11 Best Tanning Salons in Denver, Colorado

Best Tanning Salons In Denver

Welcome to Denver, the Mile High City! As you prepare for summer and all the outdoor activities that come with it, you may be looking for a tanning salon to give you that perfect bronzed glow.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of some of the best tanning salons in Denver.

We’ve taken into consideration all of the factors that make up a great tanning experience — quality, convenience, affordability, and customer service — to compile this list.

All of these salons offer top-notch services to make sure your tanning needs are met. Whether you want a natural-looking glow or an extreme burn, these salons have you covered.

So if it's time for some sun-kissed skin without having to brave the elements outdoors, then look no further than this list of amazing Denver tanning salons!

Keep reading to find out which one is right for you.

1. Bring Me Bronze

Bring Me Bronze
403 16th St Mall Suite 329, Denver, CO 80202 (Google Maps)

Mentioning Bring Me Bronze and their amazing tanning services is an understatement. They offer the best tanning experience in town, with amazing color and coverage that will last for days.

Their customer service is top-notch, as they are prompt, friendly, and affordable. The location of the tanning salon is clean and professional, making it a great place to go for all your tanning needs.

The staff at Bring Me Bronze are very knowledgeable and experienced in their craft. They ask you what kind of tan you're looking for, walk you through every step of the process, and make sure you get exactly what you want out of your session.

The whole process was quick and comfortable without any smelly lotion or splotchy spots after the session was done.

Kambri, the owner of Bring Me Bronze, does a fantastic job at making sure each customer gets a perfect color with no orange hue or fumes from the lotion used during application. She also offers rapid tans for special occasions such as bridal photos or other events where you need to look your best! Plus, she makes booking appointments easily by providing thorough instructions on how to do so quickly and efficiently.

Kambri is highly recommended for all your tanning needs; her professionalism combined with her talent makes her one of the best in tow. She even offers mobile spray tans if that's more convenient for customers who don't have access to a salon location near them!

No matter what kind of tan you're looking for – whether it's a simple glow or something more dramatic – Kambri has got you covered!

2. Elevated Beauty Works

Elevated Beauty Works
1 N Broadway Suite A105, Denver, CO 80203 (Google Maps)

Browsing around for a tanning salon, I came across Elevated Beauty Works and decided to give it a try. This place was amazing!

From the professional and friendly staff to the quick but well-done service, I felt great after my visit. The atmosphere was so comfortable that I didn't feel rushed at all.

The spray tan experience was top-notch. Lauren is very knowledgeable about what color would look best on me and her application technique is flawless.

She takes her time to make sure everything is even and natural looking, with no weird smudges or orange splotches here! Plus, the color lasted longer than expected which was an added bonus.

The prices are also very reasonable for what you're getting. So if you're looking for a fast and efficient color without having to sit in the sun for hours/days then this is the place for you!

Overall, I had a great experience at Elevated Beauty Works and would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for an all-natural beautiful tan with a great atmosphere!

3. Golden Hour

Golden Hour
2536 15th St, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Hands down, Golden Hour is the best tanning salon in Denver.

The owner, Emily, is so professional and welcoming. She takes the time to get to know what you're looking for and helps with aftercare as well.

The space is super cute and inviting, making it easy for anyone to feel comfortable getting a service here. The salon provides no bad UV rays or harsh spray chemicals, so you can rest assured that your tan will look natural and long-lasting.

In fact, I've gotten at least 4 tans from here now and they last at least 10 days before fading evenly across my body!

Emily's communication is quick and responsive which makes it easy to book an appointment when needed. She also goes above and beyond for every one of her clients by customizing the color based on the occasion. Every time I leave I feel confident knowing that my tan looks great!

Overall, Golden Hour offers an elite experience with great customer service and a beautiful bronzing result.

If you're looking for a natural-looking tan without having to risk sunburns or pre-age your skin in a bed then this is definitely the place to go. Highly recommend this salon if you want to come out looking like a bronzed babe!

