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13 Best Spots for Turkey Sandwich in Denver, CO

Best Places For Turkey Sandwich In Denver

As one of the most popular sandwiches in America, the turkey sandwich is a classic lunchtime favorite.

Whether you’re looking for a light meal or something more substantial, it can be hard to find the perfect place to enjoy one. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best places for turkey sandwiches in Denver!

From fast-food chains and diners to delis and bakeries, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding your next turkey sandwich. You’ll have no trouble finding a spot that has all your favorite fixings and flavors — from traditional classics like lettuce, mayo, and tomato to unique creations with bacon and avocado.

No matter what type of sandwich you’re looking for, you can be sure that these Denver spots have something delicious on the menu.

What makes these places stand out? For starters, they all use high-quality ingredients that make each bite as good as it looks. Plus, they offer plenty of customization options so you can make your sandwich just how you like it — whether that means extra cheese or extra pickles!

And with friendly service and reasonable prices at every location, it's easy to see why these places are some of Denver's top spots for turkey sandwiches.

1. The Bagel Deli & Restaurant

The Bagel Deli & Restaurant
6439 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222 (Google Maps)

Bagel Deli & Restaurant is a no-frills Jewish deli serving up an impressive selection of sandwiches and bagels. The restaurant has been in existence since 1967, and its menu features classic favorites like pastrami, corned beef, brisket, and turkey.

All the sandwiches are huge and made with fresh ingredients. There's also a variety of cream cheese options. The lox is especially fresh. For sides, there's potato salad, chili and chicken salad.

The prices are a bit high for the sandwiches but you get what you pay for; these are some of the best original deli sandwiches around! Plus you'll likely have enough to bring home for later as they're all so large.

The service is fast and friendly too – it's worth stopping by if you're in the area! They also offer take-out orders for those who want to grab something on the go.

Bagel Deli & Restaurant offers top-quality food with authentic overstuffed sandwiches that will leave your friends asking about them years later!

With their delicious bagels and specialty items too, this place is worth checking out if you're looking for a great sandwich spot in Colorado!

2. Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs

Cheba Hut 'Toasted' Subs

Oftentimes, it's difficult to find a great sandwich joint that offers delicious food and a laid-back atmosphere.

But this is not the case with Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs. This place has it all!

The menu is full of creative sandwiches and sides, each one made with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavors. The toasting of the bread adds an extra layer of texture and taste that makes their subs stand out from other restaurants.

They also offer vegetarian, turkey, chicken, and meat options for those who prefer something different than a traditional sandwich.

Service is always speedy at Cheba Hut but never rushed or careless; the staff is friendly and willing to make sure you get exactly what you want.

The atmosphere here is laid back and chill; it's the perfect spot to grab a quick bite or hang out with friends after work.

Finally, the prices here are very reasonable considering the quality of the food they serve; you can get an excellent meal without breaking your budget.

For those looking for a delicious sandwich in a relaxed environment, Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs is worth checking out!

3. Curtis Park Delicatessen

Curtis Park Delicatessen
2532 Champa St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Featuring gourmet deli sandwiches and a small market, Curtis Park Delicatessen is the perfect spot for a delicious lunch. With fresh homemade bread, fresh veggies and meat, you can’t go wrong with their selection of sandwiches highlighting local ingredients.

You can also pick up meats, cheeses, milk and eggs to go. The staff is friendly and serves quickly, so ordering ahead is recommended to avoid long lines. Prices are quite reasonable for the quality and quantity.

The American (turkey sandwich) was amazing! It had just the right balance of flavors between the pesto, vinaigrette, mozzarella and leafy greens. They take a lot of pride in their ingredients so it's always fresh stuff here!

For those who are pescatarian, there aren't many options on the menu but everything else offered is truly made to order which makes it worth it after realizing the quality of ingredients used!

The vibe in this place is relaxed yet inviting – it's almost like a home away from home! Great food from a local establishment that offers good service at affordable prices – what more could you ask for?

It’s no wonder why Curtis Park Delicatessen continues to be popular among locals despite its small size – worth checking out if you're ever in town looking for a sandwich or two!

4. Moxie Eatery

Moxie Eatery
70 Broadway # 150, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Moxie Eatery is a great place for a quick, but delicious and fresh, breakfast sandwich.

It offers a wide range of sandwiches and salads with unique ingredients that make for some delicious meals. The prices are on the expensive side, but the quality of the food is worth it.

The turkey sandwich with Brie was superb – just be aware that it comes with turkey breast, not turkey cold cuts. The curry chicken salad sandwich is also fresh and flavorful.

They even have Mexican-style sandwiches which are delicious! For those looking for something healthy, there are plenty of options too like an acorn squash sandwich or an egg, cheese and avocado sandwich.

