaurant offers burritos and other quick Mexican grub, plus a full bar.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are friendly. Service is mostly self serve and usually pretty quick, even when there’s a line out the door.

Illegal Pete’s Lodo offers plenty of options to choose from. Their selection includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more, with plenty of flavors to combine.

They also have vegan options if you're looking for something healthy. Prices are slightly high but the portions are generous and quality of ingredients is evident – it's totally worth it!

The food at Illegal Pete’s Lodo is always fresh and delicious. We tried their chicken quesadilla which was one of the best I ever had!

Other favorites included steak and potato burrito, taco salad and queso & chips – all cooked to perfection with premium ingredients that were full of flavor.

Overall, Illegal Pete’s Lodo provides great food for an affordable price in a nice atmosphere with friendly service – definitely worth checking out!

5. Chakas Mexican Restaurant

Chakas Mexican Restaurant
6265 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

Mouth-watering Mexican dishes and seafood await at Chakas Mexican Restaurant. Located in a friendly atmosphere, this restaurant offers great value for its food portion.

With a large menu of fantastic choices, guests are sure to find something they will love. The staff is always polite and attentive, making the experience even more enjoyable.

The tortilla soup is a must-try with its delicious broth layered with chicken, cheese, avocados and house made tortilla chips.

The enchiladas supreme with shredded beef was also amazing and the green chili on the burritos was so good it had to be licked off the plate! For dessert, fried ice cream or churros are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

The prices here are very reasonable for what you get and service is always fast and friendly. Though it's not a big restaurant (about 10 tables), it's clean and festive – perfect for families or groups of friends looking for an enjoyable time out together.

Plus their service is always fast & friendly! All in all, Chakas Mexican Restaurant offers an excellent dining experience that won't disappoint!

6. La Pasadita Inn

La Pasadita Inn
1959 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

Oftentimes, finding a Mexican restaurant that offers quality and affordability can be a challenge. Fortunately, La Pasadita Inn is the perfect spot to get just that.

This traditional Mexican eatery has something for everyone with burritos, enchiladas, chile rellenos, breakfast selections and more. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable.

The atmosphere of La Pasadita Inn is pleasant and inviting with cloth tablecloths and napkins as well as various vintage kitchen items adorning the walls.

The outdoor patio is a great spot to enjoy the warm weather while tucking into delicious Mexican dishes like crispy chili rellenos or fajitas. The service here is quick and friendly while still maintaining an authentic vibe.

The food at La Pasadita Inn is always fresh and flavorful with creamy/buttery frijoles, thick/rich guacamole, excellent tortillas and much more all served in generous portions at reasonable prices.

One of their most popular dishes is the chicken chimichanga which comes in a huge portion for only $10!

Overall, if you’re looking for an unpretentious spot with traditional Mexican food served up in generous portions at reasonable prices then look no further than La Pasadita Inn!

With its laid-back atmosphere, welcoming staff, tasty chips & queso dip plus many other delicious entrees – it’s sure to become your new favorite spot!

7. La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas

La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas
1565 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223 (Google Maps)

Featuring a cozy counter-serve setup, La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas is an old-school taco joint serving classic Mexican street eats. With plenty of taco flavors to choose from, the food tastes amazing and it's always ready within no time at all.

The tacos come in increments of 5 and are reasonably priced with a dozen condiments you can add to them. The pulled pork quesadilla has SO much flavor and everything is delicious, fresh, and authentic.

The service was excellent and very friendly. Most importantly, the food is always delicious with a healthy bit of spice making for a complete well rounded flavor experience.

There are also many options at the salsa bar ranging from mild to spicy! Outside looks unassuming but the food was excellent; even though it took a few minutes for us to place our order, the lady behind the counter was friendly.

The atmosphere is most authentic and it's cheaper to buy plates vs individual tacos. It may not appear particularly clean but the food is well worth it!

I love this place for its fast service and great price point – on average $2/taco – not to mention some of the absolute best quesabirria I've ever had!

8. Kiké’s Red Tacos

Kiké’s Red Tacos
3640 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Walking up to Kiké’s Red Tacos, the friendly and efficient customer service is immediately striking. This food truck offers a wide array of Mexican fare, including tacos, quesadillas, and more.

All dishes are reasonably priced for the portion size and packed with flavor. The tortillas are freshly made and perfectly crispy on the outside without being brittle. The meat is tender and well-seasoned with deep rich flavors that keep you coming back for more.

The birria quesataco (crispy tacos with melted cheese) or quesadilla (perfect if you want more cheese) come highly recommended, as do the house-made sauces (consume, two green sauces, and a red).