4. So You Boutique

So You Boutique
800 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80226 (Google Maps)

Delve into the relaxing and professional atmosphere of So You Boutique. This tanning salon is located in the Golden Triangle and offers a variety of services such as tanning, lash extensions, skin care products, makeup, and jewelry.

The owner Thuy Dam is meticulous in her work and ensures that customers know the aftercare rules to help preserve their tan.

The experience at So You Boutique starts with a warm welcome from Thuy Dam who ensures that customers feel comfortable throughout the process. She applies a special gel before allowing them to sit in a chair for an aromatherapy treatment and a little hand massage as they wait for their tan to develop. Customers can expect an even and natural-looking tan that lasts for quite some time.

The salon also has an assortment of products for skincare, makeup, jewelry, and organic items which make great gifts or personal purchases.

Not only does this boutique provide excellent service but it also has an inviting atmosphere with its cozy decor making it perfect for relaxation during beauty treatments.

In conclusion, So You Boutique is highly recommended for anyone looking for quality spray tans or beauty treatments in general as customers are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience with amazing results every time!

5. Glow Body & Sun

Glow Body & Sun
2804 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Opinions about Glow Body & Sun are overwhelmingly positive. From the fast, easy, and professional service to the perfect natural-looking tan, this salon is a great choice.

The staff takes their time to make sure each application is done correctly and that every customer feels comfortable and at ease. Prices are very reasonable and the automated system makes it easy to schedule appointments.

The team at Glow Body & Sun are experts in color-matching tans and their products are top-notch. Karin and her staff make sure each customer is taken care of with care, friendliness, professionalism, and expertise.

Many customers have had several sprays here with consistent results – always even coverage in a relaxed environment.

Gretta has gained a reputation for being warm, friendly, professional, and welcoming – she takes all questions seriously while providing excellent recommendations for maximizing the longevity of your tan. Michelle also stands out as being exceptional in her work – providing pre-and post-information as well as confirming what you want before beginning any process. While Payton does an amazing job making sure everything looks perfect before you leave – she'll even touch up spots if anything gets smudged or smeared!

In addition to tans lasting longer than other places you've tried before; there's no need to worry about unnatural tones or streaks either! All around an amazing experience that will have you coming back again soon!

6. Beautykit Studio

Beautykit Studio
2059 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 (Google Maps)

Bueatykit Studio is an amazing tanning salon at a very reasonable price. The staff is friendly and professional, providing an excellent service that can be tailored to the customer's needs.

The salon is beautiful and modern, with a comfortable atmosphere. They specialize in spray tans, haircuts and highlights, beachy curls, braids, blowouts, and extensions.

The staff at Beautykit Studio is incredibly accommodating and attentive to detail. They take the time to listen to what their customers want and ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

All of the products used are of high quality which helps preserve the health of their client's hair while achieving remarkable results.

The team at Beautykit Studio also drove all the way up to Vail for a group appointment early in the morning ensuring everyone was ready for pictures on time. They were very flexible about changes in plans or requests from customers as well as being non-judgemental about any lack of knowledge on certain services or products used by their clients making them feel comfortable throughout the process.

Overall, Beautykit Studio offers an amazing service for a very reasonable price with highly experienced professionals who will help you achieve whatever look you desire without compromising your hair’s health or structure while providing an enjoyable experience with their friendly staff members.

7. CRŪ Studio

Crū Studio
1876 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

Featuring a convenient and professional service, CRŪ Studio is the perfect place to get your tan done. Their trial and spray tan services are top-notch, with a focus on making sure the tan is even and natural.

Additionally, they offer professional hair styling and makeup services. The staff are knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

For those looking for convenience, CRŪ Studio also offers an on-demand beauty service that comes to you! This saves time and ensures you look your best for special occasions such as weddings or date nights.

Jennifer is a talented hairstylist who comes with her suitcase of hair styling tools and products to work her magic.

Overall, CRŪ Studio provides an excellent experience from start to finish – from their responsiveness when booking appointments to their professionalism in providing quality services. They make it easy to get just what you want out of your look with minimal effort on your part!

