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13 Best Spots for Soup in Colorado Springs

Best Places For Soup In Colorado Springs

Are you a fan of soup? Do you love finding new places to try out amazing soups? If so, you’re in luck! Colorado Springs is filled with amazing restaurants that have delicious soups that will leave your tastebuds singing.

From creamy clam chowder to flavorful pho, this city has a wide variety of delicious soups to try. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter night, these restaurants offer up something for everyone.

Here are some of the best places for soup in Colorado Springs – all offering up something unique and sure to satisfy your craving for soup! Each restaurant offers an array of classic soups as well as some unique concoctions.

Not only can you enjoy traditional favorites like chicken noodles and minestrone but also discover new flavors such as spicy tortillas and curried sweet potato. All of these delicious options are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

No matter what type of soup you’re looking for, there is definitely something in Colorado Springs that will tantalize your palate and warm your soul. From hearty stews to light broths, each restaurant offers something special that will make it stand out from the rest.

So whether you are looking for a comforting bowl on a cold winter night or an exotic twist on an old favorite, there is definitely something here waiting just for you!

1. Edelweiss Restaurant

Edelweiss Restaurant
34 E Ramona Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

A great option for those looking for a German cuisine experience is Edelweiss Restaurant. Located in the heart of Bavaria, this restaurant offers traditional German food as well as lighter fare, salads, soups, and vegan options.

The quality of the food was above expectation with each dish cooked to perfection. Service was prompt and excellent with friendly staff who spoke German. There are multiple dining rooms/patio options to choose from decorated in traditional German fashion that add to the charm of the restaurant.

The house salad was full of flavor with beets, green beans, and potato salad on the side while the main courses were generous portions and tasted delicious! For those looking for a decadent meal, there are rich options available while the lighter fare is also available for those on restricted diets or wishing for something less heavy.

The Tomato bisque was particularly noteworthy! And don't forget the sample plate – sauerkraut balls, brats, smoked salmon, and more with four different sauces – it's definitely worth trying!

Overall Edelweiss Restaurant is a great spot for a meal or gathering with friends or family. Prices may be slightly higher than other restaurants but you won't be disappointed by their quality service and expansive menu selection of both classic dishes and modern interpretations of traditional fare.

With its rustic beer garden atmosphere complete with folk music playing in the background it's an experience not easily forgotten!

2. The Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl
1791 S 8th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (Google Maps)

Featuring an eclectic atmosphere and thoughtfully-sourced vegan bar bites, The Burrowing Owl is a great spot to grab a bite.

With an impressive menu that includes everything from potato soup to PB&J chip sammies, there's something for everyone. All of the dishes are made with creativity and care, and the bright green hot sauce is a must-try!

The staff at The Burrowing Owl are friendly and accommodating – they make sure your food comes out quickly so you can enjoy it sooner.

Plus, nearly all of their dishes and silverware are purchased secondhand, adding to its unique vibe.

The Burrowing Owl also has plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for those looking for something special to go with their meal.

It also offers daily specials which usually involve items not on the regular menu – definitely worth checking out!

Overall, The Burrowing Owl is a great spot for vegan cuisine that won't break the bank – all meals cost between $6-$9.

Plus, it's clean and tidy inside with great vibes that will make you want to come back again soon!

3. Mountain Shadows Restaurant

Mountain Shadows Restaurant
2223 Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Sitting down at Mountain Shadows Restaurant for a meal is an experience like no other. From the warm and inviting atmosphere to the friendly staff, this restaurant provides a great dining experience. The menu has a wide selection of breakfast and lunch items, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available.

Prices are reasonable for the great amount of food served, and service is always fast and efficient. The homemade strawberry jam is delicious, as are the pancakes which are huge with lots of flavors.

The atmosphere at Mountain Shadows Restaurant is cozy yet laid-back – perfect for friends to gather over good food. For those looking for healthier or more creative options, this restaurant has something for everyone including picky eaters.

Furthermore, they offer cinnamon rolls and other home-baked goods that make the experience even more special! Thursday through Sunday they serve early dinner as well!

Overall, Mountain Shadows Restaurant offers high-quality food with the excellent presentation in a comfortable setting with friendly service that won't break your budget.

4. Uwe's German Restaurant

Uwe's German Restaurant
31 Iowa Ave #5913, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Oozing with traditional German vibes, Uwe's German Restaurant is a great spot for delicious and hearty meals. Offering both a tender veal and pork schnitzel as well as other traditional dishes, everything comes in generous portions.

The food was homemade and of high quality – good vegetables, good soups, good salads, good sausage, you name it! The green bean soup with sourdough rye bread was a great start, along with some nice beer. Prices are reasonable and you get a lot of food for your money.

Service at Uwe's German Restaurant is fast and the staff is very friendly and attentive. The establishment is spotlessly clean and comfortable – perfect for a family meal or dinner out with friends.