The Lambwich may very well rival the best gyro I've ever eaten – it's fresh and spot on! My mom said it was the best sandwich she's ever had!

The Turkey Pesto Sandwich was also really good – they added a sweet fig jam that made it hard to taste anything else.

Overall, Moxie Eatery is a cheerful daytime cafe serving American eats from morning to early evening such as soups, sandwiches and other casual fares in sunny digs.

It's a great place to grab something to go or sit down for a meal with friends at an affordable price point considering the generous portion sizes and high quality of food served here!

5. Lou’s Italian Specialties

Lou’s Italian Specialties
3357 N Downing St, Denver, CO 80205 (Google Maps)

Paying a visit to Lou’s Italian Specialties is an experience like no other. The moment you step inside, you are welcomed by the bustling atmosphere and kind staff.

Their menu features a variety of sandwiches, salads and desserts, as well as specialty grocery items.

The sandwiches here are out of this world! They have all the classics such as chicken parm and veggie delight, but also have unique flavors like porchetta and horseradish roast beef.

All their ingredients are freshly made with quality in mind. The bread is crusty yet soft and the fillings are generous with melted cheese goodness!

Service is friendly and helpful – they make sure to answer any questions you may have about their products. They even remember your name after only a few visits!

Cleanliness is also top-notch – everything from the counters to the tables looks spotless every time you come in.

Lou’s Italian Specialties provides an amazing experience full of delicious food, great customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a tasty sandwich with neighborly hospitality, this is your spot!

6. Highland Tavern

Highland Tavern
3400 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Hitting the spot for a casual yet tasty lunch, Highland Tavern is an ideal spot for grabbing a bite to eat. This low-key pub offers a long list of beers and hearty grub such as burgers, sandwiches and all sorts of games.

The atmosphere is relaxed with cozy canteen vibes, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some good food.

The menu has something for everyone with creative options that will appeal to vegetarians too. We tried some of their signature dishes like their famous Bombshell sandwich, Tavern Tots (made from scratch) and Dr. Pepper BBQ Pork Ribs.

All the toppings were fresh and cooked to perfection! Plus, the burgers were delicious but the bun was a bit lacking in quality compared to everything else.

Highland Tavern is worth checking out if you’re in search of delicious food served by friendly staff at affordable prices in a low-key atmosphere.

7. Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery

Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery
2418 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

A hidden gem in the heart of town, Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery serves up delicious breakfast sandwiches and pastries. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with a variety of seating options inside and out.

The menu is filled with unique options such as their prosciutto and brie sandwich or their quinoa cranberry arugula salad. Everything is made to order using fresh ingredients that can be smelled the moment you walk in!

The breakfast sandwiches are especially popular here, with the option to build your own or choose from their signature creations such as the sausage, cheddar, green chilies and Dijon sandwich.

For lunch, they offer a variety of tasty sandwiches on brioche buns that are sure to hit the spot. All of these items come at an affordable price too!

If you're looking for something sweet then Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery has got you covered there too! From cakes to pastries to cookies they have something for everyone's sweet tooth craving.

They even have teas, coffees and other specialty drinks for those looking for something warm or cold on a chilly day.

Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery offers up delicious breakfast and lunch options at an affordable price within a cozy atmosphere that makes one feel right at home.

From savory scrambles to thick-cut bacon BLTs, this cafe has something for everyone's taste buds!

8. Olive & Finch

Olive & Finch
1552 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

Catering to the brunch crowd, Olive & Finch is a warm market and bistro located in the heart of town. With its inviting atmosphere, it's a great place to grab a sandwich or pastry.

The menu offers an array of sandwiches, salads, soups, egg and skillet options. Prices are on the higher side for sandwiches ($10 each), but they are well worth it as they come with fresh ingredients and a tasty pickle and chips.

The staff here is friendly and their service is quick and efficient. Whether you're dining in or taking out, your order will be handled with care and delivered shortly after ordering.

The bread used for their sandwiches is delicious – not just thrown together like in some places – while the fillings are flavorful. They also offer various gourmet sauces and spreads on the sandwiches that add another layer of flavor to your meal.

If you're looking for a warm cafe with delicious food options including breakfast items such as sandwiches, salads, soups, egg dishes and more then Olive & Finch should be your go-to spot!

The staff is friendly, the service is fast and efficient plus the food options are unique yet tasty!

9. Maci Cafe

Maci Cafe
1575 Boulder St b, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Dining at Maci Cafe is an experience like no other. This cozy, brick-walled cafe serves up gourmet sandwiches, salads, pastries and espresso drinks.

With its quaint outdoor seating area, it's the perfect spot to catch up with friends or enjoy a quiet meal.