8. Shine Denver Salon

Shine Denver Salon
1332 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210 (Google Maps)

Walking into Shine Denver Salon, you immediately feel welcomed. From the friendly staff to the relaxing atmosphere, it's clear that this is a place for quality sunless tanning.

They offer quick and inexpensive services that are tailored to each individual customer. The prices are also very reasonable and they have convenient locations throughout Denver. The products used are organic and vegan which makes them safe for your skin.

Kimberly is an excellent sprayer who provides great rates and is easy to talk to during your session. She will explain the different levels of tanning available, as well as what you should do before and after. The results are natural-looking tans with no orange undertones!

The salon offers more than just tanning services; they also provide airbrushing services as well as beauty treatments like makeup application or waxing. And if that wasn't enough, Kimberly generously donates items for non-profit fundraisers!

Shine Denver Salon stands out from other salons because of its quality service at an affordable price point, excellent customer service, and individualized attention given to each customer's needs. If you're looking for a great tan in the Denver area without breaking the bank, look no further than Shine Denver Salon!

9. Bronzed Denver

Bronzed Denver
1246 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204 (Google Maps)

Sitting in the heart of Denver, Bronzed Denver is a tanning salon that offers a great atmosphere and customer service.

The salon itself is professionally organized, clean, and cozy. It has a beautiful ambiance and gorgeous decor that looks like it came from an Anthropologie catalog.

The staff is friendly and professional, providing customers with high-quality products for even sensitive skin types. They also offer an array of services such as tanning beds, spray tans, eyebrow bars, eyelash salons, facial spas, hair removal services, beauty salons, and teeth whitening services.

The ladies at Bronzed Denver are very understanding and accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments at late hours or getting serviced immediately.

They also pay attention to detail when it comes to assessing what tan level is best for their clients.

Overall, Bronzed Denver is a great place to go if you're looking for high-quality tanning services in the heart of Denver with late-night hours available. Excellent customer service to make sure you leave satisfied with your experience. Highly recommend this salon!

10. Nails Wax Tan

Nails Wax Tan
2717 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

Tucked away in a cozy corner of the city is Nails Wax Tan, a tanning salon with all the trimmings.

With a modern decor and friendly staff, this salon provides an inviting atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy their services.

The services provided at this salon are top-notch. Customers can choose from traditional tanning beds, spray tanning booths, and Lash Lifts every two months.

The staff is professional and knowledgeable about the products they use to ensure each customer gets the best results possible. The cleanliness of the salon is also a priority; everything is sanitized before each service to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

For those looking for more than just tanning services, Nails Wax Tan has you covered too! Jan offers waxing for eyebrows, upper lip, etc., as well as manicures and pedicures that are absolute perfection.

Her attention to detail ensures that each customer looks their best when they leaves her chair. She also offers unique treatments such as sparkly toe pedicures that add some extra fun to your regular mani/pedi routine!

Overall, Nails Wax Tan offers excellent services with top-notch customer service at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for a quick spray tan or detailed eyebrow waxing, Jan has got you covered – she's super friendly and always greets you with a smile!

11. Sinless Sun Spray Tanning

Sinless Sun Spray Tanning
2445 E 3rd Ave #3, Denver, CO 80206 (Google Maps)

A visit to Sinless Sun Spray Tanning is a must for anyone looking to get a quality tan. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring that you receive the best service possible. The salon is clean and comfortable, with fair pricing for their services.

They offer spray tans as well as airbrushing to give you the perfect tan for any occasion. The pre-and post-care products on offer are reasonably priced and of high quality, making sure your skin is taken care of before and after your tanning session.

The entire experience at Sinless Sun Spray Tanning is professional yet comfortable. Esthetician Kay Snead was thorough in her work, making sure my color was blended perfectly without any harsh lines or patches.

Cassidy was incredibly welcoming when I first arrived, providing detailed information about the process so I could be completely at ease throughout my appointment.

I would highly recommend this tanning salon to anyone looking for an excellent experience with great results that will last long after your visit!

From start to finish it was quick, professional, and well worth it – they go out of their way to make sure customers are comfortable throughout the whole process!

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