Fried potatoes, red cabbage, and goulash soup are really good! So authentic a taste that sets the standard to compare against.

Our teenage granddaughters were disappointed with their German dinner salad not knowing it's very different (and good) than American dinner salad – so keep this in mind if you're dining here!

German food is not as seasoned as American so you may need some salt and pepper on the side dishes of vegetables or potatoes. Despite having several large parties, we received excellent service throughout our meal.

Uwe's German Restaurant has something for everyone offering lunch prices relative to McDonald's menu but with quality that is second to none – plus it costs a little less than other German restaurants making it great value for your wallet.

Its no-frills pick for classic German eats in a modest backdrop plus its wonderful selection on the menu makes Uwe’s an enjoyable experience all around!

5. Omelette Parlor

Omelette Parlor
900 E Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (Google Maps)

Mentioning the Omelette Parlor is a must when talking about great places to eat in town. This long-time diner offers a homey interior, with breakfast classics, sandwiches, salads, and even outdoor seating.

The staff is friendly and attentive, taking orders promptly and bringing out hot food quickly. What's more, they are willing to work around the menu to accommodate dietary needs and there are gluten-free options available.

The portion sizes here are huge – you'll definitely get your money's worth! Prices range from seven or eight dollars for most entrees up to thirteen for something with salmon.

The food is always hot and delicious when it comes out and the green chili on the dish was particularly good. French Onion Soup is a must-try!

Overall, this place has something for everyone – a large variety on the menu, friendly staff members, great price points, and huge portions – all while being consistent with its quality of service and food.

The atmosphere was pleasant too; not too loud but busy enough that it felt lively. If you're looking for a good spot for breakfast or lunch in town then look no further than the Omelette Parlor.

6. Shuga’s

702 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Dine at Shuga’s for an eclectic, globally-inspired menu plus creative cocktails and coffee. The atmosphere is sleek and retro-feel with the light global fare.

The menu is flexible enough to cater to a quick bite or special occasions like birthdays or Valentine's Day. Service is attentive and friendly with a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars.

The food options are plentiful, including vegan-friendly options, as well as alcohol-free choices which are all fabulous. For the nonmeat eaters, there could be more food options available on the menu.

Standout dishes include shrimp soup, ramen, lamb stew, seafood coconut cream soup, and bruschetta toasts – all of which are prepared with creative details that round out the flavor palette in unexpected ways. Prices are reasonable too!

Overall Shuga’s offers a great experience with unique flavors and varieties to choose from in an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion – just don’t forget to get the soup!

7. Asian Cookery

Asian Cookery
6760 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (Google Maps)

Housed in a modest strip mall, Asian Cookery offers an array of Malaysian dishes, drinks, and desserts. The flavor is outstanding and you can easily tell these are family recipes.

Ted and Peng, the proprietors, are friendly and wonderful to talk to. Patrons will find themselves warmly welcomed and expertly assisted with their entree choices.

The quality of food coming out of this restaurant is amazing. The broth tasted authentic and I drank every drop.

We enjoyed the variety of food on offer including Curry Laksa, Peng's Potstickers, Curry Puffs, Beef Rendang, Wonton Dry Noodles (kids' favorite), dumplings, and deserts among many others. Little short on ambiance but very good! Service is speedy with a smile and a lot of heart!

The staff is extremely friendly and the place is very clean. The owners care about their food, customers, and establishment – you can taste the love that goes into each dish and beverage!

Prices are good for what you get; meals are a little on the small side but the taste is outstanding! Additionally, there are some nice outdoor seating options during decent weather as well as 3 GLUTEN FREE options available for those who need them.

Overall Asian Cookery offers delicious food that doesn't break the bank with friendly service that makes everyone feel welcome.

8. Ambli Global Cuisine

Ambli Global Cuisine
5262 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (Google Maps)

Packed with flavor, Ambli Global Cuisine is a great spot for a delicious soup. The menu is diverse, offering both staples and creative culinary treats.

Prices are somewhat high, but the quality of the food and service make it worth it. The staff and manager are friendly and provide excellent service. Gluten-free and vegan options are available as well.

The atmosphere is clean, neat, and organized; the menu always has more selections than one could eat in one sitting. Food comes out hot and tastes amazing – better than home-cooked!

Portion sizes are ample too. Breakfast options come out quickly – we got our order in 15 minutes! Coffee, espresso, and tomato juice (made on-site) were all of excellent quality as well.

For those wanting to try something new, there are plenty of options to choose from including eggs benedict & pancakes with locally-sourced ingredients or the 'Special' – a Smoked Salmon Feta Omelette with Pesto Drizzle.

All in all Ambli Global Cuisine offers an enjoyable experience at a reasonable cost that will leave you feeling satisfied!

9. Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

Garden Of The Gods Market And Cafe
616 S Tejon St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Brimming with rustic-chic charm, Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is an eclectic cafe and specialty food market. With a bakery, deli counter, and gourmet grocery store, the cafe has something for everyone.

The menu offers a wide variety of unique flavors to choose from with plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that your experience is top-notch.

The food at Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is fresh and flavorful. Whether it's brunch or lunch you're after there are plenty of options to choose from including salads, soups, and sweet treats.

All dishes are made to perfection with complex flavors assembled on each one. Portions are generous but reasonably priced too!

The atmosphere at Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is bright and inviting. Service may vary but overall it's quick yet attentive – no more than 10 minutes from order to delivery!

A great place to visit when in the area with family or friends as they offer something for everyone – even rowdy kids! Whether you're after breakfast, brunch, or lunch this place won't disappoint – be sure not to miss out when visiting the area!

10. Taste of Jerusalem Cafe

Taste Of Jerusalem Cafe
15 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Google Maps)

Taste of Jerusalem Cafe is a great place for Middle Eastern food. The menu is diverse and has many entrees to choose from.

The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, making it easy to relax and enjoy a meal with family or friends. The staff is friendly and accommodating, making sure your experience is a pleasant one.

The food at Taste of Jerusalem Cafe is delicious! The lentil soup was truly amazing with subtle yet rich flavors. Everything was cooked with care and the spices were just right.

There were plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available, which was great for those who don’t eat meat. We had the Ultimate sandwich, lentil soup, falafel, and baklava – all of which were delicious!

The price at Taste of Jerusalem Cafe was very economical considering the quality of the food we received. We also had fast service so our tummies weren't rumbling while we waited for our meals to arrive!

All in all, this is an authentic eatery in a sanitized environment that offers delicious Middle Eastern dishes at an affordable price point with fantastic service – definitely worth checking out!

11. Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar

Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar
1005 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Google Maps)

Walking into Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar, one is immediately met with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The hand-painted murals adorning the walls and cozy seating make the restaurant an ideal spot for a relaxing meal.

The menu offers a wide selection of Nepalese and Tibetan dishes, each with its own unique flavor profile. From vegetable momo soup to lentil soup, there are plenty of vegan options available to choose from.

For those looking for something more filling, there are several entrees that can be served vegetarian or vegan style as well. Prices are very reasonable for what you get and portions are just right — not too much or too little.

The service at Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar is fast and friendly; the waitstaff is knowledgeable about the menu and dietary restrictions.

Food arrives quickly and is always fresh, flavorful, and packed with flavor – even the veggies in the soup aren't overcooked! Plus, all staff members are wonderful and welcoming to guests.

Overall, Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar offers an excellent dining experience for those looking for delicious Nepalese or Tibetan cuisine in a relaxed setting.

The food is great quality at reasonable prices while portions remain just right – not too much or too little – making it an ideal spot for takeout as well as dine-in meals!

12. Kang Nam Restaurant

Kang Nam Restaurant
2917 Galley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Google Maps)

Kang Nam Restaurant is a great place to go for some delicious Korean food. The menu offers a variety of items, from hot pots to bibimbop, and all the dishes are made with fresh ingredients.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that every customer has a great experience. The prices are also very reasonable, especially for lunch deals.

The restaurant itself has minimal decor but it's clean and cozy inside. As soon as you walk in the door you can smell the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen.

You're also offered free Kimchi with any order which adds even more flavor to your meal.

The soups at Kang Nam Restaurant are especially noteworthy – they have a wide selection of flavors and textures that can please even the pickiest eater.

The spicy shredded beef soup was particularly flavorful and had just enough kick to it without being overwhelming. And if you're looking for something vegetarian-friendly, they have tofu soup too!

Overall, Kang Nam Restaurant is an excellent spot for those looking for some delicious Korean cuisine at an affordable price point.

The service is fast and friendly so you won't have to wait long for your food order after deciding what you want – perfect if you're in a hurry!

13. Tong Tong

Tong Tong
2036 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 (Google Maps)

A hidden gem in the heart of the city, Tong Tong offers an impressive selection of traditional Korean cuisine at an affordable price.

From classic dishes like bulgogi and kalbi to unique lunch specials, there's something for everyone here. The portions are generous, and the food is always piping hot when it arrives at your table.

The service is friendly and attentive, and they always give plenty of sides to your meal. The most important thing to a restaurant is the food – Tong Tong definitely delivers!

Their bibimbap was great as they offer vegetarian options, while their dumpling soup was served in a small bowl so that it wasn't too hot for our son.

The atmosphere here is also great – it's clean, tidy, and fairly updated. The staff is so friendly and kind; you can tell they take pride in their work.

We ordered teriyaki chicken along with beef soup with clear noodles; both were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious! All in all, Tong Tong provides an excellent dining experience.

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