The ingredients used in the dishes are always fresh and high quality ensuring that each bite is truly delightful. Prices are also reasonable and service is fast so you don't have to wait too long for your order.

What sets Maci Cafe apart from other cafes is their customer service – the staff members are friendly and attentive and always willing to listen to your needs.

The owner himself is often around making sure that his customers have the best experience possible.

Maci Cafe is worth checking out if you're looking for a delicious sandwich or espresso drink in the Lohi area.

With its great atmosphere, tasty food, reasonable prices and friendly staff members it's sure to be a hit!

10. Chef Zorba's

Chef Zorba's
2626 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Housed in a cozy, homey cafe, Chef Zorba's offers an expansive menu of Greek and American dishes. From huevos to gyros, burgers to moussaka and more, this all-day hangout spot has something for everyone.

The restaurant also features a bar and patio seating area with plenty of space to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

The food at Chef Zorba's is always fresh and flavorful with large portions. The breakfast options are especially noteworthy; the Early Bird Breakfast Special is an incredible bargain! The cream of tomato soup is also especially delicious.

For sandwiches, the Reuben sandwich is very good and the falafel sandwich comes with stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, olives (Kalamata & green), pepperoncini, cucumber slices & dips.

This place has it all – from lukankou to moussaka baklava and regular American comfort food – but it doesn't come cheap; prices are reasonable but not cheap.

Service at Chef Zorba's is always friendly and efficient too! All in all, this spot makes for a great neighborhood lunch or dinner spot – perfect for when you want something hot on a cold night!

11. Baker’s Palace

Baker’s Palace
550 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a corner of the city, Baker’s Palace is a family-owned sandwich shop that takes food quality and freshness seriously. The menu offers an array of freshly made sandwiches with a variety of fillings, from chicken to beef to pork.

The bread is thick and always fresh, making for a satisfying sandwich every time. You can expect generous portions of meat and veggies in each loaf, making it worth the $3.50-$4 price tag.

The customer service here is top notch as well – friendly staff is always ready to help with special orders or make recommendations based on your preference.

This place also has great variety when it comes to prepared foods like sticky buns and pastries with Philo dough that are simply delicious! If you’re looking for an authentic Vietnamese sandwich experience, you won’t be disappointed by their banh mi offerings either!

The only downside is the peak hours can be packed with people waiting on multiple baguette orders, so if you decide to come during these times expect some delays in getting your order filled.

All things considered however, Baker’s Palace offers excellent value for money and top-notch sandwiches that will leave your taste buds begging for more!

12. Spices Cafe

Spices Cafe
1510 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80218 (Google Maps)

Walking into Spices Cafe, one is immediately taken aback by the pleasant atmosphere and warm hospitality. The restaurant is small in size but big in taste and service.

Everything is so fresh, from the presentation to the ingredients used in their dishes. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure each customer's experience is top-notch.

The menu at Spices Cafe offers a variety of American favorites such as eggs, burgers, sandwiches and salads. They also have unique twists like Salmon BLAT that add a great flavor to the meal.

No matter what dish you choose, you'll be sure to get a generous portion of fresh and delicious food at an affordable price.

The kitchen staff works hard to make sure each dish looks perfect before being served – they take pride in their craft! And with so many spices involved in each recipe, it's no wonder why their food tastes so amazing!

Even the simplest dishes like BLT on a croissant with fries or a meatloaf sandwich are elevated by the incredible flavors from all those spices used in their cooking process.

Spices Cafe offers a great dining experience for anyone looking for an unpretentious yet delicious American meal!

From quick eats to take-out options for picnics in the park – this place has something for everyone!

13. Mr Lucky’s Sandwiches

Mr Lucky’s Sandwiches
711 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the heart of the city, Mr. Lucky’s Sandwiches is an unassuming counter-serve offering a wide menu of hot & cold deli sandwiches with specialty toppings.

They have a variety of subs and sandwiches that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

The sandwiches here come with fresh bread and ingredients, making them hearty and delicious. The Albuquerque Turkey sandwich is especially noteworthy as it combines several meats and cheeses for an unforgettable flavor.

The staff at Mr. Lucky's Sandwiches are friendly and helpful when it comes to ordering your sandwich just the way you like it.

The prices here are also fair for what you get, so you don't feel like you're getting ripped off when buying lunch for yourself or someone else.

For those looking for an interesting twist on their lunchtime meal, this place has some unique options such as the Bird & Basil or Reuben sandwich that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

In conclusion, Mr. Lucky's Sandwiches is worth checking out if you're ever in the mood for a delicious sub sandwich with friendly staff and good service.

From fresh ingredients to unique menu items, there's something here to suit everyone's tastes!

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