Sunday's only offer soft tacos and quesotacos which is worth every penny to try out.

Kiké’s Red Tacos also has an outdoor seating area complete with umbrellas and picnic tables – perfect for enjoying your meal in the great outdoors!

However it may take a while to get your order as it is a small food truck that gets lots of customers due to its deliciousness. Overall this place deserves to be turned into a full on restaurant!

9. Chuladas Mexican Restaurant

Chuladas Mexican Restaurant
3939 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a cozy corner of Denver, Chuladas Mexican Restaurant is a down-home eatery that serves up Mexican classics.

Offering breakfast burritos, tacos and other spicy staples, this relaxed restaurant has an old-school vibe that will have you coming back for more.

The menu is huge and full of flavor! Everything from the smothered nopalitos breakfast burrito to the bean burrito is delicious.

The portions are huge, so even if you don't finish your meal you can take it home for later. For those who like their food to have a kick, the green chili comes in mild, medium or hot flavors – something for everyone!

The staff at Chuladas are friendly and attentive. Service is fast and efficient, so there's no need to wait around for your food.

Plus with prices that won't break the bank – like the Breakfast Burrito Special for $2.75 – it's easy to make sure everyone in your party gets what they want without breaking the budget.

When it comes to Mexican cuisine in Denver, Chuladas Mexican Restaurant should not be passed up!

With its great atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food it's definitely worth checking out – especially if you're looking for something quick but tasty!

10. El Jefe

El Jefe
2450 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Bustling with activity and bursting with flavor, El Jefe is a hip and modern Mexican restaurant located in the heart of town.

The atmosphere is vibrant yet inviting, allowing for easy conversation, while the staff are friendly and attentive.

The menu offers a wide variety of options from street tacos to their signature pumpkin or squash quesadilla, all made from quality ingredients with an emphasis on presentation.

The QUESABIRRIA was definitely a highlight – slow cooked marinated beef in three folded corn tortillas with melted asadero cheese – it was delicious! Also not to be missed are the chicken and plantain quesadillas which were tasty as well. Prices are surprisingly affordable for such high quality food.

The service at El Jefe is great; they’re always customer-driven and treat their employees with respect. Delivery is fast too, often arriving within an hour on Friday nights!

And if you’re looking for a good value then take advantage of their happy hour specials – you won’t be disappointed!

Overall we had an excellent experience at El Jefe; the food was fresh, delicious and presented beautifully; service was friendly and attentive; prices were reasonable; atmosphere lively yet relaxed – what more could you want?!

We can’t wait to go back again soon to try more of their unique flavors!

11. Los Cuates Mexican Restaurant

Los Cuates Mexican Restaurant
1124 Yosemite St # A, Denver, CO 80220 (Google Maps)

Dining at Los Cuates Mexican Restaurant is always a delight. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with friendly staff who go above and beyond to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

The menu features a variety of Mexican classics such as burritos, fajitas, tamales, menudo, pozole and breakfast burritos. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are reasonably priced.

Their red sauce has an outstanding flavor that packs a little kick – perfect for those who like it spicy! The portions are generous so you get your money’s worth for sure.

Plus, the house-made horchata and melon water are delicious thirst quenchers to accompany your meal.

The breakfast menu is also great value for money – from breakfast burritos to pupusas – all freshly made with top quality ingredients.

Overall, Los Cuates Mexican Restaurant offers excellent customer service as well as delicious food at reasonable prices – making it one of Denver's best kept secrets!

12. Machete Tequila + Tacos

Machete Tequila + Tacos
1730 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Catering to taco and tequila lovers alike, Machete Tequila + Tacos offers up a vibrant bar & grill atmosphere that focuses on creative fillings and an extensive menu of tequilas. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food, and the portions are small but packed with flavor.

The endless taco selection gives customers plenty of options to choose from, including vegan, vegetarian, chicken, pork, seafood and beef including lengua and tripa. Homemade tortilla chips alone make it worth it, but the quesadillas certainly don’t disappoint either. Street style with some toppings provides a good balance of flavors.

The atmosphere is lively yet laid back; perfect for a night out with friends or family. Service is friendly and speedy despite how busy it can get during peak hours.

There are plenty of margarita flavors to choose from as well as three veggie options for those looking for something light or healthier options.

Overall Machete Tequila + Tacos is definitely worth checking out – great food (especially their chili), drinks, service all around make this place a must-visit when in town!

Prices may be a bit on the expensive side but you get what you pay for – great food and an awesome atmosphere!

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